Review – Is ‘Reeboa’ Scam or Legit Sneaker Store?

By | November 3, 2019

Is Legit? is a new site and so in our review we will quickly answer if they are a scam or if they can be trusted therefore legit. They are not to be trusted as there are far too many things with their information. Those that handed them payment information need to contact your payment adviser immediately. They will have to cancel your card for a new one and also keep watch on your account to make sure no one is stealing randomly from you.

Those of you that were scammed, or suspect that you may have been, are welcome to report what you know in the comments below. We have specially made a section of our site called our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame and so you can leave your reviews there as well. Since we show people as well how to earn online, and if you ever wondered how to make money online, then you are welcome to read our article on Ways to Make Money Blogging



Do not login into website. is a scam.
 Exposed as a Fraudulent E-Store.

  1. is just another fake site doing the rounds right now. We will leave a list at the bottom of this article to show you the ones to avoid that are active right now. We have viewd ‘Reeboa’s’ site and we are not convinced one bit they are legit. We will is our reasons as we move forward.
  2. First we are looking for when they came online. We can see in WHOIS they registered their site in 2019/09/21 for only a year. That is short! When you consider it can take anywhere close to two years before your business really takes off, then one year, is a typical scam sign. Such sites hang around online, making a nuisance of themselves, and then run off with all the profits leaving customers without orders or giving them rubbish products.
  3. There is not a founders name and we see that all the time. We see that they have not left any information that could help identify who they are. So we know not where they are from, and also, where is their phone number and email? This is there company information that they decided was not important to leave for potential customers! Big scam sign indeed…
  4. We look now to their site and we can see a number of things like a phone number of +85252277476 . We Google that number and we can see other websites using the same number. Clearly, that is not legit as one company means only one phone number.
  5. Email address of seems to be free for now of any scam reports or anything attached to it that should not be. I am sure that will change as people wake up to the fact they may have ordered from a scammer site. Once again, contact your payment provider if you are worried.
  6. Their prices actually is their biggest weakest point right now. They are showing products for $66, but if you do a product price comparison, then you will see that the item should be closer to nearly $700! So, yeah… that is a huge scam sign to say the least of it.





Final Thoughts.

We will not go on about them any longer. It was too easy to discern them from a legit site and only we can say, for the safety of others online, that is a scam and you should avoid them at all costs. Please consider sharing this article to help warn others. Thank You. Below is the promised list of scam sites to avoid:-





~ Cyber-Crooked Fake Nike / Adidas / Vans Sites In 2019 /2020!





9 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘Reeboa’ Scam or Legit Sneaker Store?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Carmen,

      I got scammed a few times myself online. Its horrible. I really am sorry these people at have done this to you. Be sure to put in for a refund when it is clear they are not delivering. All I know is they have those scam signs, there are many sources online now saying ‘REEBOA’ is not good, and so just alert your payment provider you may have been scammed.

      If you do this then it is a positive step in its resolution and perhaps would help to make you feel better knowing you have initiated the right action to resolve this.

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Hi Leilani,

        Yes, same scammers. Because of your report I quickly typed it up and so here is our BLOUSUIT.COM REVIEW HERE. Thanks Leilani for your report and it is very much appreciated. All reports will be acted on so if you know of another copy then we would love to hear from you.

        Sorry for interrupting there also as your question was to Carmen.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Carmen,

      Yes, is a scam. They are far too cheap. You may view their go carts for like $69 but actually they are closer to $700!! There are others online giving out the same warning about ‘Reeboa’.

      Put in for a refund, alternatively, you may wait and see what happens and see if you get your order as they advertise it for the money you spent.

      Let us know either ways Carmen as I would be very interested to know either ways how your experience with them pans out

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

      1. Carmen Pontius

        Thank you sir. I’m so hurt. Know I have no money for my grandbabys birthday

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          You can call me Philip Carmen 🙂 . Optionally, you may wait the allotted time frame they said they would deliver to you and then take it from there. Either ways Carmen you are welcome to keep us up dated as time passes on this situation. Once again, I really am sorry this has happened and for a baby as well to buy for and then this happens.. Horrible. Heartless. Here if you got questions Carmen 🙂 .


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