What Is RealCoinPaying.com – Is RealCoinPaying.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 4, 2018

What Is RealCoinPaying.com and Why You Should Not Invest with them.

This is the type of site that preys on newcomers via Investments for quick returns! Welcome, you will find out exactly What Is RealCoinPaying.com in the RealCoinPaying com Review. Those asking is RealCoinPaying fake, legit, scam, genuine, real, dishonest, good, can find out here. Do you think they are genuine? Below is important research to help you make up your own minds. They are just a Ponzi Scheme pretending to be some kind of professional Traders on the Multi Currency Forex Market. That is the kind of ‘script’ I see all the time with these HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Program), and also known as High Risk Ventures. I just call them scams.

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What Is RealCoinPaying.com, Owner’s Proposed Investments and Why Its Just Not Worth the Risk.

RealCoinPaying.com Site

First off, I have said the answer to What Is RealCoinPaying.com, but to recap, they are not a real investment scheme approved or regulated any legit financial regulator. They are an independent person or group of people working together to get as many investments as possible for self gain. Certainly, some at the start will earn some good money. That is only to generate payment proofs. But, as the site ages, many will see no returns. More on this later.

For now, let us try to find out who owns that site. Websites are submitted on to various databases online with attached information. This includes address, number, support email, founder name etc. Anyways, these guys are hailing from the USA, site was created today (see date of this post) and there is not a founder name listed. This should worry you no end if you have already invested. Those thinking of investing should consider that if you do not earn then your money is gone forever! Not worth risk for men, and of course, it is an illegal website.

The Work Involved?

Just sign up for free and then you choose your investment level. Per money invested then you will see various returns. RealCoinPaying pays back up to an incredible 9500% after just 6 hours! See the investments below.

RealCoinPaying Investments

Highest Expected Returns I have ever seen with any Ponzi Scheme.

With those kinds of investments they might as well put a sign up saying “Scam Alert!”. No program on planet Earth can earn returns that quick that I am aware of.

How Does a Ponzi Scheme Work?

You sign up and give away your money to a stranger online. This unknown person or group will then pay older investors with your hard earned money. Then you wait. You wait new investors to pay in and then hopefully you get your returns. They then must wait and the cycle continues until new more people sign up to invest. This is when you will see the site collapse! The owner will just run off with all the money. There are many people online living lives of luxury all from running schemes like this.

Why Are these Schemes so Popular?

They are so popular because more and more people know that if they get in early, like as soon as the site is up and running, then they have excellent/good chances of earning those returns. Should there be payment proofs then the experienced investor will see if the creator is paying out good or pay returns. Both these signs are indicators to invest or not.

When the site is older of about two weeks then typically owner gets greedy and may stop paying out to anyone. Should payments still occur then they become sporadic and dwindle down to nothing over time. The money split with investors and founder is always unequal – founder will always take more. This makes them a Pyramid Scheme as well, because most the money flows upwards like one. 

People from economically down trodden economies will or may flock to such schemes as a quick answer to their own financial woes. This website has received more reports of such schemes scamming people than of payments. Good Luck if you decide to gamble!

Trusted 100 Limited – Who are They?

Trusted 100 Limited are said by RealCoinPaying to have their own ‘breakthrough’ system of earning good money and have been doing so since 2010. Such a successful company would undoubtedly leave a huge digital footprint and should have made many accolades and be in some business papers. There is not a single trace. That there is false and misleading information to confuse and add a sense of legitimacy to their site. As said, it is only a ‘script’. There is no proof of anything they say regarding investments either in Forex, Metals or anything of the sort.

HYIP – Do They Admit This?

Tucked away in their FAQ’s section, under their question of “Can I lose Money?”. They refer to their scheme as a High Yield Investment Program. That is admitting they are not a legal entity, even though they are saying they are in the Forex Markets and a Registered Company. Basically, they just called themselves a Ponzi Scheme…

Who Are their HYIP Experts?

They don’t refer to anyone working on their site by name. NO names, images of anyone working there and actually no human trace of anyone. This is a typical template of such sites seeking to find investors for personal gain, as said. Also, where there is misleading information, or a sheer lack of transparency on how money is generated to pay investors/customers, then we can say they are not legit. With further signs we can then conclude that with certainty.

Scam Signs.

No Founder Name!

They only just opened p their site today and already they have withdrawals – Payment Proofs as yet!

They refer to their own scheme as a HYIP.

Investment Returns are far too high and they are generated far too quickly (2 signs of a scam).

They use another fake company name as a means for their success since 2010 – no proof.

There is no evidence they are involved in Forex or commodities in any market place – just a ‘story’.

Sheer lack of transparency on how the returns are generated.

Returns are too high!

Returns occur too quickly!

No payment proofs – OK, they just online today so I won’t harp on about that again.






Final Thoughts.

Pay Money In, cross your fingers, and get up to 9500% plus initial returned in just 6 hours- does that even sound right to you? I doubt it. Those early investors may jump all over this site and may do quite well as mentioned. Should you find this post six months or more down the road, and RealCoinPaying is still around, just forget about investing with them. These sites will just keep most if not all the cash the older it gets. Even after just two weeks this can happen. No identity attached to their site so you have zero comeback when you are stolen from. Since their business model is illegal, and they can’t prove a single word on their site, and for many other reasons listed above, I am 100% certain they are indeed just a scam site! It really is too good to be true.

Have questions about What Is RealCoinPaying.com? You can ask me below and I will respond. Were you paid by them or not? I would very interested in hearing about that. Need to learn to make a legal and consistent wage online and start up for free? I help people daily from around the world to make money online. Just ask me below or sign up for your two free websites below with many free resources to help get you started. Thank you all for trusting me in your research here today and I am very much looking forward to hearing from you below. All the best for now.

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