‘Rdhwvf’ Reviews – Is Rdhwvf.com Scam or Legit Customer Service Membership Site?

By | May 18, 2020



What Is ‘Rdhwvf’ – Our Rdhwvf.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

We are very concerned about ‘Rdhwvf‘ as they appear to be threatening a loss of joining any of their other sites if you put in for a chargeback. What genuine customer service member billing site actually says this, on their own landing page to their site, to their own customers? No! We are suspecting that Rdhwvf.com may be a fake customer service site therefore potentially untrustworthy. If you have billing issues then just ring your bank. Should you have spotted an online scam then you may report their FULL URL to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section and we will take a quick look.

Your customer reviews will always have the final say over our own opinions/verdicts. Not just one review but all of the reviews that land in our forums. Did you receive a good service from www.rdhwvf.com? Let us know in the comments below.

Time to detail our concerns about this website that has seemingly been up and running since 2017. We will check out that date with archive.org soon enough to verify. Please see the comments for real customer reviews. Should you see no reviews then you are welcome to leave your own, as mentioned.



www.rdhwvf.com was registered online on the 2017-11-02 until the same date 2020. So one or two years is not good to see when we are dealing with online businesses. But we see here that their time frame is longer and is a very good sign.

We can check archive.org/web/ for screenshots to see if the website is as it was when it was registered. It can happen that a URL name stays the same, someone sells it, it gets bought up, and then it gets turned into something else. 

When we see the generic nature of their URL, which is an incredibly huge scam sign by the way, then it could mean anything! We do see 

We do see in 2019 that their site is the same. OK, so our suspicion was wrong. That is a good sign for this website. 2018 snapshots are the same as the ones in 2019. 

OK, we see their phone number of (866)436-7104 and so let us now Google that to see if it is clean of any warnings. It is always advisable to do two minutes of research that could avoid you two months or more of refund hassle.

Having checked the first five pages of Google for thoroughness nothing alarming has popped out. That is another good sign. Even if we encountered one scam report that is not enough to say a site is a scam. Even good companies get bad reports.

53 Nicholas Charles Crescent Aylesbury England HP18 0GU is their website business address. Here is where scam sites fall flat on their faces. So we just Google that to see if they are at that location or not.

Per Zoopla.co.uk this is a flat with two reception rooms, one bathroom, and one bedroom. Let us look some more to verify that.

Google Maps Right Here shows some back gardens, cars, and certainly it does look to be a residential area. So you can verify that for yourself with that link. It will open in a new tab so you may return here if you wish. 

So we have two sources not confirming this address. That is an automatic ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ in our books and so far we are not entirely convinced by this website. 

Also, per WHOIS, they have an address in Panama. So what is going on here? If that address on their site was genuine then why was it not submitted upon their site registration online? This can be seen as deceptive behavior.

Seesave Limited appears to be their company name on their site. So let us once again Google that piece of data. 

RippOffScams.com has a short but damning report about this ‘Seesave Limited’ company name. There is a review saying they keep on getting billed by ‘Seesave Limited’ company, and when they enquire about it, they get generic responses about wanting to cancel that charge.

Another thing in this report is saying the billing is for an escort service. Cmeadv.com is the site that is being reported on. This is all shaping up to be looking like a scam site guys. Right now, I am convinced they are not to be trusted!

Cs@rdhwvf.com is the last bit of data to research. The first return in Google for that email is ‘Understanding your Foreign Transaction Fee’ by westpac.com.au. Well, that is alarming. Only two pages and no scam reports about that email just yet.


Have they told what site you were billed for? They probably won’t! Have they asked for the first six digits and last four digits of your card number? Don’t give it to them!

If they had that info then why are they asking for it again? The last three digits for confirmation, security questions, etc, is the usual confirmation, or text confirmation, etc. 















list of scam websites.



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