RBHSM.com Review – Is ‘RBHSM’ Scam or Legit Ray-Bans Glasses Store?

By | November 7, 2019

RBHSM.com Website Review – Also, Scam Alert for ‘RBHSM’!

You really think you can get those Ray-Ban Glasses for 40% and up to 80% discounted? No, not at RBHSM.com! Here is your www.rbhsm.com review to answer questions like is ‘RBHSM’ legit or are they a scam and we should just steer clear of them? The owners behind ‘RBHSM’ are running replicated sites and pulling the same cheap Ray-Ban’s trick on others. And so be sure to stay clear of also RBBOG.com, RBBTE.com, Showbsuy.com, RGBELL.COM, RayOutlets.com.

There are many more. Where you see the same site template layout, design, then run for the hills. Those that gave payment information should contact your payment provider. You are welcome to report them below in the comments or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. As well as exposing online scams, we also show people how to earn online from the comfort of their own home. You are welcome to read our review on Ways to Earn From Home Online – Free Start Up, for those interested.



do not login into www.rbhsm.com!





RBHSM.com Exposed as a Fake Rays-Ban Vendor.

  1. We have already exposed a number of these fake Ray-Ban stores such as RBHSM.com and others. You can read those reports left in the intro so you can see we are not lying to you. There is just no way those glasses are going for up to 80% anyways as the company, if they were legit and not crooked, would have to make a profit. Also, they have to pay staff and overheads and logistics and so they can not do that if they are practically giving away these glasses.
  2. It matters not, as said, they are not legit. We will quickly do a background check to further show you why you should not buy anything from such sites as ‘RBBHSM’.
  3. They registered their fraudulent domain in 2019/11/05 for one year. So 12 months is not enough time for anyone to make a good living from a new business in such a short time frame. Even Richard Branson would struggle to make a biz a success in this period.
  4. So where you see new businesses, that you think are legit, set up for just 12 or 24 months then do be suspicious, as we are used to seeing legit companies setting up in business for closer to five years. Two years is the period most businesses require just to get established unless of course your product is really something highly desired and not found elsewhere.
  5. Founder name was not left when they registered their site and that is to be expected from this scam network. NO address for their business, no email and no phone number. This is a problem for obvious reasons, but since I need to get my word count up, we shall delve into it quickly 🙂 …
  6. How are customer supposed to get in contact with their support if their order does not arrive? Where is any of their info for customer support? If you find such data on any of their sites then be sure to Google it and you may find some scam reports already linked to them.
  7. Clearly, ‘RBHSM’ is new an so we have found them early to help warn many people. Some of their sites have been very damaging for the number of people they have defrauded. We hope you spare a share today for this article, or any article on our site, to help alert others coming up to the Xmas season ahead of us. 
  8. Beware of Social Media this time of year as they are not your friend when it comes to protecting us from scam ads. Even I see plenty of scam ads on YouTube as well because I have been on so many scam sites and so Google serves them to me.
  9. YES! Scammers do avail of the advertising opportunities online to re-target visitors to their sites and so do not give them trust because you are on a platform that you trust, but should not.
  10. You may have noticed in our picture of them up top of this article, their domain is labeled as dangerous, by my own devices security software. That is always a huge and very helpful warning sign to look out for. All sites, for them to be able to handle your personal and sensitive information, should have a green padlock on it like ours.





Final Thoughts.

That is all about RBHSM.COM. Even their site name makes no sense and that is common for fake sites not to make sense generally speaking. Their discounts are insane and really would bankrupt the Bank of England in no time. Your reports will surely settle this one way or another. I hope you have not been scammed by them already and look forward to seeing you in the comments.





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