What Is RayOutLets.com – Is RayOutLets.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 24, 2019

Scam Alert – What Is RayOutLets.com – RayOutLets Review.

Need to know What Is RayOutLets.com at www.rayoutlets.com? Is RayOutLets com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest or RayOutLets legit, good, safe, real, genuine and trusted? This Ray Out Lets Review is to warn you away from them. They are a dishonest Ray Ban Sunglasses site trying to defraud people. Those that made a purchase should consider to contact their bank for a refund and  even get their card cancelled to stop unauthorized transactions. Please also report them below to help alert other who may not know they are on a scam site – thank you.

Most of the fake selling sites come out of China and we will be looking into their site with greater scrutiny below. Those that do not look up for reviews on any site that is new, sites they do not know, are playing with fire! You may receive goods that could be stolen, counterfeit, inferior quality, shoddy, cheap, damaged or you may receive nothing at all. Common with scammers is that they sometimes send out to unwary customers an empty envelope just to make a legit looking tracking information during payment disputes. Your scam reports will help get them shut down sooner!


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RayOutLets.com Review – #1 Review To Warn You!

Those that have already made a purchase, and found this article too late, then I am sorry to bring you this bad news. You already know that RayOutLEts.com is not good and you should seek a refund and cancel your card. Now we are going to be looking into a few aspects of their site to prove to you they are not trustworthy. Always we start with the sites age, founder, location and how to get in contact with them. When this information is missing, misleading, then we can say they are a scam based even just on that alone. Why? Because a trust and legit site is proud and adamant enough to leave all that information for those that want it.


RayOutLets.com Review

Nice looking site but RayOutLets.com is no good!


  1. The above site registered in 2019/01/07 and online for 1 year. That is strange because real businesses follow a pattern of setting up on line for years to come, while online scams, follow this pattern of 1 or 2 years domain registration. So now they can defraud for that time period and run off with all the cash without being caught in most cases. 
  2. The country they are from is DE – Germany, Burkadroth per WHOIS database. There is no other information other then that. No founder name and no email support. These are already extremely alarming signs of a scam because legit sites will make this available information, no doubt about that.
  3. Let us take a swift look at their site and see if they have any other information. It is common for online scams to put on their sites fake addresses, certainly even different from the one they registered with, and so where you see several addresses is a sign that your goods could be coming out side of your country.
  4. Full marks to the designer of that site, it really is beautiful, but a shame it is not real. Scam sites are typically shoddy and so when I see a highly professional looking site, then I must assume that they are set up by sophisticated cyber-crooks.
  5. Oddly enough, during the writing of this article it seems that the site is no longer up. Strange but true. Anyone else experience the site gone missing? So, that is all on that site if they are gone and why not let us know your experiences with them anyways. So now I can’t check out for scam signs and so thank you for stopping by and looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments below.






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Final Thoughts.

Whether they are having some technical issues it still would not surprise me if they have already closed down their site. That is how fast it can happen! Scam sites commonly only stay online for a few months and in this case it seems a year. However, it is also possible they could come back online or I am having problems with my net. Either events, they are not a good site as I am sure you already, but needed some confirmation, to verify your own suspicions. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers anyways.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments and my apologies for the shortened review. Those with questions, scam reports on any site, are welcome to put that info below. I respond to all comments personally so you can be sure you will not be ignored at scamwitness.com. Thanks again for coming by and that is all for now on What Is RayOutLets.com.


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