What Is RaskInvest.pw – Is RaskInvest.pw Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 3, 2018

What Is RaskInvest.pw – How are they Really Generating Money?

What Is RaskInvest.pw and are they safe and who they say they are? Is RaskInvest pw fake, fraudulent, dishonest, scam or is Rask Invest pw good, genuine, real, legit and paying out? This RaskInvest Review will answer those questions and also how I believe they are really generating their earnings. They promise big returns per invest and yet they don’t have transparency on how this is done. I also have doubts over their company registration details. Lets find out who owns it first and then take it from there.

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Full Answer to What Is RaskInvest.pw – Must Read to Avoid Disappointment!

RaskInvest.pw Exposed!

Below is all of my research to answer What Is RaskInvest.pw. You are welcome to make up your own mind from it or continue on with your own research. RaskInvest tries tell us a number of things about their standing in the Forex Industry. However, their company was created online on the 30/09/2018, and so, that is just not enough time to build up any reputation in such a competitive industry.

When they registered their site they have submitted no legit and identifiable details. There is an address on their for Glasgow and their HQ Office in New York. Their Company Registration Number is SC331348. I Googled that and that number belongs to The Safe Group Limited. That company has been registered with that company number since its incorporation in 2007.

That company appears to be still active. Raskin Invest refers to themselves as Safe Global Investment – that is a completely different name then what is attached to the company registration number and so I have huge doubts it is there number. I am not convinced by it.

What is their investment offer?

SO! I am after reading all about their investments and I still don’t know what they are talking about. They description actually has no meaning and its something to do with Forex and investments. There is no clear step by step details on how they are generating an income. Scam sites will just write a pile of generic nonsense on their sites to give out the impression of content for others to scan and get the impression its all legit, when its not.

Investment Levels.

There appear to be two levels at 33% per hour for 5 hours and 99% per hour for five hours. How much to invest is not discussed, displayed, anywhere on their site. Another sign of lack of transparency and only adds to my concerns they are not legit.

What are they Really?

I am sure that they are a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), which is another term for a Ponzi Schemes. Ponzi Schemes don’t have any real info on how money is generated. They will just tell you how to much invest and for how you will get returns. That is all. There is no data on the product or service, because there is none, and so you are gambling with your own money.

What makes these illegal schemes so dangerous is that the founder is never identifiable. So, when they shut down their site, which can happen at any moment in time, not even the cops will know who to chase to get the money back.

Schemes like this are getting away with millions of dollars from this kind of a fraud a year, and by not doing your own research before investing, you are actively help grow one of the worlds oldest and becoming biggest frauds online!

How They Will Collapse Without Notice.

Sites that run these kinds of investment schemes are very illegal. It is also illegal to promote and profit from these schemes and so if caught you run the risk of having your earnings taken from you. Those that promote schemes, that turned out to be particularly damaging, could face charges. Those that were honestly scammed/earned, because they genuinely did not know they were investing in a fraudulent site, can keep any earnings.

These sites can shut down even in a few days. Typicall, they will pay out at the start and perhaps do so up to only two weeks online. Sometimes four weeks. After these time periods then you have little to know hope. Rarely, they may pay out to only a few investors as time passes but that is only to encourage more sign ups to try and scam.

They will not notify you of their intentions to close down the site when signs become scarce. You will wake up one morning, try to login into your account, and notice their site is just gone. I have witnessed many times now.

The reason why they will collapse anytime is because it is hard to convince people to risk their money on any site. As sign ups begin to fall of then the owners don’t have the money to pay older investors. THAT IS HOW MONEY IS GENERATED – FROM NEW INVESTORS! So, any talk about investing in Forex or anything of that nature is just a total, utter, complete lie!




Final Thoughts.

This is only my opinion, you should seek legal advice if you are concerned by their websites investment offer. Others are welcome to their own opinion and their own researching efforts would benefit you if you don’t agree with this article. The company registration number, their lack of identifiable info in WHOIS, their lack of transparency, poor English on their site at times etc are all signs of a scam site. I rest m case on this, and for me, they are a scam site.

Have questions on What Is RaskInvest.pw? I am happy to help so do place your questions below in the comments section. Need a way to earn online without the huge inherent risks involved in HYIP Schemes? Don’t forget, you can still get your free WA online business free starter account HERE, to see if running your own website is something you would like to do for a full time income online. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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