RagLeagh.com Review – Is ‘RagLeagh’ AKA ‘Dragonert’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 7, 2019

Ragleagh.com / ‘Dragonert’ Review.

Those that need a nonsense, non-scientific / ‘thesis’ Ragleagh.com Review (‘Dragonert’) have fount it. Is ‘RagLeagh’ a scam or is www.rageleagh.com legit and real / safe? So they are not legit, nor safe, nor real, genuine or any of that nonsense. They are part of a huge scam network online. Their other sites include, but not limited to, WantBuy1.com, MyPhotoWallet.com, JeansUnlimited, Sollover.com, 3XION.com, Psoyvj.Myshopify.com, Stylegos.com, EmytHall.com, DecenniumStruggle.com, Sosogo.Store, Holiyays.Store, Remelala.com, Dressiu.com, LifeSpace.Shop, ToAnyCity.com, Fashionmeu.com, Next2Day.com, Irelia.Store, Babeysy.com, Actcat.Store, Soleget.com, Bxcol.

The scam owners behind ‘RagLeagh’ also I believe has to be running the sites mentioned above. We will soon show you why. Those that want to report on any site mentioned so far are welcome to do so in the comments. You can also report them to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. We show others, as well as expose online scams, how to earn online for the long term. Those interested are welcome to go to our review on how to Earn Online For The Long Term – Free Sign Up!



do not login into weww.ragleagh.com!





RagLeagh.com / ‘Dragonert’ Exposed.

  1. Please believe me when I tell you it is far too easy for myself to say they are a scam. We have excellent reasons for saying this as we will soon see. RagLeagh.com is just another website trying to earn scammers good money for either not sending you out your order, or sending you out dirt relative to your purchase order price. ‘Dragonert’ is also not the name of their site and yet it is in their content. More on that soon.
  2. So we see their scam domain was registered in 2019/10/19 for a year which is not long enough for a new start up. We have to spend about 2 years to make an e-store function so well for sales it will start paying off  up to a full time income.
  3. These people spend less than about $15 for a dot com, copy and paste other peoples content into their sites, and sit back and wait for the illegal earnings to roll in. Always be sure before you make purchases from new sites, as new sites should not be trusted because ‘someone’ ‘somewhere’ has a website selling stuff.
  4. They are from China and so we should always beware of sites from this region. Most of the fake stores onlien are from China and so it is now a scam sign no matter whose blog you are reading. They will or should say the same thing. NOt all stores fro this region are scams though because that would just be impossible… I hope.
  5. We found their scam email of service@dragonert.vip. That clearly is not the same name as their URL or the name of ‘Drgonert’, their branding name. So where we see an email not lining up to the sites name, on form of contact such as an email, and the branding name is nothing to do with the URL – something is desperately wrong!!!
  6. Those are the run-0f-the-mill classic scam signs of a fake site.

But there is more…

Go to their ‘ABOUT US’ section and you will see the following quote below:-





You can go ahead if you like and copy, only where you see those red lines between their URL and content, and paste that into Google. You will find many pages of different sites who have copied and pasted that into their scam websites. These fake e-stores are run by the same people that are using ‘RagLeagh’ to rip people off.





Final Thoughts.

I hope that has made it very clear to stay away from Ragleagh.com aka ‘Dragonert’. They are no way legit and so I hope to hear from many of you. Your own reviews will certainly help so many people from handing over their own hard earned cash. See our newest scam alerts below before you.






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8 thoughts on “RagLeagh.com Review – Is ‘RagLeagh’ AKA ‘Dragonert’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Jennifer T

    I also paid for a Ball Launcher (advertised on Instagram) on 12/29 or so, and finally got the one package containing a yellow tennis ball. Email to customer support only comes back that the inbox is full and gmail will continue to attempt to send. Real US-based ball launchers are priced at $199 approx. I should’ve known that it was too good to be true, as it was only $22 with shipping/tax.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jennifer for your review here and have you put in for a refund yet? They have clearly scammed you. Have you still got the packaging? Put in for a refund anyways and so there is no harm in trying and you are welcome to back to us with any up dates. Good luck Jennifer and thanks again for your review here today.

      1. Jennifer T

        Hello, thanks for your reply. I finally sent two pictures of the packaging (clearly too small to include the main unit), containing one tennis ball. The responder (helpdesk?) basically said they will give me 10% back because of the problem of the misleading information listed on the “website” and that this is a better way to compensate me since I won’t have to pay the return shipping cost back to them. They apparently have “communicated the problem to the manufacturer” so it doesn’t happen again. I am not sure if I want to continue the conversation anymore, since the amount is minute for me and it is psychologically more upsetting that there are those out there to clearly not show remorse.

        Full text of the response:
        “Dear customer,
        We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience.
        I have checked the website that you bought the item, it did have some misleading problem. IN this case, how about we provide a 10% refund of the total price of the order, and you can just keep the item. We will reflect this problem to our manager, he will fix this problem as soon as possible, and we won’t let hit happen again.
        According to our substantial experience, it will cost you more than 20USD for shipping the product back to us, and customers need to be responsible for the returning shipping fee. And we sincerely hope you can understand and agree, also leave a positive comment on our website.
        If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
        Best regards,
        Customer Service Center”

        — I will not be leaving a positive comment on any such website, and will be posting it on our Instagram account (public) to make people aware of this company.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Thank you Jennifer for the generous amount of information you have left here. If you need to you can seek advice from your payment adviser.

  2. Michele

    I ordered a ball launcher to have fun with our pup…..I paid $22USD and they only sent me a ball. Heartbroken and seriously pissed off!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Contact your payment provider Michele for a refund and cancel your card for a new one if nothing has arrived that you paid for.

  3. Leanne Goellnitz

    I bought a hair straightener for my daughter’s homecoming & never received it.. Or an email back to the many i sent out to this individual.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Leanne,

      Thank you for being the first to report on RagLeagh.com. I am sorry it was not a good experience. Contact your payment adviser for a refund and to cancel your card for a new one.


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