What Is RadSaler.com – Is ‘RadSaler’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store? ~ Review!

By | February 12, 2020



What Is RadSaler.com – Our ‘RadSaler’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our RadSaler.com Review and so we are putting out this warning to all not to shop at ‘RadSaler’. There are copies infesting the net and they all look pretty much the same. We will leave our list of the ones we have found. Please keep on reporting these scam sites using the address of 109 patch St Fort Huachuca AZ 85613. There are others and we will list those as well. Put in for a refund and cancel your card for a new one if you purchased anything from a site that looks like www radsaler com.

You are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1700+. Our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE is for those with images to go with your reviews. People are welcome as well to use the comments to report any site and please leave full URL. Time to start our ‘Rad Saler’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews, if you spot some right now.



Registration for this ‘RadSaler’ began 2020-01-06 and year is the amount of time they have registered for. Why set up a business for just twelve months?

One or two years is just not long enough in most cases to make it as a business. Scam sites get popular fast as they lie all the time about their too good to be true prices and so people share their content and believe without question, too much.

They have not left a founders name and there is not a reason I know of that justifies this. How can you go into business with people, your own customer base, without making an introduction as to who you are, where you from and supplying adequate contact information.

They are using a privacy service for we see in WHOIS.com that there is an address but that is not theirs. We have seen that address in use too many times to count now. So their hosting provider charges them a little extra to hide their true location and that really is the problem with how fake e-stores get away with their online crimes.

Lets now see about other info they have on their site. You can see the address we listed above in use on Spokeo.com and Vibacker.com and probably others. You can go to those sites and you will see, by and large, they are identical.

Besides, how can three seemingly different companies have the same business address anyways? That is not a coincidence as that is a scam network using the same biz info on so many of their sites.

There are other addresses we have located or were reported to us.




The Sites with These Addresses are ALL Scams – Please Report Them All to Us.


19 patch St Fort Huachuca AZ 85613.

1507 Larkin St High Point NC 27262.

2306 seagull ct richmond VA 13294.

481 41st San Diego CA 92116.

PO BOX 7313 Sand Diego CA 92167.

PO BOX 152436 Sand Diego CA 92195.

3607 Menlo Ave #3 San Diego CA 92105.

PO BOX 16592 San Diego CA 92176.

26955 Holly Grove Ct Murrieta CA 92563.

PO BOX 52436 San Diego CA 92195.

3257 NW Market St Seattle WA 98107.


Reported Name running these sites was Vo Duy Thanh. That is not an accusation but only some info that was left on our site. We have no way to confirm or deny this.




The Following Sites are using Least One of these Addresses – Avoid All Such Sites.


trouserale.com, vhweipwe.myshopify.com, brilliantme.store, remelala.com, holiyays.storecomfortablelifedress.com, fashionmeu.com, spokesale.com, actcat.store, greenbobs.store, highfun.store, myphotowallet.com, blotper.com, kaviry.com, vhnjb.myshopify.com, dressiu.com, youthislikefire.com, rosesimin.com, murphynel.myshopify.com, perfectsu.com, emythall.com, wantbuy1.com, flowershave.store, pantercos.myshopify.com, logmodels.com,  dkaoin.myshopify.com, lasrn.com, ansbwf.myshopify.com, walverhampton.com, modelands.com, restudeyle.myshopify.com, sosogo.storespeciatime.com, dowfeel.com, tiamokx.comlifespace.shop, sollover.com, mvipbsell.club, binboner.com, ragleagh.com,stylegos.com, balanesale.com, beautiegirl.com, lovetossya.com, vernalike.com, hitsaver.com, qunlong.myshopify.com, jeansunlimited, soleget.com, bxcol.com, brastocker.com, cattigirls.com, irelia.store, beayos.com, aeijstsale.com, yopopstyle.com, mghmg.myshopify.compsoyvj.myshopify.com, weonw.com, faqousshop.com, vibacker.com, next2day.com, neltha.com, azcozy.com, recith2.myshopify.com, vibacker.com, next2day.com, 3xion.com, ffhri.myshopify.com, decenniumstruggle.com, babeysy.com, voetxwpr.com, oeirag.com, tzshop.org, devaleg.com, avtenkushop.com, zwinznc.com, kenbroer.com, nightlullaby.com, therichnet.com, toanycity.com, blouseale.com, worldlotm.com, eyourf.com, cottageder.com, aztook.com3xion.com, ffhri.myshopify.com, decenniumstruggle.com, babeysy.com, voetxwpr.com, oeirag.com, tzshop.org, devaleg.com, avtenkushop.com, zwinznc.com, kenbroer.com, and so there are many more. We appreciate all of your reports and we hope you keep on reporting these sites to us.


Those links are to our reviews on this scam network and they have grown in number over the last few weeks. 

Where we find multiple identical copies then they are all scams. There is no way that a legit company is going to make copies of these sites and still expected to be viewed as genuine. They set them up and then carry on making copies.

When the old sites start becoming too well known as scams then all they can do is copy and paste the code for one site, make another URL, and paste in that code into a new URL. Or, they can re-direct from one URL to another.

This means that Google has given that site a whole new Google reputation score as they are new and so not known to Google or anyone else. In the first three months of new fraudulent e-stores is the danger zone. They are free to defraud as many people as possible before sites like ours find them.

We suggest to all to bookmark our web site so you have a place that you can always come to in order to get some assistance. We are here to inspect any site that you maybe suspicious of, and if they are a scam, we will expose them on Google for all to know.









list of scam websites.



14 thoughts on “What Is RadSaler.com – Is ‘RadSaler’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store? ~ Review!

  1. Phil

    Radsaler scammed me out of $61.93. I;ll never buy directly from China again. Jerks

  2. Red Tripp

    Radsaler was emailed by me and I told them that I did not have a Mastercard. So they took away the Mastercard choice and now any card is okay to put in the boxes. Why isn’t there an agency that takes these sites down? Cyber crimes are going to dominate if they don’t have internet policing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      They are dominating as there is not enough resources online to warn others about them. The internet is more than slowly being eroded by the avarice of the corrupt that appear to have free reign. People need desperately to learn about scam signs and that would solve the problem thus starving such sites of illegal earnings Red Tripp.

  3. Richard Arehart

    I should have read this site first. I ordered a Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw from them and received an email with a receipt and a tracking number. The tracking number was legit as USPS had it in their system. The package arrived today but instead of a $70.00 Jig Saw, I received a cheap Chinese belt that may fit my cat. I’m embarrassed to have fallen for the cheap price on the saw, but this business is a SCAM to be sure!!! I have filed a dispute with PayPal as I used my PP Credit Card to place the order. Hopefully, I can get my money back. If not, it was a $70 lesson learned. I can only hope that my stupidity will help someone else not get scammed.

  4. Andrew Walsh

    Our bank called moments after we attempted to purchase a refinished chainsaw from RadSaler… our bank did it was an international charge from china! The amount was also wrong… chainsaw listed at $63 with no tax and free shipping became a $68 charge!

    So when we tried to make the purchase radsaler site said the card was no good and so the order was canceled by them. Yes it was our bank the stopped the transaction from ever happening.

    Looking over their site after all this i see they sell four types of items …… TOILET BOWL BRUSH HOLDERS / MANTLE CLOCKS / ROOM DIVIDERS / CABINETS

    But there are other strange things I noticed about radsaler besides their name having weird spelling … they also in there checkout said they only take master card.. the other part of the website (just past the out of place christmas sale) says they take all the major credit cards..

    Their website looks international the way the list their phone number. I was able to create an account to log in a second time using the exact same info I used the first time. A real retailer would tell me I all ready have an account and that I need to log IN instead..

    In the end we called the 24 hour fraud department and flat out canceled our card. Tomorrow we shall get a new number down at the bank.

    Thank you for your time..

  5. Dennis Miller

    I am confused as to why Google continues to allow scam sites to show merchandise for sale in there search engines!! I use to have some faith in Google to look out for us customers that use them to find products and information! Looks like advertising income is all there about anymore! Shame we can no longer trust Google to block known scammers!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Too many millions of scams are uploaded daily that it seems we don’t have the tech to find them all fast and shut them down. Thank you Dennis for your report and also you can always put in for a refund with your payment provider.

  6. james e howard

    i tried to purchase an item from radsaler and after all the creditcard info was put in and went to checkout they flipped to no item in cart. so i tried again and same thing. so then i looked them up on google and it looks like a scam site. so i cancelled the credit card. be aware of the lowest prices on internet.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Make sure you were not charged twice James as this ‘reloading’ of the page nonsense when paying is normally to trick you in to paying twice.

      Thanks for your report and I hope you put in for a refund and not just cancelled your card?


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