What Is QuickenSurvyes.com – Is QuickenSurveys.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 11, 2018

What Is QuickenSurveys.com and is QuickenSurveys a Paid to Click Scam?

My initial answer to What Is QuickenSurveys.com, and if they are a scam or not, I don’t think so. Those asking is QuickenSurveys com fake, fraudulent, scam, not paying out, dishonest or is QuickenSurveys good, honest, legit, real, genuine. This QuickenSurveys Review is going to try to shed some light on how they operate, membership levels and the ways to earn ‘quick and easy money’,  as they say. For now, I do not see an abundance of online scam reports about them. They do appear to be paying out and so we can rest easy for now that they may indeed be legit.

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What Is QuickenSurveys.com – Trusted Paid to Click Site or Not?

QuickenSurveys.com Site

So, as covered briefly, I am pretty satisfied they are legit for now, and that is my take on What Is QuickenSurveys.com at this moment in time. Its not uncommon though for PTC sites to be paying out for 1 year, and even 2 years, before turning into a scam. I only say this because most PTC sites are frauds. I am not saying that about QuickenSurveys and I have great hope they are good and be legit for many years to come. However, I got some concerns.

To truly verify legitimacy we should always look to find out who owns the site. Their site was created 21/05/2018 and registered for 1 year. Do know that scam sites that offer paid work will only register for this time period. However, its not uncommon either for legit sites to give themselves 1 year to see if their own business venture is viable or not, before re-registering longer.

Oddly enough, they have chosen not to list their founders name. I have seen with another site that they instead listed their Board of Directors as a group for the site name instead anyone person. But,  it is an unsettling sign of scam sites to hide founders name, so when/if they become scam, no one can trace the owner. I don’t see the founder listed on their site either, not to say its not there, its just not visible to me. So that is a little worrying.

Their Listed Address is from Toronto, Canada. That is what I have on their identity. Let us now look at their work offers, their minimum payouts, and their referral bonus <- that last one has given me some doubts now about their site. Only time will tell.


Work and Payments.

I will start with their referral bonus offer because that has caused me some concern. I had located their forum, which is usually an excellent sign of a legit site. I so happen to stumble on a conversation about their referral program. Guys, they say they are paying out $3 per referred members! That is big money for such easy work and so now I am doubting them a little and I am unsure if they are legit or not. I mean $1 in advertising fee’s can net you about 25 to 50 clicks, and now I wonder why a company, would offer $3 per click when they clearly could get a lot more for less money.

However, my fears are somewhat allayed when I further read that your referrals must come from either UK, USA, CANADA and have completed some offers. OK, so now I see that there is potential for the transfer of money and how its generated. I would just love for this site to be legit and so I am itching for you guys to comment below!! I just need confirmation is all. I was going to sign up myself, but, I saw one report that said after creating his account he could not sign in. That is only one report but really put me off personally. 

So now I read they will pay you $5 for anyone you refer from any country when they earn their first $5. Fair enough. That figure is doubled with you upgrade.

Minimum Payout is $20 but only $5 when you upgrade also.

Personally, that is quite major sign that something may not be right. But then again there is so much that is right about their site I don’t think I can call this one without your help. Have you been paid by QuickenSurveys? Do let us know in the comments below.

Are you the Founder of Quicken Surveys? Please feel free to comment below to add to this article.

The work they offer.

So they have offer walls, doing surveys, may have their own videos to view for money soon etc. Its standard stuff for a paid to click site. They explain it well enough without repeating it all here. 

Didn’t Get Paid?

Should you have viewed a website, that is a third party site that is paying Quicken Surveys for you to view, then there maybe a good reason for this. Only have one tab open to view these sites offers. Should you have more than one tab open working on their site then you won’t be credited money for that viewing. 



Final Thoughts.

For now, I believe they are indeed legit and paying. I noticed that admin user name was ‘Admin’ and there was no picture. The lack of real people transparency has me a little worried that they are preparing to turn scam in the future some time. I hope not and so I will say that they are legit and good and hope you earn some good money on their site. Do report them below however if they have not paid you for some reason. 

Lastly, doing surveys can be very time consuming and I found, with other sites, that sometimes even after completing a survey I was not paid. That is a quirk about such work from home offers as PTC sites and even the founder may not know why that occurs. The money you can earn may take so long that you lose interest. However, they are working on providing additional companies to offer surveys etc and so I am hoping they will provide lots of work for lots of people.

Should I get many good reports about them, and especially if the founder comes forward lets us all know who he/she/they are – I’d be more than happy to participate in their community and see about earning some money via their website. Time will tell.


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Have questions on What Is QuickenSurveys.com? Just ask me below and I will be happy to further assist. Need more info on How to Earn from Home with Your Laptop <- click there. Thank you all for coming to my website and I do appreciate your time. Very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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2 thoughts on “What Is QuickenSurvyes.com – Is QuickenSurveys.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Austin

    Hello, Great review. I hope you sign up for our site. If you have any question please email me. We are here to stay and we hope to grow and become one of the top survey sites.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Austin,

      Great to hear from you and I do hope QuickenSurveys becomes one of the main leaders in providing legit PTC services to the online world. Appreciate your comment and certainly will email you if I have any questions.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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