What Is Qaninsa.com – Is Qaninsa.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 14, 2019

Find Out What Is Qaninsa.com Here – The ‘Qaninsa’ Review. Also, What Is ‘ItsFashion’?

You are most welcome to this review on What Is Qaninsa.com found at www.qaninsa.com. Is Qaninsa com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, fake and why are they calling themselves ‘ItsFashion‘? Is Qaninsa legit, real, genuine and safe? This www Qaninsa com Review is a genuine scam alert to stay clear of that site. I recognize it as a copy of other sites we at scamwitness.com have exposed. Those that were scammed should contact your payment provider. Possibly cancel your card and get a refund.

So many times we come across fake shopping sites and they are nearly always from China. That is definitely something to watch out for. When such sites are fake then maybe you will receive your order, may not. Goods delivered are typically shoddy, cheap, damaged, not what was advertised. You may run the risk of receiving counterfeit and or stolen goods/replica goods. Worse still, people have received empty envelopes or a cheap pair of headphones but not their actual order, from bad shopping sites.



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What Is ‘Qaninsa’ Really All About – ‘ItsFashion‘ Scam Network Exposed.

So you already know Qaninsa.com (‘Qaninsa) is not real and only a fraudulent site. Right now we are going to be doing some digging that anyone can do to determine the legitimacy of any selling site online Begin with the registration date. Then we go find info on their real world address, contact information and also who the founder is. I am not expecting to find any legit data attached to their site but only covered up…



All the reasons why www.qaninsa.com is a scam!


The registration date was in 2018/12/05 and that site ends in 2019 same date. So, what is wrong with that time frame? You guessed! It is suspiciously short for an online business. Legit businesses will naturally want an income for life – not for a year! And so it is considered suspicious to make an e-store for only 1 or 2 years. Typically, such sites can close without warning, leaving their customers distraught and stranded for help/refund/orders/etc.

Anhui, CN – that is China. And that is an incomplete address. That is very intentional and now we can not determine where about in China they are from. Bad sign.

No founder name and no support email attached to site registration. Let us now go to their site to see if they have left us that info. Sometimes even legit sites will fail to leave anything at site registration but then redeem themselves with that data on their site.

14 Guild Street London is what they have lied about as their address. We find that 14 Guild Road is only a residential house and nothing for ‘Street’. Purpose of putting up a UK address is to convince you they come from a part of the world that is known for good business. So now that helps their unwary traffic to make sales with peace of mind.

+070 8390 9810 is their customer support number. I doubt it even works, but you can try.

Nothing else, not even a returns address. That address will probably be sent to you by email once you purchase. Anyone have that address?

That is a complete fail on transparency of owner name, location and ‘contact’ is only a feeble attempt to seem legit. They are not.

There are many copies online. Those that know of another are welcome to report that full URL in the comments below.




‘Qaninsa’ Scam Signs.

  • They have clearly expertly decided to hide everything that is legit about themselves. That is very poor form and never do legit sites do this. Never!
  • 2010 to 2019 is their sites age, apparently. You can see it bottom left on their site. Yet, WHOIS puts them at the beginning of 2019. Why are they lying? Well, how can any site be fake if they have been online for such a length of time? That is the idea they are trying to plant in your mind and so that seems to help with sales.
  • You can go ahead and click on their McAffee Trust Seal. You see that it only links to McAffee.com. What should happen is that a page opens, from McAffee, explaining how legit and safe ‘Qaninsa’ is. That clearly does not happen and only for the fleeting eyes. Most people don’t seem to check. Same with their other images bottom of their site all designed to imbue them trust from you and others.
  • They do not have a ‘HOME BUTTON‘. That really bugs me why scammer sites do not put in a home button. Are they trying to annoy people so bad that they just leave?! I never see that oddity with legit sites.
  • They seem confused about the name of their own site! They are either called ‘Qaninsa’or ‘ItsFashion’ – which is it?! So, where we see conflicts with sites URL name and Sites Logo Name is another classic scam sign.
  • There are mistakes with one of their items pricing. It use to be $00.00 (wow!) and now only $14.99. Also, the reductions on some of their products are giving them away big time as well. I mean, have a quick look at their aluminum telescope ladder. Original price of $109.99 down to just $39.90! How are they making any profit from selling that product at all?! Clearly, these are too-good-to-be-true-prices






Final Thoughts.

Be sure to stay clear of that store as we have seen other copies floating around online in the past. They are also accruing complaints about them and you may view one here at scamadviser. Please be sure to report them below this article. Also, you can REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE as well. There is a huge list of bad sites for your viewing as well. Ultimately, the site just exposed has too many scam signs and that is that. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good.



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I hope the above research has helped to save you some cash. If so,  we would love to hear from you as its one of those ‘punch-the-air’ moments every time. All are welcome to go nutz below and SOUND-OFF in the comments below about the site in this article we called What Is Qaninsa.com. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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