What Is PVP Fund Win – Scam or Legit, Is it Safe/Profitable?

By | August 3, 2018

PVP FUND's Website

What Is PVP Fund Win and Should You Invest with Them.

You are most welcome in your own research to know What is PVP Fund Win and to know if is it real and safe. Those asking, is PVP-Fund.Win (https:/pvp-fund.win) even legal? Is it really a legal investment company or just being deceptive, shall have those answers here. This is the only relatively in depth PVPFund. Win review online at the moment and so we will be seeking fresh data from our readership, as well. Ultimately, and finally, we will determine YOUR chances of financial returns with a program.


Company:- https://pvp-fund.win.

Created:- 03/08/2018.

Founder:- No Details Supplied Online.

Affiliate Program:- None that was available per their home page.

Scam/Legit:- See Final Thoughts at the end of this article for our conclusion.


What You Will Get From This Article:-

To know whether to risk your own money to good/excellent returns.




What Is PVP Fund Win and the Service they Provide – How it all Works.

How it all Works

They are a legal investment company that are registered with Companies House as an incorporated organization. We will be checking that later to see if it is true. They are also investors working for this website making investments on your part in Forex etc. I don’t see any evidence of that on their site or online, so, we will just have to take their word for it.

Ultimately, given ‘investors’ lay down money (min $1) without exchange of goods/real digital services, this website can safely be classified as a HYIP. This means it is a High Yield Investment Program where relatively big profits are made, seemingly out of thin air or even knowledge of how its done, for those that just input money into their scheme.

It is a very risky venture to take part in and actually not legal in most parts of the world.



It is Free to sign up and begin your own investments. You have four levels of investment options and they are as follows:-

Over a period of 5 Hours investors earn 35%, 40%, 45% and 55%. I have no doubt there are varying levels of investments here but they are not stated on their. All they say is “Recommended Commission of 2%“.

Below that section there is an investment’s calculator. You can put in any financial number you want to see your returns of 175%! This alludes that there is no investment cap!!

Really, that is all there is to there program. You sign up and you make your chosen level of investment for the promised returns, though the percentage of those returns are contradictory on their, this is the whole set up.




Easy Money for All or Just for the Unknown Founders?

Easy Money or a Fraud?

While they had just recently being registered in the WHOIS database they already have 74 accounts with deposits of nearly $3000 and withdrawals of $1610. That is quick work! It can happen that when a new HYIP comes about many will rush to it, the ones that know what they are doing – that is.

Some know that in the first two weeks of such a scheme founders will payout some cash to some members. This is only to encourage further new members to invest. The older the site the shakier for payments it becomes and actually they can collapse at any time. This is one of the reasons why such programs are not good to join.

However, we don’t recommend you risk your money in this manner. There are ways to earn online which require honest work and time for an ethical and recurring profits.

This whole operation is kept alive solely by the acquisition of new sign ups who then make some investments. The money from these investments are then paid out to some members who have already invested as their returns. Not every member will receive anything and some will receive multiple to entice further parting with monies.

When new people stop signing up and paying then the system becomes over burdened with a debt it can never possibly pay off. This will happen as sure as the Sun Rises and Sets for that is the flaw of their business model. When complaints and online reputation become so bad with complaints the owners will take most of the money, if not all, and simply close down the site. Since no one knows they are actually giving their own money to then there is no chance of getting it back! Many members may indeed lose from small amounts to any amount they are willing to risk.


Were you paid?

Are you still waiting?

Let us know how you are doing with this particular program below in the comments section where we will respond to you as soon as possible.




Further Tell-Tale Signs of Deception.

We have shown how their business model puts nearly all investors monies at risk from loss. Now we will point out a few things that are relatively easy to overlook at a glance. Since we are used to exposing HYIP, which are just Ponzi Schemes anyways, we know exactly where to look:-

1). They said that they are registered with Companies House. This is the UK’s premier and main way to register legit businesses. I checked Companies House Register and there are no returns for ‘PVP Fund Win’ either by name or the registration number left on their own website. This is not a mistake but a deliberate lie to garner legitimacy and trust.

2). English is pretty bad on their website. They are saying they are from the UK, with a UK address supplied. It does relate to an office block for rent, but it is a completely different address given out by WHOIS as Panama <<<– that is it!. This is important as it shows owners deliberately supplied two different real world addresses for the same online biz – why? – unless they were being deceptive and do not want others knowing their real location. It is typical for fraudulent sites to do this. When their operation collapses then its nearly impossible to locate the real for the law to be enforced upon them.

3). Their ‘product/service’ is ‘something’ to do with ‘investing’, Forex etc. I have seen a similar sales pitch from several HYIP programs all sounding like they have been written by the same person. Alas, it appears to have nothing to do with such things and is merely a way to throw money into their scheme in the hopes that you will be one of the lucky ones to make a substantial return. Don’t hold your breath, though.

4). Percentage returns per hour is set at 2%, but then we see their earnings calculator is preset at 175% – why this disparity? Contradictions on a site is another classic sign of a deceptive site!

5). No one knows who the owner(s) are of this site! This is one of the main signs of intentional deception. No legit site hides their owners. Actually, there are no signs of any names or images that anything to do with ownership connection. Not good and clearly you are not getting your money back when their biz model collapses – AND IT WILL COLLAPSE!


I could go on but that is sufficient warning to everyone i.e. it is at your own risk! We advise you seek Alternative Ways to Earn Online. We also want to inform you, should not be fully aware of this fact, that it is illegal in most countries to take part in such schemes. It is not that uncommon to chase participants if a scheme was particularly damaging.




Final Thoughts.

As you can see, we are not able to recommend this program without ill-advising our readers. To do so would be to put your money at risk from loss. Not too bad to lose a few dollars, its pretty bad to lose thousands on a scheme where no one knows the founders. Their business model is only waiting for no more sign ups before it collapses. You take this risk without or even little guarantee of returns. There is no come back if you lose your money and even little sympathy from most people. Should you decide to invest, even though it is not even legal, good luck!


That is all there is on What Is PVP Fund Win and hope it has brought some clarity to their sites offer and its general operations. We would advise people, who are looking for a way to earn online without risking their money, to have a read on What are some ways to earn money by blogging. It requires no credit card for a Free Account with Wealthy Affiliate. Good luck on what ever you decide and we are here to help should you have any questions on anything written today. Good luck!

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