Review – Is ‘Psoyvj Myshopify’ Scam or Legit?

By | November 5, 2019 Exposed What Is ‘Sudara’ / ‘Psoyvj’?

You are welcome to our ‘’ Review – What Is ‘Psoyvj’ about? is legit and not a scam? So they are not real, safe or genuine. They are but just one site that is promoting products at unreal prices. Those that gave payment information to that site should contact your payment provider. We have already exposed one of there offers as bogus in our Is Household Mini Excavator Komatsu PC-01 of $179′ Real. Besides, why are they referring to themselves as ‘Sudara’?

Those of you that are certain you were scammed by the site in question are welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments. You can also report to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. If many report on these cyber-crooks then far less people will lose their cash. We also show people how they to can earn online from home. You may read our article on How to Start Up Online For Free.




do not login into




Why Is Dishonest?

So you can read our review above in the first paragraph about the ‘Household Mini Excavator Komatsu PC-01 for $179‘ scam currently running. We always recommend you do your own research on prices especially if they strike you as too-good-to-be-true. If you see other sites pulling the same scam then we always appreciate your reports on such things.

So we can not even tell you when their site was registered online because they have intentionally hidden that data. There is nothing to show us who the owner is and that is no surprise. Actually, we know this scam network very well indeed.


“…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision…”

  • You may go ahead and simply Google that quote above. You will may, perhaps much to your shock, there are countless pages in Google showing up sites that are using that same quote. There are many times fake sites will simply copy and paste their own ‘ABOUT US’ sections and then we see them linked in Google.
  • These guys are a huge scam network and I am always collecting bits of new data such as phone numbers, new emails, fake names etc, associated with these sits. We are particularly interested in reports about any site that fits our description here today.
  • So, if that was not enough to deter you from shopping there, we will be showing you how to make sure you do not get scammed. If you do, then we can say, as said, contact your payment provider. 
  • Below are the following tips to show you what a fake e-store looks like that ‘Psoyvj’ is displaying.
  • We can see they are calling themselves ‘Sudara‘ in their sites tab. This is a big mistake by the scammer that set up this site. This is typical because it is either laziness, or just that they were rushing as they can set up many scam sites in short time frames, but it does help us recognize a fake site when we see one.
  • Their prices are just too-good-to-be-true. So stay clear, and at the very least, be very suspicious of sites that are so generous. How can they be making a good profit and surviving as as business if they are offering too high of discounts?
  • They have one form of contact and that is with the email of We see there is at least one report about that email complaining they can not contact support. So where we see limited contact then that is a sure-fire sign that something maybe wrong here.




Final Thoughts.

Below is a list of the sites we have exposed that have the same ‘ABOUT US’ sections as They are all scams being run by the same cyber-crooks. Stay clear of them all:-


There are many more of these sites to beware of. Try typing into our sites search engine ‘UNIQUENESS’ and you should see many more returns that what we have listed. That is all about and hope thi sarticle helps you out.




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