What Is PRTO.Net – Is PRTO.Net a Scam or Legit?

By | August 28, 2018

What Is PRTO.Net and are they Really just a Scam?

Here you will find the whole truth on What Is PRTO.Net and if you should invest with them. Those asking, Is PRTO Net fake? Is PRTO dishonest? Is PRTO an illegal company online? Is PRTO good, trusted, genuine and paying out? Those answers are coming, but I will say right now, they are not legit and indeed a scam that is just using their members time and efforts to increase profits for the unknown, and unethical people, behind this website. Be careful – they won’t pay you a dime!

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What Is PRTO.Net – OWNER INFO, How it Works and Why its a Scam.

PRTO.Net Website


A great place to start to answer What is PRTO.Net, is also to ask who is behind such a site? To know this it is easy and we simply go to WHOIS. There, you will find all owner details. Scammers will not reveal their real names and give out a fake address. WHOIS shows they maybe from Russia, but those details can easily be fake, and there is no owner info on their site either. Their operation pays you an immediate $100 when you first sign up. Other ways you earn are:-

Making referrals nets you up to $2 to $5 a go.

Forks out a daily bonus to their members.

I took another look for their owner ID, and I did indeed find a name! Nikolaj Kutnyak is the name associated. There is an email associated with that name and it is leejack1@yandex.ru.

There are 10 domains associated with that email as well. Some of those sites are just replicas of PRTO Net. I will be exposing those ones as well in time. For now, here is one site that appears to be identical and appears to be run by the same owner called EuroUs.Net. I wrote on that site January 2018 not knowing the connection just made.

Making a good number of referrals can be lucrative with that amount of money for such easy work where they claim you can earn $50 a day. Not loads and not high enough either to call it a scam based on that. 

How to Make Money, per their Offer.

So, when you sign up you are told you can use the companies finances to invest in a list of investment opportunities. You simply make your selection, invest, and then wait for your promised returns. However, this is not true because no company online that is not operating out of a mental institution, is going to give complete strangers online free cash to help them make money! Such waiting time is just 1 day and then you will know for yourself you are dealing with a fake site!

So, you take that free $100 and then you invest that money. Some may notice that you can not cash out that money. The criteria for cashing is is a tough one and requires you to make 20 investments and you then you successfully refer 10 new members. So, I guess ‘free’ $100 is to get you going and I doubt very much its not even real money and the companies are dubious as well. So, you probably can make investments but I am suspecting that money is just going to scammers accounts and you will never see again.

What has been your experience with these guys?

Go ahead let us know in the comments section below.



How are they Scamming People?

As said, they are making good number of members by pretending to hand out a free $100 to your account immediate upon sign up. This should be everyone’s warning sign that no savvy site online is chucking away money and still hope to be financially successful online. I mean, it makes no sense. How about I give you $100 for you to earn money? How then must I recoup my $100 and still make a profit? Why don’t I just take my own $100 and invest it and keep all the earnings? Now we see this is a ludicrous situation set up to attract and rip off new comers to the world of Making Money Online. Those that have fallen for this sites fake promises should not feel so bad as I fell for scams online several times before learning to recognize and expose them myself.

Here is how they are making money from their own members. You sign up and then you make other referrals. You are helping to make their membership grow for free. This is only increasing their sites traffic and actually making them relatively famous on Google, Yahoo and Bing! This has the disastrous consequence of their site turning up more and more in search results for related key word terms. Those that don’t understand that fully, may have a look at at his video here which explains about keywords, and how websites use them to attract their own free readership online ->> Keywords Explained – Free Video Tutorial!

They will also make money by increasing their traffic, by methods just described i.e. their affiliate program, and then become qualified for Adsense. Adsense is the ads that you may see on this websites page and so that is another way that you are helping the creator earn free money online. Also, they will have harvested your sign up details such as your email, name etc which then is kept on a list. This list is then sold on to scammers online that will or may try to target your for future scams. So, all you have to do to stay safe, is not respond to emails you don’t know.

You should, as well, change your passwords to accounts online that are important to you and update your anti virus. Updating your anti virus is pretty crucial because then your devices will not be as easy to break through. Also, update old browsers, and NEVER SAVE YOUR PASSWORDS TO YOUR DEVICE, but instead, do what I do and save your passwords to a real world note pad. This is important as there is malicious software that can roam your cached passwords on your browser looking for such sensitive data.

So now I hope you can clearly see that all and any actions you take on their site then you will still not be paid! This is unfortunate to say the least. Those querying a site should do so before signing up to a site online. They will harness your sensitive details for their own profits and may even seek to download malware to your device. Look for online reviews of the site. Even if the person doing the review is not a member then they will still, or should, have valuable advice to alert you to see if something is legit or not.

For those wondering on the legitimacy of any site online then you can either ask myself in the comments section below or send your query to  scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. That email is checked by myself most days and so you can be guaranteed of a response in a reasonable amount of time.



Final Thoughts.

I learned more on the ownership in this article. I don’t see a real way to earn with the site as described above. Memberships is only to give the site a seeming level of popularity to monetize for advertisemsents and to steal legit data from people to sell on for money. The motives of this site is driven to only make money for its founder and no one else. I’d imagine that you won’t even be able to shut down your account, and to those that have difficulty signing into their accounts, then you are no doubt locked out as you may have served your purpose already. Do leave your complaints in the comments below where I will always get back to you.

As previously mentioned, there are legit ways to earn online. I have tried many and only Wealthy Affiliate helped me earn. I investigated them extensively and you may read about them HERE. Those needing to earn online from home, without paying a start up fee, would do well to consider them as a viable option. You may sign up at the top of this article of at the very bottom without using a credit card to begin. 

It seems like the rabbit hole, on their scam, got  a lot deeper and there are several sites running the same operation. Book mark this website so I may keep you up to date on this and other online scams. Those needing to earn from a long time trusted company can get their free account below to see if running your own site for an income is something you’d be interested in. That is it on What Is PRTO.Net! All the best for now guys!

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