What Is Provisionaz.com – Is ‘Provisionaz’ Scam or Legit? Our Short Review

By | May 23, 2019

Beware of Provisionaz.com AKA ‘DomainSilo.icu’ – SCAM ALERT!

Here we find another scam site called Provisionaz.com, but they call themselves on their site as – DomainSilo.icu. Major Scam Sign! More than this, we have exposed a number of their fake and fraudulent e-stores over a significant period of time. They have used the same site template on countless sites that have conned countless people out of their hard earned cash. Here are some of their most recent scam sites:- DepotRocket.com, Clipzio.com, LifeSpace.Shop, ClareLeo.Shop, MicoBlue.com, HaveGoodGoods.Shop along with many more.

People with customer reviews are asked to leave a few words of your experience below with any of these sites. We are sure they are not legit and so we are expecting bad news from those who may have made purchases. The more reviews that can be compiled in this forum the better protection it offers.







Provisionaz.com Review.

  • We can see scam signs all over their site at Provisionaz.com. Those that have given payment information to this website are advised to contact your payment provider and alert them to this fraudulent site. You may need to cancel your card to safe guard your funds. Watch out for random charges and over payments. In this instance, dispute all charges.
  • WHOIS shows us they are a new site and registered in 2019/01/28 and so only 1 year is all they have set up their business. It is more than unusual for a new business to only want to register for only a year. There are times that legit and honest business e-store founders will set up for this time period. This is fine when they are working from home as they are not asked to supply their home address.
  • No founder name and that is common for all of their sites. Their ‘ABOUT US’ sections of their site usually are all the same. However, in this copy of their site, we see that they have re-worded that section. Not to worry, we copy and paste that section and still we find other sites with the same ‘ABOUT US’ sections. Not a good sign.
  • Phone number is +16147339396. Email lfnsfrancois@gmail.com is their contact information. Their phone number appears in a scam report by OnlineTheatAlerts and so that is a good idea to Google such information. It may just save you from a fake site.
  • Typically their prices are far too-good-to-be-true and that is a sure way to know if a site is legit or not, usually. What you may have ordered from that site may not what they will deliver to you. 
  • Typically, when sites are scams, they will deliver you nothing, shoddy products, defected / damaged goods, inferior quality, wrong sizes / colors / poor stitching, electronic cheap products etc. 
  • Where you find you have got nothing for your cash, after waiting months and months on end, then you should definitely put in for a refund.


Final Thoughts.

There could be 100’s of these sites, and lately, I am finding far too many that I may not have the time to expose them all. We hope other bloggers also find these sites and expose them for the safety of the online world.

We are looking forward to your customer reviews which we believe will support our verdict of SCAM. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. Those that have reports on any site that may have defrauded you then you are welcome to report them in the comments.

That is all there is on What Is Provisionaz.com and looking forward to hearing from you below.




9 thoughts on “What Is Provisionaz.com – Is ‘Provisionaz’ Scam or Legit? Our Short Review

  1. Toby Driemeyer

    I wish I had found this sooner, my girlfriend ordered a me tool box that was way to good to be true. Confirmation number, everything, no email, no shipment, I emailed them multiple times, no response. Google the email and this is what I find…🤦🏻‍♂️…. Contact the card company and they say nothing they can do, it’s between us and the vendor. So we out $200+… Now I can’t even go to the site, it’s all gone… Email was lfnsfrancois@gmail.com

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      So even though your goods did not arrive – your payment provider said there is nothing they could do? Report them Toby to the BBB.org. That is fraudulent incompetence at its extreme. It is a failure to provider a service per their own Terms and Conditions. Its B.S.!

      Tell your useless payment provider that the site is now gone, and iterate as so a five year old can understand, that genuine companies – DO = NOT – JUST – CLOSE – THEIR – DOORS.

      Talk really slow to these people Toby… I think most of them are sleep on the job.

      Good luck with this and let us know what happens once you inform them what has happened. Personally, I’d change payment providers.

    2. Linda Lindley

      I paid $147.07 for a patio set and a chicken coop for $137.40 of course I can’t get in touch with anyone. I guess lessons learned.

  2. John C.Detlor Jr.

    I ordered a dewalt cordless tool set,it has a order # their e-mail address how much I paid for it.NO TOOLS. A few days later I got a E-MAIL from them for the same thing , only the biggest part of it was in Chink,it was paid by PAY-PAL,I have NEVER used PAY-PAL for anything,HELLi have never signed up for P-P. Soon as the c- card co. wake up I am going to call them ,Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Your are most welcome John and you are welcome also to come back here to let us know how it went. Thanks for your report also John.

  3. Roy Tyre

    Ordered the following item from site KIJFIS – which was doing business as provisionaz.com at email address sailendra6272singh@gmail.com on 05/23/2019.

    Order summary

    $199.99 USD

    Sent an email to verify purchase with no response.

    I received an email from mbnghty sdfrfg which turn out to br mygoodone.service@gmail.com stating the following:

    Dear customer, you have not made a mistake, our products are limited time promotions, have been removed

    Further research lead me to domainsilo.icu at email lfnsfranois@gmail.com phone number +16147339396. That made me realize I’ve been scammed.

    I have contacted my credit card company about this fraudulent activity and waiting for results.

  4. Richard Sheppard

    my wife ordered a bed from one of these sites. Email confirmed product was shipped from China but nothing ever came. Credit card was never charged for the bed but a few weeks later they charged the card for a completely different product with no notice to me. Credit card Company verified it was an unauthorized charge. SCAM

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Richard for your customer review of Provisionaz.com. Sorry they have double charged you and I am glad your payment provider has noticed as unauthorized.


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