What Is PromoteBuy.com – Is PromoteBuy.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 9, 2019

What Is PromoteBuy.com – Is PromoteBuy Real or Another Online Scam?

This is the only review you need that will give you a straight forward answer quickly on What Is PromoteBuy.com found at www.promotebuy.com. Is PromoteBuy com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, deceptive or Is PromoteBuy legit, good, real, safe and genuine? This Promote Buy Review is a scam alert to stay clear of that site! There are other resources online saying the same thing. Those that handed over payment info need to contact your payment provider. Put in for a refund and possibly cancel your card.

There you have it, they are a scam.  But how? How do we know for sure that they can’t be trusted? There are far too many sites coming out of China from Fake Quilts to Fake E-Stores stinging 1000’s of unwary customers. Typically they present high quality items at too-good-to-be-true prices. What is delivered (if anything) are goods that are damaged, nothing like what you ordered, inferior, perhaps counterfeit and also you may run a risk of receiving stolen goods.


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PromoteBuy.com Review – Background Check and Scam Signs.

This section we will leave you in no doubt as to why they are a scam site. We look for basic information like who the owner is, location of said business and contact information. Scammers will invariably hide such data so as not to get caught. Many times fake e-stores are all over Facebook promoting their scam ads. Such platforms do not appear to be taking action against such groups on their own platform even when people make their reports. Let us further see What Is PromoteBuy.com so we know why we should avoid them.



Don’t buy from www.promotebuy.com!


We begin with the registration date. Honest sites know all about the length of time it may take for their own venture to kick-off online leading to real online revenue sales. So when I see a selling site register for just 1 or 2 years, something maybe wrong. 1 year is definitely only the beginning of any site, no matter their niche, for Google and the online world to trust or not trust them.

The registration date for PromoteBuy was in 2018/09/11 and only for 1 year. That is not a good sign. That is indicative of the many scam sites who set up for same length, scam galore for that time period, and vanish without a trace. They can shut down their site at any moment in time without warning. Put in for a refund while they are still online.

The address they use is not their own. That address of 14455 N. Hayden Road is being used by many scam sites, and incredibly, by legit sites as well to hide their own location. However, legit sites will ALWAYS leave abundance of the information we are now seeking. In that event, they can not be a scam so long as we can independently verify that information. Fake sites will leave fake addresses etc or nothing at all.

Looking to their site now we can see that there is an address of 6288 N Gillette Avenue TULSA, OK 74130-1510, United States. Google Images shows that to be a residential property, if I am not mistaken. There is a site called SigForum.com warning others to be careful of the site in question. So it looks like they are using someone else’s legit address to garner trust and legitimacy imbued by the location.

The section of their site called ‘Our Stores’, bottom of their site where you would easily miss it, they have this weird Latin Lorem Ipsum wording. I Googled it and that is ‘dummy text filler’, per the site prepressure.com. No legit would ever allow dummy text like this to occur, and actually, I have seen this online with other sites in the past that were fake. Good scam sign to find.

We have a contact phone number of +1 (918) 834-8505. Anyone get through on that number? Fake sites will usually put up fake numbers, disconnected or simply let you leave a message that they will never respond to. That is all on their identity, of lack thereof, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


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That is all we need to know they can not be trusted. With have other sites online calling them a scam. Sites warning us against them. They have hidden all of their information and honest sites do not do that. The address give on their site appears to be a residential home. Address at site registration is DEFINITELY not theirs as that is only a proxy. Let us all know your own experience with them. That now concludes this short scam alert review on What Is PromoteBuy.com. Stay tuned…





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