– What Is, Scam or Legit?!

By | September 30, 2018 – What they Really are and Why they are Illegal.

There are serious problems with site! Their way of generating revenue for participants is not transparent. They have told a number of lies and they also refer to themselves as a ‘HYIP’ – High Yield Investment Program. Those trying to find out answer to questions like Is ProfitIn24Hours fake, scam, crooked, worth it Is Profit In 24 Hours real, genuine, legit, good and highly profitable? This ProfitIn24Hours review is going to probably put you right off investing with them. At the end of the day – the choice is yours and only invest what you can afford to lose.

For me, they are a scam site. They are not to be trusted, and the older their site becomes, the less chances you have of earning anything (see date of this post). Those really trying to find a real and honest way to earn online, for the long term to pay off debts, supplement your income, support yourself and your loved ones better are welcome to read How to Get Started Online and For Free. That article will show you how to earn online with my #1 Choice Wealthy Affiliate. WA gives out a free starter account HERE and also two free websites with 20 free training videos. Plus, you are given 7 Days Premium Trial Run to see if building your own site and earning from it is something you want to do.
 – Everything That is Completely ‘OFF’ and Illegal About Their Site’s Investment Program. Wesite Reviewed website.

They are not a team of experienced tranders, financial analysts or anything of the kind they say they are. They are Ponzi Schemers that depend on your money to make themselves rich. There is no real product and no real service for your real cash. That is the condensed answer, and my accusations to them, on! Now, I have to prove this to you (‘GULP’ 🙂 ).

Who is the founder?

This is one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself when dealing with sites that ask for cash for unreal returns. This is easy to find out, if they have supplied such details. We find out by looking their site registration details. I see that there is no Founder Name Listed! Always a bad sign. I seen their address is a PO BOX address and located in Panama. Basically, they have supplied a fake address.

On their website they say they are from:-

Flat 22 The Academy (‘Flat’ – what kind of investment business operates out of a ‘FLAT’?), 20 Lawn Lane, London, SW8 1GA, UNITED KINGDOM. So, we see their website address for their business, and the address supplied upon their website registration, simply don’t match. That is a cover up as no legit business makes those kinds of mistakes.

Are they really a registered company in the UK?

Absolutely NOT! That is a lie. They have a banner at the bottom of their website saying ‘REGISTERED’. When clicked nothing happens. They are saying something about their registration number but fail to leave that most vital piece of info. All intentional attempts to convince others of their legitimacy for those that simply scan their content.

Moreover, they are most likely operating from outside the UK and that is common for scam sites to say they are in the UK. UK is well known for being one of the worlds business meccas, and so to say you operate in the UK, is only to garner a sense of trust and respectability. It is common for HYIP’s to say stuff like that.


I have ‘outed’ them on their most basic info and some silly errors, and really, that should be enough to convince anyone you are dealing with a scam site. Below I will briefly speak on their investment offer and explain why that is bogus as well.




Investment Program, Referral Program – To Invest or Not to Invest?

I don’t blame people for falling for scams like Profit in 24 Hours, only because, if you don’t know what to look out for then the chances of losing your cash are very high. Experienced Ponzi Investors (oh, btw, www.profitin24hours. com is a Ponzi Scheme. ‘HYIP’ is just another term for it).

How it Works.

  1. Sign up for free and chose your own level of investment. 
  2. 6% Hourly for 24 hours, with minimum of $1 to a max of $200000.00, with 144% returns – including initial investment.
  3. 50% Hourly for 3 hours, with minimum of $25 to a max of $200000.00, with 150% returns – including initial investment.
  4. 450% after 1 day, with minimum of $100 to a max of $200000.00, with 450% returns – including initial investment.
  5. 990% after 2 days, with minimum of $200 to a max of $200000.00, with 990% returns – including initial investment.

990% Returns, including your initial investments, to ALL MEMBERS – that is not sustainable. That is a ‘company’ begging to crash over night. This is how financial bubbles are made. One pin-prick, and it will burst, leaving 100’s or even 1000’s of participants out of pocket. The kicker is, when the site does eventually crash, which it can do at any moment as mentioned, no one knows who the founder is. That is real bad news for trying to get your cash back!


Best Time to Invest?

They are not a legal site and so you have no come back should you decide to invest. The common consensus to invest is purely at your own risk. The best time to invest is in the first two to four weeks of their site. They can stop paying even in the first week, if they ever do pay out that is.

The people that lose the most money on such HYIP sites are newcomers to online investors. They can lose thousands on the one site and so you should be careful on the amounts you invest. The site just reviewed has nothing to do with what they say they do – they have no proof of how they generate their income.




Final Thoughts.

They are a Ponzi Scheme and Ponzi Schemes are not legit and not even legal. You could earn the promised returns, but the more members that join up, the harder to impossible it becomes to pay out to everyone. At this point then the whole site simply shuts down over night and many are left wondering what just happened to their investments. The founder will keep the vast majority of all monies sent to his/her site and that is how they become rich very quickly. They will probably just go and set up more for new unsuspecting participants. Good luck if you decide to invest with them! For me, they are a scam site.

Have concern/questions on Why not ask me below. Looking for a real online business offer? Click HERE for your free account with WA and see if making a website, monetizing that site, to earn a full time income online.


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2 thoughts on “ – What Is, Scam or Legit?!

  1. Danielle

    Oh my goodness, that is daylight robbery! ProfitIn24hours! Who invests and gets profit in 24hours with a brand new company?

    Crazy amounts they talk about too. That is a sure sign they are out to scam people.

    I will never go near such!

    Thank you for your review. This will go a long way in helping unsuspecting persons to avoid scams such as profitun24hours.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Yes, what really shocked me is they expect others to believe in 990% returns! Even for a scam site – that is huge! That is too good to be true. So few may ACTUALLY get those returns, so the owners can build up new customers, but over 90% wont see a cent in returns and will just lose their investments. Waste of money and time.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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