What Is ProfitCapital.Ltd – Is ProfitCapital.Ltd Scam or Legit?

By | October 8, 2018

What Is ProfitCapital.Ltd and Should You Invest with Them.

This is the only article you will need to know What Is ProfitCapital.Ltd. Those asking is ProfitCapital Ltd fake, scam, dishonest, illegal or is Profit Capital Ltd genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This ProfitCapital Review will answer those questions and give you insight to how they are really generating their revenue. Right now I see no transparency on how they are achieving a turnover of monies on their site. They say they are experts in foreign exchange, stock options, oil and crytocurrency but no proof. Lets begin to find out really what they are offering people, and for me personally, they look like a HYIP (Ponzi Scheme High Yield Investment Program). Should this be the case, they are not even a legal site. – A Quick Not:- Those looking for CryptoHour.Biz should know they are shut down now and was only a Ponzi Scheme same as the one being reviewed here. They lasted about two weeks!!

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What Is CapitalProfit.Ltd and How It Really Operates.

Now we will fully answer What Is CapitalProfit.Ltd. Let us begin with the founder. Anyone registering their sites online have to submit legit and transparent details if they are offering work from home paid jobs. Now, bloggers like myself do not. We make recommendations to companies that must provide transparent ID info – so, there are exceptions.

We go to WHOIS and type in the company name we are dealing with, in this case, CapitalProfit.Ltd.

The returned info is pretty vague, to say the least. There is no organization name. No founder name. No support contact and only we can see they set up their site on the 24/09/2018. This is a very bad sign of scam behavior. ID cover up is considered potentially deceptive.


ProfitCapital Website.

You can login into www.profitcapital.ltd website, but I don’t recommend you do that.


On their site they have an address of 372 Old Street, Suite 1, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9LT. However, on their Companies House Certificate Company Registration (03993424) there is another address supplied as their registered office address.

That address is 1st Alverstone Road, London, NW2 5J5. There is zero reason why the addresses would be different as their registered business addresses that I can see. I am suspicious that the companies house number is not theirs at all.

What Is The Work and Who Can Join?

Anyone can join it seems. The ‘work’ is simple. You sign up. Make your investment according to your own level of risk and then sit back and wait for returns. Making referrals to their site will help increase your potential for earnings. That is all.

What Are The Risks Involved?

You invest at your own risk and so only invest what you can afford to lose. There is no comeback once they run off with all of your money. Should you know the founders name then you will have a chance to get your money back. While sometimes the authorities are able to track down the inventors of such schemes, most of them just walk away with all the money, and never get caught. Even worse, they set up another site or will have done so and carry on as usual. Those investing in such sites are helping to make rich a criminal online enterprise – Bravo!

OK, How Is It A Potential Scam?

Just look to the unreal earnings per investment level and scale of time. No company out there can PROMISE those returns and still be in business for any length of time. There has to be a catch and of course there is.

When they first start up then they are depending on new people to join. Experienced Ponzi Investors will actively watch HYIP Monitor Sites and join up to a few daily. They will invest a little here and there and make profits on the ones paying out.

This is to lure in more investors with payment proofs to invest . However, most will no know they are dealing with a ponzi scheme and so the newbies can typically lose thousands of dollars on these kinds of investments.

When there is no more new sign ups then you will have no more capital flowing into the veins of their business venture. No more new money then there is no way they can pay people. They will just shut their doors (close down their site) and you will never hear from that URL again. Of course, they will living off of the money you DONATED to them. It really is only a matter of time. CrytoHour.Biz was p and running and shut down in just a few weeks. It can happen that fast and without warning.

That really is all that needs to be said on their site. They have listed their own investment levels and so they are viewable there. However, since I do not believe they will pay out to all members, then its pointless to add any more information and it saves us all time.





Final Thoughts.

No Founder Name listed and so now that is a cover up and noway to get your cash back when the site shuts down. They are structured as a Ponzi Scheme as there is no real world exchange of goods or services. Once you invest then your money may never come back to you. Since such schemes are illegal then they are a scam site, in my opinion. Those that did get paid won’t agree with me, however, someone else would have to have that money stolen from them for you to get paid – enjoy it, but for me, that money would be tainted.

Have questions on What Is CapitalProfit.Ldt? Go ahead and ask in the comments section. Were you paid or ripped off? Again, add your stories, opinions in the comments below. Need a way to earn online without making risky investments? You can go ahead and click the image below for more info on my #1 Recommendation. This is only for those that are interested in real online business and not for time wasters. Those that are not lazy, and know they must work for a living, are very much welcome to see if earning from your own website is something you want to do.


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