What Is ProcessJob.Online – Scam or Legit Internet Job?

By | September 4, 2018

What Is ProcessJob.Online and Why it is Not Real Online Work.

Great to see you here as article this will end your search querying What Is ProcessJob.Online. Those asking Is ProcessJob Online fake, dishonest, scam, fraudulent and filled with malware or is Precess Job Online good, honest, genuine, legit and paying out will soon know this. This ProcessJob Review will leave you in know doubt as to whether they will pay you or not. The owner of this site has many other identical sites and they never pay out. Not just by that logic do I call Process Job a scam but because of many other things. Below are the reasons I am warning all to stay away from them for you to help make up your own mind.

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What Is ProcessJob.Online, Owner, Their Fake Job Offer and How they are Scamming People.

ProcessJob.Online Site

There is a lot more to What Is PrecessJob.Online then their job offer of just wasting your time. For some people will work up to their $300 cash out and nothing will happen. For others, there are threats looming you need to be aware of in case you are encountering them. For now, let’s try to find out who owns that site.

The owner is not listed at the moment of site registration. This is a common tactic to hide owner identity and nearly always a sure sign that something is not right. The purpose is so when they are accused of not being legit and legal the owner can’t be prosecuted and very much free to run off with all the profits.

Their site was created 27/06/2018 and their address is Panama <<- scammer address! I have seen that address being used hundreds of times by now and it is yet another sign of deception. Their offer is very simply and may pull in a large audience. $5 per referral click is simply not real, and here is why.

$5 a click!

There are many fake sites online offering stupidly high money for just one click! The problem with that logic is that you can get about $250 clicks for that amount of money on legit sites. While we are on that topic i.e. paying for clicks, most times, those clicks are done by bots or people just clicking to own fractions of a cent. It is nearly impossible to recoup your slight investment as well. Better to learn how to Get Traffic for Free!

The Work On Offer!

They claim to be online for years and have paid out thousands of dollars to many people. They are liars! They have not been online long enough to have generated any real amount of legal money to give out to others. Also, they are talking about the ‘gimmick industry’ and warble on about walking dogs, dressing up as a clown etc. Its just insane talk and in reality has nothing to do with the actual work they are offering.

All you got to do is to share your affiliate link for money. That is it. This is done by spamming.

Fake Sign Up Form!

Scammer Defrauding You!

When you sign up, they are hoping you will use your best email address! Most people use just one personal email address for all accounts and will even use the same password. This is making scammer lives super easy. Those that done as described should consider changing that password now and using about 9 passwords across all of your accounts, per industry professionals.

Anways, I used an email address that just does not exist and I was able to create an account. That is all the evidence I need to say they are a phishing site as well.

Minimum Cash Out and How they Scam You!

When you have made enough referrals at $5 per click. The, we see, they may indeed try to do a few things to make themselves some money. For some, nothing happens. The captcha won’t load – dead button. For others, they will be asked to fill out a survey, complete an offer (*more on this dangerous aspect soon), upgrade etc! All designed to monetize your actions but not for you.

Complete Offers to Cash Out!

For me, this is one of the most worrying sides to their scam. You will, or maybe, asked to complete some offers. These offers will require you to sign up for their free trial services. This is dangerous because you don’t know if that offer, an off site third party merchant, is legit or not. Process Job Online does not care either. Once you signed up then you are at risk from having your card being charged before trials end. Worse still, you card could be charged multiple times without your knowledge.

Worse even still, there are nearly always sneaky charges no one knows about in such third party sites Terms and Conditions, that you agree to, when you sign up. These charges could be charged to you card. DON’T COMPLETE ANY OFFERS!! For those that did – CONTACT YOUR BANK NOW!!

Does it get worse when those details? I am afraid so, see below.

Your Personal Info and What they maybe doing with it!

As we can see, there is a lot going on behind the scenes with these unknown people. So, such sites, as part and parcel of their scam culture, they will or may collect your personal data. This data is your sign up details. Those that used their best email account and password then this info is put onto a list. Your name as well as your personal financial details. All bad news.

Change your password of your accounts to ensure they can’t be breached. As for your email, you will just be spammed, and so it maybe worth your while to start a new one. Either ways, don’t click on links from senders you don’t know.

Malicious Software Downloads!

It is not unlikely they will have downloaded some software that is programmed to hunt down your passwords, your financial details, your name, home address, date of birth and anything they can use to sell on to scammers. Such info is then sold on the Deep Web to the highest bidder to target you for future scams. The idea is, if you fell for one scam, the chances are good you will fall for another. This is why it is worth their while targeting you. These people can mass target people into the millions! Statistically and relatively speaking many will fall for another!


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Do you know of a scam site, or a site you suspect as a scam?

You may leave that information below so they maybe exposed. Alternatively, you can contact me personally scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com <<- don’t waste your time spammers/scammers! I just delete your boring and obvious scam offers.

You can check out the comments below for further information, if you find any there.




Final Thoughts.

That nearly concludes this post and yes ProcessJob is a scam site. So, they will waste your time, harvest personal data for profits, potentially download malware, make you sign up to offers that maybe scam sites. The last one there is a way for them to earn some money as those offers will pay that site for every action you complete. They also require you to download so apps etc. Just uninstall them if you did download and up date your antivirus to make sure they are no viruses running in the back ground.

Have any questions on What Is ProcessJob.Online? You are welcome to place those questions below where I will respond. Need to work from home and earn some real and legal money? Check out the links left above or have your free business start up below. Those really desiring their own shot of running your own website, just like mine here, really do have a legitimate shot at it! Thanks again for stopping by and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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