What Is Probot.Club – Is ‘Probot Club’ Scam or Legit Trading Platform?

By | June 6, 2019

Is Probot.Club a Legit Way to Earn Verified Profits Daily? – 450%?!!

Are you Gob-Smacked at Probot.Club’s daily profits of 450% Returns on your trading investments? No. There is not a ‘bot’ on Earth that can be that successful and they guarantee such returns as well. They can not be this good, surely? Those that have invested in their site are welcome to let us know what you think. 

When we can come together and share our thoughts about sites we can really help so many people from losing their cash. In such schemes it is nearly always the beginners in this area of earning that lose the most, because, they may not know it is a scam. 








Probot.Club Review.

Who owns Probot.Club? Have they got a founders name, contact information, business address? These are basics to have on any trading sites as they are handling the ‘investments’ (but they are really donations being sucked into a Ponzi Scheme) of their users money and also their payment information. 

So if you have given over payment information to this site then you may want to let your payment provider know about this. They may have to cancel your card and certainly try to dispute any charges. We go to WHOIS to see when their site was registered and other related information.

2018/10/11 was when they registered their site and only for a year. That is a short time frame, and we can see on their site they have been attracting customers for years, and yet we see they are a new site. So that appears not to be the truth.

PANAMA is their location apparently. They have not left a complete address and so now we must go to their site to see if they have submitted there.

There is no founder name or business address but we see they have a phone number and email address of +34 645 05 40 50 and support @probot.club.





Scam Signs of Probot.Club.

  • 450% is an insane amount to promise anyone even on a legit trading platform. There is a clear cut 50 / 50 chance of being successful whenever you trade legitimately. Sites that say they can trade like Wall Street are probably getting signals on which way trades are going and so that is how they do that.
  • They speak of ‘financial instruments’ but we see no documents to support this statement. They have not clearly defined how they are generating a massive 450% profits for all members.
  • They are however asking you to trust them, whoever they are as they have not stated any identity, but tell us not how they are doing it. Something to do with ‘trading’…
  • My apologies, it is 450% every 45 days and the most they ask for is $1000. So be careful because there is no guarantee you are going to get this back. You can ask them for it back as least one report to us said this worked.
  • But, you really have no come-backs once you part with your cash. They are reasonably old for a Ponzi Scheme and so they could close down at any moment taking all peoples investments. 
  • They are trying to recruit people to give them cash. They take this cash and pay out to older investors, if the founder is not greedy and just keeping it all.
  • Now the new wave has to wait for another wave of people to part with their cash. Then that cash is taken and given to older investors, and the longer the site is online, the less chance you have of ever receiving any returns.
  • This is a classic Ponzi Scheme and so it is illegal as a business structure. Do not depend on such money games to make easy money as you could easily lose a lot of your cash.
  • One report we received was of a gentleman warning others about such schemes as he lost about $20,000 in one year playing these games. 
  • Since the founder has himself very well hidden there is no guarantee he will ever be caught doing this to others.
  • There are experienced Ponzi Scheme Investors who hunt down new platforms as the one we are speaking of right now. They know that in the first few days, weeks, such schemes tend to pay out. Of course, there are founders that will never pay out and just keep all the cash and that is that.
  • Typically, these investors also know that most of the profits come from people who simply do not know they are dealing with a scam. Of course, there are many as well that know exactly the nature of such sites and wish to gamble with their cash in hopes of earning free money.
  • While beginners may taste some success, it is easy to get roped in and invest more, until you have lost all the cash you gained, invested and maybe then some more. 





Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam in my view. It is hard to imagine any other verdict than that so this article is a warning to you. If we are wrong you are welcome to speak up about it in the comments detailing why.

Even if you have earned from this site it still does not make them legit. No site can actually generate 450% profit in such a short time frame for every member, or even, for one person. So you are welcome to tell everyone your thoughts, experiences with this site, or any other site you wish us to take a look into.

Thank you for coming by and that is all on What Is Probot.Club. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame.



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