What Is PrincessAmira.com – Is ‘PrincessAmira’ Scam or Legit? – Review!

By | April 12, 2019

Find Out What Is PrincessAmira.com – Our ‘PrincessAmira’ Review.

You are welcome here to this review on What Is PrincessAmira.com. This site is found at www.princessamira.com. Is PrincessAmira com a fake, fraudulent, deceptive and scam site or Is ‘Princess Amira’ safe, genuine, real, trustworthy and legit? This ‘Princess Amira’ Review will try to answer if they are safe or dishonest. 

They are a new site and so those with reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments. This will help prove either ways if we are dealing with cyber-crooks or honest people. We will do a background check on the founder and attached site data. Let us find out more in our review below…




Is www.princessamira.com a scam?




What Is PrincessAmira.com about – Our Review Guide.

The PrincessAmira.com site is a ladies fashion e-store. There are tons of e-stores that are specifically targeting women online with these fashion stores. The reason for this is because women shop more than men online and so this is why. Their site was registered in 2019/03/07 and one year is the duration for that domain.

That is a short time to invest in your own business. This could mean we are dealing with a hit-and-run fraudulent site. It could also mean we are dealing with a founder that registered for little time to see how their biz goes. 

WHOIS displays information about most domains. So we go there and we can see that the founders name is not listed and we see a proxy address. A proxy address is an address that is not theirs and is used to hide the real location of a business. I have seen scam sites and legit sites do this.

However, legit sites leave their address, founders name, adequate contact info on their site. Sites that do not run the risk of being called a scam.

We go to their site and we see that they have an email of info@princessamira.com. Where is the biz address and customer phone number? I do not see these pieces of needed info for their customers. Perhaps they have it on their site somewhere obscure?

We see some of their prices on their home page and see that some of them are half price discounted. How can a new e-store be giving up to 50% off of their goods already? So that is a point of real concern for me as it can take considerable time to make any more online as it is, without giving away these discounts, so soon after opening.

Final Thoughts.

Business information blanked out. We could not find out the founders name. No customer phone number and only an email address for contact.

We are not recommending them for now. There is little online about them as they are new, as said. So we would like to hear from you if you have made purchases from that site.

If we get too many scam reports on them then we will place them in our List of Internet Scammers. If many good reports then we are happy to recommend them and say ‘legit’.

That is all on What Is PrinessAmira.com. Please check out the comments for more info, if any. Thanks for coming by and hope to hear from you.

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