Reviews – Is ‘PrettyRepair’ / ‘KeyWordCat’ Scam or Legit?

By | January 14, 2020

What Is / What Is ~ Our ‘PrettyRepair’ and ‘KeyWordCat’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Nice to see you here and thanks for clicking on our short and Reviews. So, is a scam or is ‘PrettyRepair’ good and legit? We have some concerns, very deep ones, because when we type into Google ‘’ it re-directs to ‘’. shut down their site a full six months (at the time we have witnesses it) and that is never a good sign. Looks to be a scam already. Feel welcome to report any site to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores and climbing, and certainly put in for a refund and cancel your card for a new one, if so scammed.

Those that wish to share any images of goods received, good or bad, are welcome to avail of our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Be sure please to always leave the full URL of any report you leave anywhere online or else it just leads to tremendous confusions with other sites that maybe legit. We will do the editing and also please be sure to leave as much details as possile, we can’t approve one, two or three word posts – use the comments for that. So lets begin no now ‘PrettyRepair’ and ‘KeyWordCat’ Reviews and see the comments for real customer reviews, if there are some right now.





Is PrettyRepair a Scam?

Well, right now, it does appear so. Let us now ask some questions like where is located, who is the founder, contact information and also how old their site is? That really is all we need to find out if we can trust most e-stores or not. Sometimes though, when scams are sophisticated, it can be very hard to determine so be patient with any scam busting site like ours as exposing online shopping scams, all scams, can be very tricky due to its murky nature…


We go to and see that they registered their site 2019-09-19 for a year. First mild scam sign there. It can take up to a full two years to get any good solid gains in terms of sales for most businesses. This is normally in the real world as well as online. Most security experts agree that one or two year registrations for businesses online is suspicious.

No founder name left when they registered their site, and I know for a fact that is done by choice, and so that is another bad scam sign. Why would you not want others know who you are for your business?

We see that they are using an address that is provided by their hosting provider for a small yearly  fee. Now we have to depend on the sites honesty in question by seeking that info fro their site, which when they are scams, we never expect to find anything legit and trustworthy

They have nothing! Honestly, I can’t understand how hosting providers can not have software that sends these people, e-store owners, an automated email and if you do not verify then you are shut down. Their email is service@p and clearly that can not be a real email. Anyone try this?

Anyways there is no founder name, no business address, no phone number and so we are saying SCAM! Do not give your payment information to this site or any site that does not give out their business information.

The only way this is not a scam is if there is a work from home entrepreneur that has made the mistake of not letting others he or she is working from home. And so what other conclusion are we forced into without such verification?






Final Thoughts. is a scam. re-directs to that site, and that can happen when a sites online reputation decreases, and so when they re-direct to a whole new URL name then they achieve a whole new Google clean reputation slate. Watch those URL’s which you are clicking on links as some re-directs can be super fast. Please spare a moment to leave your own reviews below to help share more info about them and also other sites you maybe not too sure of. Thank You.




list of scam websites.





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