PopularDollarPaying.Online – Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | September 19, 2018

PopularDollarPaying.Online – The Truth.

This article is for those people asking What Is PopularDollarPaying.Online. Those also asking Is Popular Dollar Paying Online fake, fraudulent, illegal, dishonest or asking is PopularDollarPaying Online real, honest, genuine, legit will find out in this review. I want to set the record straight on this new online company spinning everyone a story of being some kind of Markets Investment Firm. This article is going to do a thorough check on owner ID, what they offer – then – what they are really offering. To begin, I can tell you, their site is based on an illegal business model.

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What Is PopularDollarPaying.Online – Everything You Need to Know Before Investing.

PopularDollarPaying.Online Analyzed

PopularDollarPay.Online tries to convince their readers that they are a Markets Investment Firm where their ‘experts’ are trading in International Markets Daily. They warn you to invest only what you can afford to lose. That is not very encouraging to say the least and so with a statement like that why would you even think about risking your money? Let us find out who the owner of Popular Dollar Paying Online is.

This new ‘investing’ site was set up on the 17/09/2018 and is registered for a mere 1 year online. Sites that offer paid work, investment work, or any kind of actions that get you paid, will nearly always register for years to come down the road. There are exceptions of course but is a usual sign of a hit-and-run-scam-site!

Their Address is AZ, USA. That is it. There is NO FOUNDER NAME. So, you still want to ‘invest’ your money on a site where you don’t eve know the founders name? 

OK, so we see already that there is an unknown individual who set up this website and asking us for money to invest in their offer. However, when you find out for yourself they are  scam the owner is unknown and so can just close down the site and just flee with all the cash raised from your donations – errm, I meant investments.


Below I will bullet point my other concerns with their site.

  • The first thing that struck me was they don’t have any proof that they have any kind of trading experts working for them. There are no images of people on their site that actually work for them. I don’t see any associated names for the job roles that it takes to complete all of these International Investing and Trading Deals.
  • Another thing that stood out like sore thumb was their Deposits and Withdrawals. Their deposits, per date of this post, is at $2077.25. Their Withdrawals is $3705.80. Where did the extra money come from? I mean, if we are to believe those figures (which I don’t) then we can see that their company is actually bleeding money. They are clearly making a LOSS! So, knowing this, are you still thinking about going with them? My point is, those figures I suspect to be just a static image that does not change. No company is going to make a financial loss just to give away free money, but it is an enticement, to make you think so and to raise more cock-tail funds for the owner(s).
  • They don’t have business registration documents. That is a big deal. How can they claim to be a Markets Investment Firm without pride of place for their companies documents? Clearly, they are not being regulated by any financial body and so whatever they want to do with your money then you have no rights of protection or refunds. 
  • In their FAQ’s Section they call their own accounts HYIP ACCOUNTS. That is laughable because actually they are calling themselves a Ponzi Scheme. HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is just a really nice way of saying a Ponzi Scheme.
  • What is a Ponzi Scheme? You hand over money for huge returns! Where there is no actual provable way to show how they are generating revenue, or no exchange of any real commodity or digital products, then it is easy to see that they are such a scheme. You will invest, others will/may join and invest also for predetermined ROI in the shortest time frames that are impossible to ensure. Newer members pay older members in essence and then the cycle repeats. With every new wave of investors then the numbers grow bigger. This continues until the numbers stop coming in and the founder is in debt up to his eye balls. Then they merrily collapse and the founder enjoys all of your cash. Nice job.
  • This is funding criminality online.
  • No Founder Name. No proper Address on their site or Registered for the site. No email support I can see. No way of ensuring any chance of a refund when you wake up one morning and the site is magically gone. 
  • Invest at your own risk and only what you can afford to lose – better still – have some sense and stay away from these greedy-money-games. Those that are not lazy and know they must work for their cash may want to have a look at my #1 choice Wealthy Affiliate <<– Please Don’t Click If You Are Not A Serious Online Entrepreneur.
  • Big Data, Anyone? So, the chances are, if these people are so willing to lie to their audience – what else are they lying about and capable of? Should you have submitted any legit details like your full name, PayPal, Bank details, date of birth etc then the chances are you just got phished! That information may very well be on its way down the deep web to land in an auction site where the highest bidder gets your info. Now, they have your details to target you in the future for other scams. Just report and delete all rubbish where you don’t know its source.



Final Thoughts.

I don’t trust PopularDollarPaying.Online at all. They just want as many investors as possible so they can build up loads of cash for themselves. In the start they may make some legit payments to generate payment proofs to temp others to invest. That is all that is for. Soon, maybe even two weeks after start up, they will start to act up and not pay out. I have seen these kinds of sites pay out for up to 6 days and then out of nowhere proof arrives of being scammed. All HYIP’s are illegal and will end up making some serious money the more that participate. Don’t be greedy, learn to be  your own boss right HERE right now. You can build up your own online business and make more money (legally) from your own efforts. That is all. Thank you all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come below.

I do appreciate you clicking on my article and visiting my website. Should you have any questions about the site just written on, or perhaps about online business and how you to can be making money in a relatively short time, then go ahead and leave your comments/experiences below. Feel free to share this article as well.

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