What Is PopMira – Is www.PopMira Scam or Legit? – PopMira Review

By | February 3, 2019

Find Out Here What Is PopMira – Is www.PopMira.com a Fraudulent E-Store?

Still waiting for your order or refund? So, What Is PopMira about? Is PopMira A SCAM, fraudulent, dishonest, deceptive or Is PopMira.com legit, genuine, safe, real and good? This www.PopMira.com Review wishes to tell you that they may indeed be a scam site. Complaints surfacing of too long of waiting times for deliveries, poor quality clothing, no refunds etc. If this sounds like your experience then you may have to contact your payment provider for a refund. Also, if they turn out to be a scam site per our verdict, then perhaps you should cancel your card to avoid unauthorized transactions.


Scam Or Legit Reviews


Those defrauded by Pop Mira, if any, are asked to please leave your own review of them below stating your loss. Many sites are coming out of China pretending to be legit selling sites but only designed to scam people. They seem to be able to produce their own clothing, but the items you see on so many of these fake sites, they simply do not own. Expect to wait around  2 or 3 months. Expect to receive inferior, damaged, low quality, perhaps counterfeit and even stolen goods. Worse, it is possible you may receive nothing.





So, What Is PopMira Then? – PopMira.com Background Check.

So, right now given the complaints online are that horrendous, I am leaning towards answer of they are a scam site. But to be sure we don’t make a mistake on the verdict to What Is PopMira, we will tread carefully, and gather the evidence meticulously and fairly. We shall start with the registration and founder of that site and take it from there.



www.popmira.com – is it fake?


Registration began in 2017/06/15 and set up for same date in 2019. 1 or 2 years for fake selling sites is very common indeed and runs into the same old scam pattern of many fake sites. Honest e-stores will want to register for about 5 years and upwards. This is giving them plenty of time for long term and true success. So, 1 – 2 years, not a good sign indeed for an online store.

Address is HONG KONG (HK). Not a good sign. They have also not completed that address and legit businesses will indeed give full addresses of their location etc. If they were an affiliate then they would have clearly stated that and so there would be no confusion on that. However, they have not. 

Founder Name and email support are choices they are given to make in terms of leaving that information. They have not done this and now there is no good reason for with holding that data. Without this information authorities appear to be at a loss to put a stop to such people.

Many times sites that fail to offer up that information on site registration tend to leave it on their site. This is not so in this case. They have only left an email of service@popmira.com. Did anyone get a response from that email? Many times it is just for show. There is no customer phone number either. All bad signs and typical of a scam site.





PopMira Scam Signs.

Already we know they have failed to supply standard information that we all see on legit sites. This is a selling business of real world merchandise and so it is not too much to expect that data for when things go wrong with customers orders.


  1. There is no founder name. No phone number for customers. 
  2. The very first post I see on their Facebook Page is littered with unwary customers calling them a scam. People are seriously screaming out to Facebook to protect them from scammers like these. That is undeniable proof that they are indeed deceptive.
  3. TrustPilot also has some scathing PopMira Reviews of their own and not one person was happy with what they got, if anything. Seems Pop Mira has a lot of people angry alright.
  4. Complaints range from no product delivered, damaged product, being ignored, waiting time is up to 2 or 3 months, poor quality products and nothing close to what they paid for. This is as bad as it gets for online complaints against your site.
  5. Coming back to their site now and I see an annoying pop-up, bottom left, telling me every few seconds someone bought something somewhere. That is very common with fake sites and I do not recall seeing that feature on legit sites. So that is something that always triggers me to be cautious.
  6. Instead of having a CONTACT US section they have a CONNECT US section. They have a Facebook and Instagram icons. However, they have shut down their Instagram and so they maybe in the final throes of their site. Usually such cyber-crooks will just set p a new one and do it all over again – until they are caught and stopped.
  7. They have the USD option selected on their site and that does work to convince people they are from the States. But they are from Hong Hong it seems. Any addresses on any of your deliveries you would like to share? Let us know below where your delivery came from, if you got anything that is.
  8. Typically, so many people are finding these fake sites on social media where they may get a share from a friend showing them a product. They then have that ad imbued with trust, because a friend shared it with them, and also it is on a respectable and trusted social media site. Facebook, and others, do not vet these advertisers.
  9. They are paid and then the ad runs all over Facebook etc. Now they are not responsible if you get scammed using their platform. They have consistently failed to  do anything about this blight on their platform.
  10. This is not a personal attack on them just that many people are screaming out for them to do something. It has gotten out of control to a point that people are shutting down their accounts, and at the very least, never purchasing through that platform again. This is going to lead to some advertisers going elsewhere if this trend continues. Then will Facebook do something?
  11. Some more scam signs you may have noticed, after a purchase if you made one, that your payment was taken from your account very fast. Quicker maybe then what they said it would be? So that is a bad sign and I do not know a legit site that breaks their word on this.
  12. When you receive a tracking code – was it a real code? You may check if you code is real by looking it up at usps.com. If they say that they have not yet received your package, even though PopMira says they have it, then something is up and you should just put in for a refund. Obviously, if it is fake then may have just been scammed.
  13. Were taxes included in your purchase? Same as above.
  14. No receipt? It is quite common that scammers just forget or are to busy to bother sending you a receipt to your email. These are all standard responses from a legit site and would occur after you paid for your order.
  15. Bringing it back to their CONNECT US page, see the top of the address bar? You will see right at the end of that address there is a gross spelling error. Instead of CONNECT US they have put ‘contect-us’. So gross errors of this nature are typical of fake sites that maybe not from your region but outside your country.
  16. Scam-Detector.com has also put out a warning about PopMira and so that is good enough for me.






Final Thoughts.

Nothing BUT complaints online about this website! Everywhere!! Even all over their Facebook page and they are not even trying to hide that fact. Anyone that lands on their page HERE will that for themselves. They are an overseas scam site that has lasted a long time given how destructive they have been.

They are still on Facebook and really that is worsening peoples trust in them. When you complain that you were scammed on their platform, they have been reported to have said, that so-and-so group or page does not violate their terms and conditions. ?!!

Anyways, always look for reviews before handing over your payment information to any site online that is new or you do not know. Those with their own reviews or scam reports are very welcome to leave those in the comments below. And so they are a scam site and you should just give them a miss!




Thank you for clicking on our article on What Is PopMira located at www.popmira.com. I really hope this article has saved you from being defrauded. If not then you know to contact your payment provider to put in for a refund. Anyone with complaints against any other site are welcome to report them here and we will do our level best to expose them page 1 of Google for all to know. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please do feel free to SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS BELOW – thank you 🙂 .



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  1. Gayle Horne

    Popmira is a scam, I have placed three orders more than 4 months ago and have not received one.


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