Ponzi Scams And How They Con You

By | June 10, 2017

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The ‘Notorious’ Ponzi Scams and How to Recognize Them.

The Ponzi Scams are a very unfortunate type of fraud to fall for, especially back early 2000’s, they were feverishly rampant!  The websites geared towards this illegal endeavor typically are profoundly professional and quick at providing proof of profit, so zealously, you are whipped up in it’s frenzy!

However, it is more of a hurricane on your dreams than a feast for all.

Digitized Hurricane destroying a lonely home on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

Positive testimonials about these kinds of schemes are rife and very compelling, to say the least.  If you have recently thought about making an online investment please read further, carefully, to see if you recognize any warning signs.

The Ponzi Scams Are Rigged To Rob.

As mentioned, the sites are extremely professional to convince you that they are authoritative,  they know what they are doing and you can trust them.  It is geared to give an impression of trust, professionalism and a ‘Once In A Life Time Opportunity – NOT TO BE MISSED!’.  (Any URGENT CALLS TO ACTION SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR DECISION).

The gleaming and over positive testimonials are either by inner associates or copy and pasted (so to speak) from the World Wide Web from other sites.

However, they will provide PROOF that is extremely difficult to doubt.  The proof is of financial success by many other members that can be incontrovertible.


If this is the case, where is the scam!?

How Ponzi Schemes Rob You Blind!

The only thing you ever need to know about Ponzi Schemes is this:

  1. They convince others to invest (investors).
  2. They then convince other investors to invest.
  3. They take the money from the second lot of investors to pay towards the first lot of investors.
  4. They get a third lot of investors to pay the second lot!
  5. This continues until finally they can not find any more people to invest in their ponzi scam and so go under!

That is it and that is all.  That is how a Ponzi Scheme/Scam works and, in time, fails.  Their advertising and operations can be highly professional and sophisticated, so do be aware of any potential online Ponzi advertisements,  as they are very good  and convincing at what they do.

Tips To Help You Avoid Ponzi Schemes Online.

  • Find out who the founders are and Google them to hell and see for past fraud attempts.
  • See how long they have been in business and does that contradict what they are saying.
  • Copy and paste any testimonial you see on their site and see if Google takes you to a whole other site.  Remember, some of these positive testimonials could be by it’s associates – so do a number of them.
  • The Better Business Bureau will let you know if an organization is corrupt.

I would highly UN-RECOMMEND any thing online that promises quick riches for a relatively small financial investment.  Have you honestly heard of anyone getting so rich so quickly for so little?  If you have, they are rare indeed.

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I sincerely hope you found this article useful and informative.  Should you have further questions regarding this topic, or, wish to express your experiences with Ponzi Schemes, I would love to hear from you.

Any questions regarding sign up I will happy to further assist you.

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