What Is PoMoney.Club – Is PoMoney A Scam or Legit PTC SITE?

By | October 11, 2018

What Is PoMoney. Club And The Whole Paid Advertising Viewing System Russian Network Laid Bare.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

I hope you haven’t been clicking ads on their site for the last month, because the shocking truth about this site, may make your head explode in frustration if you have! What Is PoMoney. Club really about? Is PomMoney Club fake, scam, fraudulent, filled with malware or is Pom Money Club genuine, real, legit, honest, good? This PoMoney Review is going to set the record straight for those thinking they can earn up to and beyond $300 a day! No one pays that out for such low skilled work online. Sorry folks, they are a SCAM SITE and part of a notorious Paid to Click Russian Scam Network going by ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’.

I am sorry for the bad news on this, especially if you have been working on their site, as I to have been scammed online a few times. These sites just love to take advantage of people who are honestly looking for a real way to earn online. That is lousy but its how they make their money. There is good news in all this! You can find real and honest companies online that will pay you very good money just for working from home.

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What Is PomMoney. Club Work Offer, Owner, Paid Advertising Viewing System Network and How The Scam Works.

The Scam Network known as ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’, has thousands of these Paid to Click Sites (PTC). They build these sites for only 1 year and then shut them down when its online rep gets too bad. There is never a founders name attached to any of their sites, or address that is real or an legitimate support contact info. That in a nutshell answers What Is PomMoney. Club – a cloned site of a Russian Scam Network running since 2014.

Clearly, where we see the absence of ownership on anyone’s site is only to raise suspicions. There is no reason why such vital information is to be missing, but only suggests, that the founder may not have any intention to pay anyone. So when they, he, she shuts down the site then that person can run off with all the sites earnings and not get caught. STOP SHARING YOUR AFFILIATE LINK! These guys don’t pay out so there is no point anyways.


PoMoney.Club Website.


The Work On Offer?

They offer Paid to Click work where members will click on ads all day long and not believing they are on a scam site. They are to be offered 10 cents for every ad they view and the code to be filled out. This money appears in your account straight away and that is fine as it only encourages to carry one. Their referral program offers 50% earnings of your sign ups pay and is obviously not real.

Referral Program and Why Its Bogus.

50% of other peoples work is not real. The reason why its not real is because that is simply too high and only playing into peoples greed of getting money for nothing. That simply is not the reality for honest people. You have to own a site like PomMoney for that to happen for that is what is happening when people work on their site.

All people are promised 10c – we covered this. SO! How are you getting half of that from your sign up when you are also promised 10c per ad? Where is the other 5c being manufactured from? The owners? The advertisers? Thin Air? <<- maybe this one?!

No, obviously the offer is a lie and only a quick-trick to make you believe you can earn a fortune on their site.

Are The Ads Real?

Yes! Those ads appear to be from real advertisers. Those advertisers are paying the owner of PomMoney maybe fractions of a cent per ad up to 3c. That is all. The revenue over the 1 year of the site being online is all kept by the owner. Remember:- they have THOUSANDS OF THESE SITES! So, combine that revenue under the ‘PAID ADVERTISING VIEWING SYSTEM’ – and you are talking about a substantial fortune – and of course a huge jail sentence

‘Earnings’ and Minimum Payout.

Your so called ‘earnings’ is about $50 to $300 per day. That is too high, as mentioned, for the work on offer. The Minimum Payout is $300 and is also too high. The usual payout for most sites is about $100 and so we see they have set theirs $200 higher than what is normally expected.

This is done so you work longer clicking more ads and giving your time to make more referrals.

How They Scam You – $300 Cash Out Failure!

Once you have achieved $300 on your fake balance, then you can apply to be disappointed. They never pay out. Anyways, they will ask you to make referrals to them up to the tune of 40 new people. You may be confused by this because this will be the very first time they will ask this of you.

SO, you can make those referrals by spamming affiliate link everywhere. Once made, then you can ask again. OR, they will just offer you to buy 100 referrals and that is priced at $9. It does not really matter either way, those 100 referrals are fake anyways, the end result is designed to be the same.

$20 Processing Fee is required to cash out your earnings. No site that is honest and legit will ever ask for a cash out fee. THAT is nonsense and only a way to rob you of some of your hard earned cash. After you pay, if you do, then you are booted out of their site. You won’t be able to access your account ever again.



















Final Thoughts.

They are a long time running scam site now. They never pay out. They have made 1547 of these sites in English. They also come in Russian and German as well. People are clicking on ads all day for no pay and the founder is cleaning up very well. Watch out for videos online that say you can cash out. That simply is not true. Any website that looks like the one in the image presented in this article, all below to the same scammer, and to are also scam sites.

Those that have any questions on What Is PomMoney. Club are welcome to ask me below in the comments section. I help many people globally to earn online from home. My #1 Free Start Up Recommendation Below is below where you can find out all about the offer. That is all for now and looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments below.


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