What Is Poinconear.com – Is Poinconear.com Scam or Legit? WARNING!

By | January 19, 2019

Find Out Here What Is Poinconear.com about – Quick Review.

You are welcome to find out What Is Poinconear.com in this Review. Is PoinConEar com (www.poinconear.com) scam, fake, dishonest, fraudulent or is PoinConEar legit, good, decent, safe, real, genuine? This Poin Con Ear Review is a humble attempt to stop many people from being defrauded by that site. Safe guard your payment details by alerting your bank and get a refund. They have a slew of other sites that operate 24/7 to trick unwary customers out of their hard earned cash. Those other sites, part of the same scam network that is run by same owners as PoinConEar, are BalmllJucy.com, ShopMyBest.com, MoreRate.com, Neoiu.com, OnsuathyMealle.com, Coolerones.com, MyLoveGoods.com, Easious.com, RTRindingete.com, 1SuperShop.com, ForYouthSome.com, MjKiu.com, NuxtFit.com, Morderneo.com, Conglide.com, Skying.icu, InovGoods.com, ActionSallyhy.com, InnovStylish.com, SuperGoMall.com, VsTroll.com, LucuryBuy.com, SetComing.com and any other site that looks like theirs.

This scam network is from China and they are lying about everything on all of their sites. All the addresses they supply, if any at all, are not where they are really located. They pretend to sell top quality items but they do not own those images or products! They can produce cheap goods, or by them cheaply online, and send those shoddy, degraded, inferior goods to unwary customers instead of what you thought you bought. They will not be especially helpful if you ask the for a refund and so do take steps right now to start that process. with your payment provider.




Poinconear.com Review – Your Scam Reports Are Need.

All aboard! All whom have been scammed by any of the sites listed are asked to please report them in the comments below this article. It is the only way we get them to shut down quicker. So many of their sites closed down due to ever increasing reports left here at scamwitness.com and elsewhere. And so to be clear, do not by anything from Poinconear.com, Coolerones, MoreRate, Neoiu, ShopMyBest, RTRindingete, 1SuperShop, Easious, MyLoveGoods, ForYouthSome, ActionSallyhy, MjKiu, NuxtFit, Skying, Morderneo, Conglide, InovGoods, Skying.icu, InnovStylish, SetComing, SuperGoMall, LucuryBuy and VsTroll


Poinconear.com Review

www.poinconear.com is a fraud!


The above site has been registered online since 2018/11/04. Many of their fake sites have registered for just one year and they are no different. That is not enough time for any site to make a good name for themselves for a long term income. So they are already taking up arms following the same scam pattern as other online illegal companies.

They have listed themselves as indeed from China. Most scam sites of this nature are noted to come from this part of the world.

Let us take a quick look now at their site to see if they have left anything of this nature on it. We are looking for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Founder Name would be nice as well because they have not registered that at all with their own site! That is normal for fraudulent sites and is clearly considered deceptive!

1 626 456 6688 is on their site for customer support. THAT NUMBER DOES NOT WORK! It is also being used by their many other sites and connected to past and present online cyber-fraudulent crimes.

Email is support@poinconear.com. That is probably another one of their fake emails – anyone get a response from that one?

You May Notice on their Privacy Page they are linking off to Jeulia.com. This is the second time I have seen them do this and I am almost sure they do not own that website. So it is an SEO Trick to link off to sites of repute to enhance your own reputation and that is all I see is going on there. Weirdly enough they have done this 5 times on the same page. Continuously linking to a reputed site is actually an SEO mistake, oh well – maybe they should sample some of the Free To Start SEO Training I did that does not resort to such black hat operations.


*In truth, we don’t know where EXACTLY they are from, their precise business location that is. We have no information surrounding their founder. Numbers and emails are I believe just fake. So we can now say with complete and unabated confidence they are nothing more than a fraudulent malicious scam site because they have hidden all of that information! Legit sites never do not do this and there is no reason for it other than to hide themselves from the law.





Poinconear.com Scam Signs.

It is not like we need them after having done a thorough background check to see them fail it miserably. However, knowing a few of these signs could save you or a loved one from losing their cash needlessly online.

*Remember:- always look for reviews on any company that is new or that you simply never heard of before.


1). Links off to a site pretending that is where you can contact them. They do not own that site.

2). Vast network of identical drone sites executing their scam all the time. Old sites shut down relatively fast to be replaced by a continuous flow of new ones. Always report new sites here if you come across them.

3). Have a quick look in their About Us Section. “At poinconear we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core mission“. The wording on that entire page is exactly the same for almost all of their sites. I have personally witnessed sites use the same wording even when the site itself is completely different. That is most definitely this scam networks calling card. Where ever you see that kind exact statement on a site then just turn around and take off.

4). 2010 to 2019 is the date of their. Hold on, they registered their site in late 2018 so how can they be around online since 2010? That is a lie on their site and they have the same date for all of them. WHOIS will contradict them and show you the truth.

5). Prices are just incredibly far too low to be true. They reek of too-good-to-be-true and so they are.

6). Product images are not their own either! They do not possess permission to use those images and so now you see how you will never get what you ordered from the.





Do You Have A Poinconear.com Scam Report You Would Like To Share? Please Feel Free To Leave Your Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

They are so clearly a scam they are taking a nose-dive straight into my sites List of Internet Scammers! Please take a moment to report them below. They have countless sites that I keep on finding – without even trying. Thank you.


List of Internet Scammers.

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Thank you for dropping and I really do hope to hear your reports in the comments bellow. All are welcome to have a good rant and rave about your experiences and of course ask all the questions you need to. You will receive help and assistance from me and no doubt from others in this forum. Looking forward to hearing from you and others and that is all there is for now on What Is PoinConEar.com!


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11 thoughts on “What Is Poinconear.com – Is Poinconear.com Scam or Legit? WARNING!

  1. Matthew Waddingham

    Its a scam site ran by thieves and fraudsters order never cam and ave left email after email and no responce

  2. Coli Spencer

    A charge for some product appeared on my Visa Card statement last month, in favour of ChapterGB Ipswich. I had no recollection of any transaction where I used my Visa Card for an overseas purchase. I never purchase goods from overseas unless I pay by Paypal, trusting that Paypal carefully vets vendors. So far that has proven to be true. While I was on the phone to my Visa Card disputed payments person, I managed to find your site which identified the ChapterGB Ipswich as a scam, and this made it easy for me to authorise cancellation of my card and to process a disputed payments claim. Thank you for your timely advice.

    1. Scam Witness

      You are very welcome Coli and thank you for taking the time to share your experience us. It really is much appreciated and helps build a bigger picture of what Poinconear is like 🙂 .

  3. Amy

    I also shopped poinconear and 1supershop for a barrel sauna and a 36′ Blackstone grill both costing 89.00 dollars and some change plus a visa fee of 72 cents each. I googled this site and found this and went to our bank and got our money back thank you

  4. Amy Davies

    Hello my name is Amy. I have recently purchased a barrel sauna from poinconear and a 36′ flat top grill from 1supershop both costing 89.00 dollars and some change pulse a 73 cent visa fee. I have since than googled this sight and other sights and have found comments about not receiving product but a 5 dollar usb cord which we have also have received just don’t know if it is replacing sauna or grill. We have taken your advice and went to bank. Thank you

    1. Scam Witness

      Hello Amy,

      Sorry to hear about this and thank you for taking the time out of your day to report them here. Wish you well with getting a refund also 🙂 .

  5. Kennith M Atkinson

    One of my Facebook friends ‘Shared’ a video & link to a product that looked interesting. Unfortunately, I let my guard down & ordered it from the linked site (poinconear.com). Didn’t pay attention to the fact that I didn’t receive an order confirmation e-mail. My credit card was charged under ‘CHAPTERGB IPSWICH’. That’s when I started getting suspicious. A search on CHAPTERGB IPSWICH didn’t reveal anything. I went back to the site & the item I ordered was no longer available. Since I ordered as a Guest, there was no way to locate my order on-line. That’s when I did the search on POINCONEAR.COM & found this article. It’s now been about a week so I’ll try to submit a Disputed Charge with my bank. Bottom line: Don’t always trust what your Friends send you on Facebook.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Kennith,

      Sorry to hear this Kennith and thank you for being the first one to leave a scam report about PoinConEar.com. I wish you well with your refund also.


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