What Is ‘Piper Lou Collection’ – Is PiperLouCollection.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 14, 2020

What Is ‘Piper Lou Collection’ about – Our PiperLouCollection.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and welcome to our short article to answer once and for all What Is ‘Piper Lou Collection’. It promotes itself as a way to raise funds to donate to the Australian Red Cross. However, how can any website sustain itself for the long term, and they have registered for such, when they are giving away 100% of their Profits? Is www.piperloucollection.com a scam or is ‘PiperLouCollection’ really trying to do some good therefore legit?

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What Is ‘Piper Lou Collection’ really all about?

So we should always do some research on any site before parting with our payment information. Those that do not, then get scammed, are actually helping to finance an already out of control online criminal enterprise. If you want to keep the internet usable then you do have a part to play by simply leaving what you know in the comments about any site. Lets get into What Is ‘Piper Lou Collection’ by asking who is the founder, where are they based, contact data and how old their site is.


Fake sites will have a pattern that distinguishes them from legit sites. They will typically register for one or two years. That is only the required time in most cases to get any enterprise off of the ground. They will always hide the real owner name or submit a fake one which is never proven as a real person. Contact data maybe fake or missing.

We see on WHOIS.com that their site was registered 2016/06/09 right up to the same time into 2024. That is a very positive sign indeed.

No founder name was left though as part of their registration and their business address is not their own. That is belonging to their hosting provider I believe and so this adds an extra layer of privacy for the owner for a small additional fee.

Having no luck there, and by the way not leaving such information is completely optional by the founder, we must go to their website to do some research on their business information.

We see that their email of info@piperloucollection.com which reflects perfectly their site name. That clearly is another positive sign. Fake sites will so many times will use emails that have different website names. This can indicates a scam network so always research such bits of data.

When we Google that email then we see ScamAdviser.com Trust Score Report which is only 31%. Very bad sign, but I mus say given my extensive hours of researching online scams and viewing these reports from ScamAdvier, they have got it so terribly wrong on so many occasions.

They admit that their software does and can get it wrong and encourages people to further their research. So bear in mind software’s are not up to the level of common sense and I have seen that site give 100% Trust Scores to e-stores that shut down a very long time before they were due.

Anyways, its still a great site and I still use it all the time, just do not depend on any ‘Trust Score’ site to determine if you should buy from an online store or not. You may regret it as some people online have.




Low Trust Score for www.piperloucollection.com.

Bad Sign Potentially. ‘Click’ HERE to view full report.



Now we see their other details such as their phone number of 1-800-516-1637, and once again Google that info, and we can see that there are no bad reports. Good sign.

For the all important address, where fake sites will really be caught out, we can see that address of 7868 US-70 W Bus Clayton NC 27520 for their returns shows up in Google as potentially not theirs.







piperloucollection.com fake address?

Fake Address or the Company they use for their prints?



Well well that looks really bad but perhaps that is the company they work with the whole time for their own printing needs? That is possible. Otherwise it is a fake address and ‘Piper Lou Collection’ has been caught out. 

OK, I may have found a possible contradiction, but perhaps not, tell me what you think in the comments.

They are promoting themselves on Facebook as giving 100% Net Profits to the Red Cross in Australia. However, in their ‘ABOUT US’ section they say they are giving to a range of charities.

How can you give more than 100% of profits and still have funds to give to others? Am I misunderstanding something here or does not make much sense? Let us know what you think about that in the comments to help add to this research should some human error have crept in.







'Piper Lou Collection' On Facebook.



Landing on their Facebook Group I see they have got a lot of shares and loads of comments for some posts. I did not recognize this on the first post I checked, as I saw people tagging many others and wanting to buy the product advertised, but then the second post I see 120 comments and most of those are filtered out.

Very Bad Sign! No company does this! Why would they filter out their own customers comments. I have seen this with scam sites plenty of times and I myself nearly missed it. I am not saying they are a scam because of this but that is a bad sign indeed!!!



Online Reports about ‘Piper Lou Collection’.

So we have located some BBB.org reports about this company and they are not exactly flattering. However I can see that ‘Piper Lou Collection’ has indeed responded to at least one of these reports and that is a good sign as fake companies do not normally do so.

There is another website called PRNewsWire.com and there we see a press release about ‘Piper Lou Collection’. There saying this company has helped raise and actually appears to have donated $50,000 to Australia’s Wild Fire relief. That is a very positive sign indeed and now I am wondering if that Facebook Group has got it right?

I have left a response on their FB Group and yet to hit enter until after I have published this article. You may view my response below as possibly they may have got their wires crossed – or – I have got mine crossed. 




PiperLouCollection.com looks legit to me but of course mistakes can happen and is why
we always recommend you continue on your own research no matter the verdict of any
article about any site.






Final Thoughts.

Too many positives for me to say ‘scam’. Leaving it up to you because I do not want to be responsible for your cash and also do not want to get sued 🙂 .

Writing about online scams can be tricky at the best of times, but in this instance, we have one source that alerted us leveraging bbb.org reports as reason to call ‘Piper Lou Collection’ a scam, on the other hand, we have another source seeming to confirm that ‘Piper Lou Collection’ has donated a very generous sum of cash to Australia’s Wild Fire Cause.

See what I mean – it can be very confusing even for a seasoned scam buster like myself.

Let us all know what you think in the comments below as nothing online trumps customer reviews and so spare a moment to add to this article. All additional details are most welcome and so I am very intrigued indeed to know your thoughts about the site in question.

P.S. There is also a site called PiperLouWholeSale.com – so there are two ‘Piper Lou’s’? More confusion LOL 🙂 … I really need a fresh cup of coffee now…. 🙂 .


P.S. Their site looks very professional which also implies they are legit as scam sites tend to be shoddy and ‘slapped’ together. Not so here.

While we can think that ‘Piper Lou’ is a brand name, which of course it appears to be, but is that also the name of the person that owns this company? I do not see a contact name on their site and usually that is a worry. ~ Perhaps it is there but I have failed to locate it?  So a few more notes for you to consider in your own research.

CORRECTION:- The aforementioned Facebook group did not declare the site in question a scam. I misunderstood. That is all.



list of scam websites.



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