What Is PinkEdit.com – Is ‘PinkEdit’ Scam or Legit? Short Review

By | June 7, 2019

Informative and Concise PinkEdit.com Review.

PinkEdit.com displays images I have personally witnessed being used by multiple sites and that clearly is a bad sign. We see prices that maybe too-good-to-be-true, business transparency near non-existent, they appear not to apply any sales tax and they have renewed their site for only a year. Honestly, we are a little worried about ‘PinkEdit’.

People are welcome to please leave your own customer reviews in the comments to help everyone know if we are dealing with a safe site or not. We have come across this site at ratingplease.com where the reviews seem very positive. In my experience of using that site, it seems too many times, reviews are nearly always positive even when we find scam sites being reviewed.









PinkEdit.com Review – Let’s Get The Facts Straight.

  • There are too many images at PinkEdit.com we have seen over the last few weeks being used by other sites. That indicates that they are stolen pictures being passed off as their own. This is very common indeed among scam sites, in general. We will now take a look into their sites attached information to see if the are on the up’n’up about founder name, business address, contact information etc.
  • WHOIS shows us they registered their site in 2019/05/20 for one year. Actually, they renewed their site at that time. But why renew for only 1 year is not a good sign. Businesses usually register for some years to come, so 1 or 2 years is not a good sign at all. To put this into more context, the beginning of any venture online is about 2 years. 
  • After such a time, and you are still going strong, Google and other search engines will hold your domain in high regard and so 1 or 2 years is nothing regarding online entities of any nature. They have an address registered to their site of a PO BOX from PANAMA. This is bogus as that is a proxy address simply meaning it is an address that hides where they are really from.
  • Of course, no business uses a ‘PO BOX’ as a legit address for their business. We see now if there is anything on their site that is legit regarding this kind of info. In their ‘CONTACT PAGE’ we have an email address of service@pinkedit.com but no business address, phone number, founder name etc. So who are we potentially handing over our payment information to?
  • Regarding Scam Signs, they have discounted every item on their home page. This is not practical to expect to stay in business with so many discounts of that proportion we see on their site. We see one PRINTED LACE UP ONE PIECE SWIM SUIT originally priced at $62.99 reduced to just $26.78.
  • Now, there is two things wrong with the above offer. 1:- That is too-good-to-be-true. That is far too much to discount on that item and so how is their e-store not making a loss and actually fall into debt. 2:- Look at the randomly priced reduction! That is an odd scam sign but a scam sign nonetheless. We never see random prices like that in any other situation in life other on scam sites.






Final Thoughts.

You may have a look at the reviews we spoke about earlier and let me know if you think they are genuine or not HERE. For us, PinkEdit.com is a scam site in our view. We hope you will leave your own customer reviews below and see if we agree. If scammed then it is very important you spare a moment to help protect others if time permits. That is all for now and looking forward to hearing from you and others. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.







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4 thoughts on “What Is PinkEdit.com – Is ‘PinkEdit’ Scam or Legit? Short Review

  1. Diane

    Ordered 3 swimsuits from Pinkedit.com on January 26, 2019. Payment was taken on my card the next day under the name “Fabfashion”. March 1, 2020 rolled along and I contacted them by email to see what was going on. They replied that the swimsuits I ordered were out of stock. They told me to check their website for other swimsuits I like. I ordered 3 more. I was told they were out of stock. I told them that it should say that on their website. This went on for a week and many emails. On March 7, I was able to order 2 and Pinkedit said that they have reimbursed me for $23.40 USD.
    6 weeks later and still no refund. I have emailed them back on 4 different occasions, last time being April 9, 2020 and they have never responded. The website says they will reply within 24 hours but obviously not if they owe you money!!! They are definitely SCAMMERS

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Ring your bank Diane because clearly they are giving you the round around. SO get your bank to do a charge back, or PayPal Refund, whichever payment provider you used. Good luck Diane.

  2. Melissa Lyman

    Ordered swimsuits in May, received them in October. Size Large should have fit me, according to the measurements on the web page – couldn’t get it on. Ordered 2 x-large suits, just in case they ran small….also too small. I’ve requested instructions to return the order 4 times. Each time, the rep asks me the reason for the return, I respond, then nothing. Considering my requests are all on the same email, you think they could just the previous response. This site is a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Melissa,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to report on PinkEdit.com. I am sorry you were unfortunate to bump into them but you have provided lethal fire power against that site to help alert others. In this way you have deprived them of profits as others will now see your real customer review of PinkEdit and so now they know not to just take our word for it.

      Much appreciated Melissa and of course seek a refund and perhaps cancel your card since the scammers may have that info on file to abuse by dipping into your funds. Thanks again Melissa.

      ~ Philip.


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