What Is Phoneiei.com – Is Phoneiei.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 24, 2018

What Is Phoneiei.com – Potential Scam Site, Use Caution.

Are you a little suspicious and now asking What Is Phoneiei.com? Is Phoneiei com fake, dishonest, crooked, scam, bad or Is Phoneiei (www.phoneiei.com) good, legit, honest, safe, genuine, real? This Phoneiei Review is going to try to figure out if we are dealing with a real scam site, or just one unhappy customer. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself. Before we begin I am going to ask you now to leave your own reports on the site in question. 

This article is going to take a very fair and unbiased view of Phoneiei. There is one report that has said they have lost $74 and there appears no hope of getting that money back. However, I am suspicious that there maybe other experiences that simply have not been reported online as their store is still very new. This article is going to lay out the typical behavior of fake online purchase stores, and should any of that sound familiar, then you will know if you have been duped or not. Fake shopping stores like to have their URL that is very similar to good and trusted sites. This is so for when people are looking for the legit site, and makes a typos, then they are directed to the fake site that people think is real and so buys from. Its a very common scam tactic.


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What is Phoneiei.com – The Signs Of A Fake Shopping Store.

One report does not make them a scam site. Usually, I am very certain to the answer on questions such as What Is Phoneiei.com. However, to avoid mistakes, let us take a look at how many scam signs they have first. As with any site that is offering any service online where money is being exchanged, let us begin with the owner of this site. Where such info is not visible then that is the first beginning sign we are not dealing with a legit site.

Should you think of any well known store that you have bought from in the real world, and then you found their website online, I am sure you have probably seen their actual address of the real world business. That is one crucial factor as well in determining if they are real or not. I see no address listed on their site as to their location. They have listed as their address, when they registered their site online, as Ontario – Canada. CLEARLY, that is not a complete address. Not a good sign.


Phoneiei.com Site

I am very suspicious of www.phoneiei.com!


Sometimes you may find one returns address in their Shipping Section. I see multiple locations where they are shipping products to. Most Tellingly it says ‘China Warehouse‘. Why would they say that they are shipping from China when they have registered their site in the USA? Most fake online shopping stores are from China, and to be real honest with you all right now – I would not buy from them given the lack of transparency on their location.

There is no rational reason for this mix up unless you were trying to hide who you are and where you are from. They have also listed some countries twice probably to appear that they are shipping to more locations then what they actually are.

No Founder Name! Anywhere online I do not see a FOUNDER NAME connected to their own site. Again, there is no reason for this unless you have good reason to stay anonymous. Personally and so far I would not buy from them already based on this first step of this research – in my opinion.



Does Any Of This Sound Like Your Experience With Phoneiei?

The following is the kind of experience you will find yourself encountering should the site featured in this article turn out to be a full blown scam.

Reduced Prices:-

Some of their items to me seem to be far too cheap for the quality of the item being advertised. Some are even knocked down to half price but it could be also the Black Friday Deals (see date of this post).

Inferior Item:-

Its common for fake shopping sites to advertise high end products, but once paid for, you receive a far lower quality item. That is a pure scam even though you got a product. The product received would not even be worth the knocked price and is how they make their money.

Delivery Time:-

Far too common people are being made to wait up to 10 weeks before they realize they are not going to get anything. As mentioned, if they do, then its not what they ordered. 

Shipping Charges:-

I just noticed, they are Shipping From Hong Kong. As already said why would they register their site in the USA then? That is obvious deceptive behavior, I mean, what reason is there for this. Anyways, there is a vague statement saying “Additional Shipping Charges May Apply“.

Definitely check your card and see if there are any unusual charges surrounding shipping.

Payment Taken Immediately:-

Always I hear complaints of fake shopping sites are very swift to take payment for ordered goods. Its the very first thing they do. Then whatever happens after that is anyone’s i.e. you may get a product but usually not the one ordered or nothing at all.

But worse than this, it can be common that you could be over charged or charged multiple times. Again, keep an eye on your card for such sneaky charges.


It is possible to get a refund by alerting your bank, PayPal or whatever form of payment you used to get your cash back. Simply contact your payment provider and they will investigate. PayPal is easier to get a refund from then your banks, surprisingly, per one comment left on this website.

Should any of the above sound familiar, and this website gets many reports of people having been ripped off, then there can be no doubt that Phoneiei is not legit and only seeking to scam people. Those that have been ripped off are asked to report them below in the comments section to help alert others online. Thank You.


The below Verdict is My Own Opinion which will be changed should I be wrong. This article is not to be taken as the final word regarding the site under question and you should indeed continue your research should you have doubts.













Final Thoughts.

Given the inconsistencies surrounding location and no found name, and also there is at least one report online of someone being ripped off by $74, it is my personal opinion we are dealing with a young scam sites. Again, that is my opinion, and if people who have been scammed take a few moments to report on their own experiences, then we will all know either way for sure. Those that have had money stolen from them, and don’t report them, then are leaving others at risk. However, if your experience is good and you got what you ordered then I definitely want to hear that report. 

Have some questions on What Is Phoneiei.com? Know of a site that ripped you off, someone else off, or even suspicious off? You are welcome to leave those URL’s below and they will be looked into. As mentioned, the site under question is young, already someone has been scammed in the classic way that fake shopping sites do. This article attempts to preempt mass scamming of people by that site should this article be proven to be 100% accurate. Do report them below – take care for now guys!

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25 thoughts on “What Is Phoneiei.com – Is Phoneiei.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. MF

    I have yesterday received my two smart watches under the courier code 3871792667649616. My proof of purchase is detailed below through costcollar.

    I am very very unhappy with my purchase. I paid a total of $64.64 (£52.05) including postage. The delivered product is not as described in your advertisement for the following reasons.

    1. This is not waterproof or IP rated at all. I am an electrician, I know!
    2. There is no sport tracking facility, only a basic pedometer.
    3. There is no heart rate monitor.
    4. There is no blood pressure monitor.
    5. There is no oxygen level monitor.
    6. There is no GPS facility.

    All of the above features were described on your website and video advertisement. However I am now unable to locate the original advertisement anymore. The website that it was purchased from appears to be an online clothing shop. Why is this? I wonder!

    I also ordered. 40mm watch and a 44mm watch yet you sent me two the same size!

    I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied with this purchase and request this be returned and refunded as soon as possible.

    Please advise me as soon as possible where to return the watches and how to get a refund.


    1. Scam Witness

      That is definitely odd and thank you for your report here MF. We are not affiliated with either of those sites and we only wrote about Phoneiei to help inform others, that is all.

      Call your bank and tell this and get a refund that way Good luck MF. WE will try to look into CosCollar.com today.

  2. Michael A McClanahan

    I wished I saw your article before ordering a watch from Phoneiei. I sent an email canceling my order and they responded stating it was already sent out. I made the purchase via PayPal, I will attempt to get my money back. I will update on my progress.

    1. Scam Witness

      I am sorry you did not find us as well and hope you get that refund. Let us know how that goes if you have time Michael.

  3. Edgar Real

    I order the supposed smart watch on december, 2018 and they send me one unusable in january, 2019. I try to send to them a reclamation but the e address doesn’t exist. I try to establish the reclamation through PayPal and they tell me to try first to contact PHONEIEI. That doesn”t work and then I make the reclamation thru American Express.

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Edgar for your report on Phneiei. Hope you get your refund and let us know how it turns out if you have the time. Thanks again Edgar.

      1. Edgar Real

        Also, HANAS LTD is the Company behind PHONEIEI.COM. PayPal pay to them for a watch on dispute.

        1. Scam Witness

          I did not know that Edgar. That is useful to know and I will be sure looking out for them elsewhere online. Much appreciated Edgar 🙂 .

  4. Michael Love

    I also order a watch from phoneie.com and I have emailed them multiple times. And no response back they had sent me a false tracking number as well. They stated by tracking number that it had been processed on the 12th of December and now it’s going on the third of January.

  5. Neil

    I ordered a watch from them before Christmas .The watch that arrived is definitely not the one I ordered. Judging from the above comments I am not expecting a refund.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Neil,

      Yep, that is how they operate. They could of produced that for very low cost or bought a bulk load of cheap rubbish online to sell on at extortionate prices under fraudulent pretenses.

      Have you applied for a refund yet Neil?

      1. Neil

        Yes I have applied for a refund. First they offered me $25 then on 30th December a full refund which I accepted: but a new Email today only $30. They still will not give me a return address to post the watch to, as my Credit Card company say they will refund me once they have the postal tracking number.
        Many thanks for your reply

        1. Scam Witness

          Hi Neil,

          Hmm, so a partial refund. You are more than welcome Neil and thanks for stopping by again to update us on your situation. It is appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  6. Camilo Melo

    Hola, compré un reloj a través de esta página, y no me pudo ir peor, el tiempo de entrada súper malo, se demoraron 1 mes y medio para que me llegara, escribí varias veces y nunca me dieron respuesta y ahora que lo recibo me doy cuenta que lo que me llego no tiene nada que ver con lo que compre.

    Yo compre un reloj con unas características y me llego un reloj totalmente diferente malo, y muy por debajo de las especificaciones esperadas, por favor no compren relojes por esta pagina

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Camila,
      Hola Camilo,

      Lamento escuchar acerca de su experiencia. Estoy agradecido por su informe de estafa Phoneie. Cuantas más reseñas haya en Phoniei.com, más rápido se cerrarán.

      Además, gracias por ayudar a advertir a otros también.

      ¿Has intentado obtener un reembolso todavía Camilo?

  7. A.adel

    I hope its not a scam because my mom ordered a watch and its got a price so i hope her money doesnt go on nothing and i think she ordered it two weeks ago maybe and they never answered their emails and they keep on sending her a link of where her order is and stuff so i really hope she doesnt lose her money on nothing.

    1. Scam Witness


      I hope not either Adel. Contact the company one last time, if no response or not resolved in 15 days, then contact your payment provider for a full refund. If you paid with PayPal then you have 180 days to file for a refund. Thank you kindly for your comment on Phoneiei – it is very much appreciated 🙂 .

    2. Dennis

      In ordered a watch and it’s not the watch shown on the advert. It’s useless so I have asked for a refund. Not heard anything so I am going to get a refund from PayPal. Dot buy anything from them.

  8. Derek Pearson

    I got totally ripped off by phoneiei. I ordered 3 of their Maverick A3 smart watches for £49 each, waited about 5 weeks, and received 3 cheap and nasty smart watches I could have gotten from geek or Wish for £7!!
    Naturally, there’s been no response to my review or email to their “support”….live and learn

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Derek,

      Thank you for your Phoneiei Scam Report. Consider putting in a dispute on those charges with your payment provider to hopefully get a full refund.

  9. Rodrigue Zablith

    I really feel that phoneiei is a scam. I ordered a watch 10 days ago, and all they did is sending me a fake tracking link and since then they do not respond to any email

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Rodrigue,

      Sorry to hear about this and I firmly believe, in my opinion, Phoneiei is not a legit site. Simply put in a payment dispute with your payment provider to get a refund should nothing turn up. Thanks for your comment as well Rodrigue 🙂 .


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