What Is PenMoney.Club – Is PenMoney.Club Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | November 6, 2018

What Is PenMoney. Club – All You Need to Know to Avoid Their Scam Network Entirely.

I am very happy to see you because you are now 1 less person the site under question can scam. What Is PenMoney. Club (www.penmoney. club) about? Is Pen Money Club fake, crooked, scam, dishonest or is PenMoney Club safe, good, real, legit, genuine, good, honest and paying out? This PenMoney Review is going to alert you to their online scam network that has been operating online since 2104 where they release new copies every few weeks. Below is my research to help you with your own.

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What Is PenMoney. Club – Full Truth.

Well, we already know What Is PenMoney. Club. They are just a paid to click scam site that never pay outs. That is the short answer. Below is all the info you need to decide for yourself if they are legit or not. The owners of this scam network have been working very hard since 2014 to scam as many people as possible. They earn money from all their participants work even if they don’t manage to get money out of them. 

We begin with the founder and we will now try to find out all information connected to their site. PenMoney was registered on the 03/11/2018 and only paid to register that site for 1 year. All sites that offer paid jobs will more than likely set up their business for more than this time scale. Scam sites will only set up a site to deliberately last for 1 r 2 years and then shut down. The founders name is not present and that is an intentional cover up on their on line ID. 


PenMoney.Club Site



Where it becomes common knowledge that they are a scam then the unknown creator can take the earnings and run. Since we don’t know who that person or persons are then there is no way to track them down to get back all the money their site has and will steal from their members.



Work They Offer and How They Scam People.

The work is simply to click and view some ads for 10c a click. You must fill out a captcha and the site will earn $1 for every 5K captchas completed. But, that is not the only way they earn money. You are also offered to share your link where you can earn 50% of your sign ups earnings.


It is 10c a click and that is incredibly too high! Only 1c can be afforded, maybe up to 3c, but usually only fractions of fractions of a cent is offered out for such valueless work. So we can see that 10c is nonsene! They say you can earn up to and over $300 a day! That is only working on your greed and laziness, sorry, but that is what they manipulate to make so many people work for them for free.

Even they say you can earn up to $5000 a month for 1000 ads! Again, maybe if you viewed 1 Million Ads then maybe you can earn that much. So all earnings are all lies. No site can afford to pay that money out to all their members and not go under in a heart beat!

Cash Out – $300.

The Minimum Cash Out is $300 and that is just too high. Honest sites will set their cash out to a max of just $100 and so knowing this then we can say that is another online scam sign. The reason the threshold is set so high is to give you as much time as possible to make the maximum referrals to them. That is all and also do as much work as possible for them.

40 Referrals Trick.

No where on their site does it say that you must fetch them 40 referrals before you can cash out. However, people will encounter their request you make those referrals before you can access your cash. They will offer you to buy 100 referrals and that is priced at $9. Then they want about $19 processing fee for you to get your money. All Nonsense! Don’t pay them a money as those earnings in your account were never real to begin with. 

System Crashed Trick.

Here, if you do pay the fee’s above, some one will or may try to say their system crashed at the moment you paid. They will or may ask you to pay them again. This may not sound too odd when you consider there could be $100’s to collect. So that is just another way they will try to rob money out of you.


Here are a number of threats you may not be aware of from being on their site.

All your personal data will be collected and put onto a list. This list is then sold on the deep web. The bidder who pays the most will now or may try to target you for future scams, because if you fell for one scam, the could fall for another. So that is bad news and just report and delete all suspicious looking emails.

Malware is also another thing you have to watch out for. These malware infections are hunting for your personal data and all that is gathered from saved passwords in your browser, for example. SO don’t save any passwords in your browser and also up date it as old browsers are easy to crack into.











Final Thoughts.

PenMoney is just a copy as said and that is a site that will make you work for nothing. They are also threatening you with future scams as well. Do not complete any offers on their site as you have no way to know if they are legit or fake sites when viewing those ads. Ultimately no one ever gets paid. I personally have never witnessed a single payment proof from any of their sites. Even if fake sites can produce such payment proofs then this is only to convince people to sign up to get themselves scammed.

Those that have questions on What Is PenMoney. Club are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to help. I will also remind you of my recommendation as well. Those that believe in hard work and its benefits are very welcome to be part of my team. Those that do sign up will have my expert help and advice whenever you need it. I would recommend you go premium after your 7 day free trial is up but that is your decision and actually you are not pushed into doing that. Thank you guys for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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