What Is PeakMarket.Shop – Is PeakMarket.Shop Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 16, 2018

What Is PeakMarket.Shop – This Is Your Scam Alert To Avoid www.PeakMarket.Shop!

Nice work on doing your research on What is PeakMarket.Shop (www.peakmarket.shop). Is PeakMarket Shop fake, scam, crooked, bad, dishonest or Is PeakMarket genuine, legit, safe, real, good, honest? This Peak Market Review is a warning to stay clear of them. Their products are not genuine and you will receive either nothing, replica, cheap knock-off but never an item that is worth the cash you paid. Seek a refund NOW and please do REPORT THEM BELOW in the comments if you were scammed by that site. 

They are like most other fake shopping sites online. Usually these kinds of fake sites come out of China, where they have already access to a cheap way to manufacture low quality goods, but they steal images from others and try to pass them off as their. The brand names involved have not given them permission to sell their goods. Should you have bought something from them, then you will NOT receive the item ordered, but ‘something’ similar. Definitely of lower quality, and because it is or maybe or such low quality, the price you paid for it would be far greater than its actual worth.

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What Is PeakMarket.Shop – Why They Are A Scam Site.

We have already said that PeakMarket.Shop is a scam site. In my initial search for info on their site I came across a report linking them to 30 other online scams! I have that list and will begin exposing those in time. Now we are going to run through the process of identifying the reasons they are not real and ultimately a fake site. We start with the founder. That is only logical to find out who the person is behind a site that you could potentially be trusting with your money. Where we find little to know data about founder, contact info and real world location address then we should reconsider purchasing from such a site.


PeakMarket.Shop Review

don’t buy anything from www.peakmarket.shop!


www.peakmarket.shop was put up online 2018/11/04. That registration was for 1 year. Were they a real business then it is more than usual they would have registered their site for years to come. 1 year is indicative of a deceptive as they like to stick around for 1 or 2 years and then make off with all their illegal earnings. So, that is a bad start.

Their submitted address is simply Alabama, US. That is obviously a wholly insufficient address and another sign that something is wrong here. This tells me they don’t want anyone to know where they are actually located.

Heading to their site for such info I see they have listed an address of 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. That is NOT an USA address. Why do we have two conflicting addresses for the same business that they have willingly supplied? Common misdirection by scammers. Now we have no clue where they are actually based and that is their intention to make it so.

The Phone Number is 852 66282369. That Phone Number is associated with other online scams!! That number has already been reported as being fraudulent. All bad news, and already, that is enough to call them a scam site – because they are.




The Fraud Revealed – How They Scam Unwary Customers.

First off, I have been scammed online before. So, I want you to not feel bad or ‘stupid‘ as it is nearly impossible to tell sometimes if a site is good or not. Below is a few points that are quite common to fake shopping sites. I have little doubt that there maybe several points that you may have experienced while shopping on the aforementioned site.


  • Fake shopping sites set up their sites for 1 year, maybe 2, but rarely more. Why would a business, who has already invested huge sums of money in their real world business, relatively negate that cost and effort to spend so little money on their websites life cycle? Makes no sense, and from that logic, you can see it is very suspicious to say the least.
  • Far too common they steal images across the web and simply upload them to their sites. Now, they are marketing a products they simply do not have the permission to do. Because of that i.e. not owning the products, you will not receive exactly what you ordered – in most cases, if ever.
  • Replicas, Knock-Offs, cheaply manufactured goods is the order of the day regarding what you may receive to your door step. Because these items are so vastly cheap relative to what you paid for – you have still be scammed. That is fraudulent advertising!
  • Legit sites will say they will get your payment once your item has been shipped. Check YOUR payment date for YOUR ORDER. What date is it showing and is it before shipping date? Point being, fake shopping sites will tend to take payment very fast and usually before the agreed time. No legit business behaves like that.
  • Fake Tracking Numbers is very common. Tracking info may also going missing without warning or reason. That is a very good sign you are dealing with cyber-crooks.
  • Did you receive a payment receipt? If not, that is yet another sign of a fake site.
  • Multiple Charges to your card? Payment taken even though you did not order anything? These are also quite common complaints when dealing with fake shopping sites. Watch your card/PayPal/payment provider like a hawk!! Fake sites may even be bold enough to take monthly recurring fee’s for something sneaky charge they have planted in their Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy Page (PPP for short).
  • Did your order arrive? In the even they do actually send out your order, here are a number of things that could be wrong with it:-


1). Damaged Goods! In this instance they should pay for shipping return costs, but mostly likely, will tell you to pay for it. Or they will say that they will take back the item, but if THEY incur shipping charges, then that is on you. That is just another way of saying that you foot the shipping costs. Again, watch your card like a hawk and put in a pay dispute with your payment provider. Additionally, it may cost more to return the item then the items actual worth. This is a horrible catch-22 situation.

2). Wrong item? That is common. I have received reports of people order Electric Snow Shovel just to receive a magnifying glass. The original item is prices over $100 while the magnifying glass is priced at $8 – this is how such crooks make their money.

3).Wrong Sizes? Color? Stitching is falling out? The complaints go on. What has your experience with PeakMarket? I would be VERY interested to hear from you if you have experience with their site 🙂 .


  • Support Ignoring You? When your order is clearly having trouble arriving, Support may ask you to have ‘understanding’, to ‘sympathize’ with them, blame logistics and the delivery company or even the weather! No honest company even SPEAKS to their customers like that. Another reliable clue you are dealing with scammers. When clearly they can’t appease you then they will just ignore you




Scam Signs – Know The Warnings To Stay Safe Online.

Now, we shall take a quick look at their site to find some scam signs that tell me, and now ‘YOU’, that we are dealing with an online scam.

1). You see the top left of their site, in the address box with their URL? That ugly red line across their https part? Well, that means they are not a secured site. It should be https:// (see this sites URL), that means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ‘SECURED‘. THAT MEANS, your information is secured and hackers can’t steal it. 

2). So if you are sending your personal data like full name, home address, payment information etc over a ‘HTTPS’ network then you are left open to fraud. Scammers can intercept that data, known as Man In The Middle Attack, where the data is wrapped up in a package. This package can be intercepted, un-encrypted and all valuable data is stolen, re-encrypted and sent onto receiver. Neither party knows the info was accessed by anyone else other then themselves. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A SITE THAT IS NOT HTTPS SECURED – N.B!!

3). Through out their website, they refer to themselves as ‘HBUYS ONLINE STORE‘. That tells me that the scammer forgot to switch out the old site name and put in the new one. They simply copy and paste a sites source code, re-paste and simply make up a new URL. Now they have a clean slate with Google and can carry on scamming people.  Very cheap to set up as well.

4). Contact Address is linked to other online scams.

5). heir Phone Number is linked to countless online scams.

6). NO Email Address, but an email address of helpandserving@gmail.com! Watch out for that address on sites, it means its a fake site and one part of a larger scam network.

7). Incidentally, the address supplied on their site is owned by 37 companies! There can be no doubt that only 1 business per address is possible. There can be no doubt now they are not to be trusted.

8). Their Pricing Makes No Sense. Items that were priced at $65.95 are still priced at $65.95! Makes no sense and yet again only deceptive sites behave like this.










Final Thoughts.

I have no trust for their site and I advise you avoid them. Of course, it is up to you. Those that know now they have been scammed should consider putting in a payment dispute with your payment provider for a chance of a full refund. Keep screen shots of all interactions with this crooked merchant. Has PayPal/Your Bank Refunded You? I would be interested to know because sometimes they side with the scammer – unbelievably!! PeakMarket is going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good!

Those with questions on anything discussed here today are welcome to land your queries in the comments below.Certainly those that were scammed, have a story, opinion etc on the aforementioned site – or any site you suspect a scam – are welcome to place those comments below as well. I respond to all comment. 

Beware also of BinnVy, SuperGoMall, GeemaLand, FairySeason, VsTroll, CottonColor, NokEast, SkullnMore, LaLaLandy, KenShinArt, Awtoed, Ebuyea, BeaLoving, 2uFuture, 2uBest, AmeliaCotton10 and Auate as they are all fake shopping sites doing the rounds right now. I hope now that you are the necessary information on What Is PeakMarket.Shop and I am very much looking forward to reading about your experience in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by.


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