What Is PayHourlyJobs.com – Is PayHourlyJobs.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 29, 2019

What Is PayHourlyJobs.com really about? – Maybe Another Copy of an Old Scam?

It is really great to see you here because you have just saved yourself from a major scam site. They have many copies. In truth, What is PayHourlyJobs.com found at www.payhourlyjobs.com? Is PayHourlyJobs com a scam (yes), fake, crooked, fraudulent or Is PayHourlyJobs legit (no!!!!), genuine, safe, real and honest? So, this Pay Hourly Jobs Review has been written before by us, except those other reviews, exposed sites like WorkForCompany.com, EasyWorkApp.com, PayHourlyWork.com, MyMonthlyJob.com, MyWeekyWork.com, MyJobPaid.com, MyHourlyPay.com and even more we have exposed. 

Those that have worked on anyone of their fake sites are welcome to review them below to help alert others. But why are there so many copies? Are they a successful scam network? When one copy of their site is closed due to too many scam reports online, then they have now lost the revenue from that site, and so now need to replace it. Hence more and more copies continuously going through the same conveyor belt. They NEVER PAY OUT! YOU CAN’T CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL THEY CLOSE DOWN! THERE IS NO WAY TO CASH OUT! Below is further research for those interested.



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Let us continue with our PayHourlyJobs Review.





PayHourlyJobs.com Review – Why They Are A Scam Site.

And so you will have noticed in the intro of other reviews we have done on those sites. Should you go to them you will see they are all the same. Always the same man smiling, same offer of simple tasks and link sharing for big money fast. Not true! Not one of their sites has ever paid out a penny – and they have had perhaps 100’s of sites online in their time. So I hope you can already see the answer on What Is PayHourlyJobs.com?



www.payhourlyjobs.com is a dead end!


Registration date for their site was in 2018/09/26 and only for 1 year they are online for. They can shut down at anytime because that is the nature of scam sites to do that. So, those sites that are legit and want to offer people work from jobs, tend to follow a pattern. That is they will set up online for years to come if they have a real way to earn online. Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005 and has over 1.5 million members. Where as PayHourlyJobs is never going to be sticking around anyways!

So there are a number of addresses that scammers will use to alert us to them. Sometimes it is an address like 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. Or it is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste PMB# 255. There are others that are known scammers addresses. None more obvious is when they submit ‘PANAMA‘ as their location! So that is a classic scam sign there already, and actually, they have not even completed their address. Nonsense. You may see these details in WHOIS.

NO FOUNDER NAME! NO EMAIL FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Stay clear of these kinds of sites. And also, there is nothing on their site that answers who they are and where they are from either. So in essence you were or are working for someone whom you don’t know who to get you cash off of? That makes no sense. We must always know who we are working for. Better to learn to work for yourself online.




PayHourlyJobs Scam Signs.

WorkForCompany.com Review



Well, that is one copy of their sites and they all look exactly the same. Same wording about Benjamins and Abrahams, and sitting on your couch earning, and then they are gibbering on about clown suits and kids parties and really it is all pure waffle and it never changes.


WeeklyHourJob.com Review


And so there is another one! All the same but you will notice that the names of the site keep on changing. They will shut down their sites, sometimes only weeks or months after opening, and then copy and paste the old site into a new one. Point of this is because all those old sits have a bad reputation. Starting a new site gives them time to do more damage because each site starts out with a clean slate. 

Simply put, I refuse to spit out the same information that I have in all the others. Should you wish to see why it is unreal to earn up to and beyond $300 or $500 per day doing useless tasks, and link sharing referral work, and then think its legit – well, enjoy the reading! Those tasks do not even produce 1 cent in earnings for anyone never mind $1 – $10 -$100 etc!! Not in the entirety of internet history has anyone company paid out such generous sums for work that can’t generate anything of real worth.



How The Scam Comes to Pass!

Here is how they will try to suck money out of you like vampires! You simply complete your tasks i.e. sign up and that is all. Now you must share your link and for that you will earn good money, or so it seems.

Once you hit $300 then you apply for your cash. Then you may see that they want you to complete a survey, sign up to some offer etc. Does not matter the ‘TASK‘ – it only matters you do not give them your personal information like your payment info to sign up to anything.

Once or if you complete any of those tasks then you are requested to pay to complete it. SO you may find yourself on another site entirely being requested to pay. If you do then PayHourlyJobs will earn some small commission for that and you will probably get phished and further attempts of fraud made on your card. 



And so once you pay you will still never get paid. That is all. 






Have You Got A PayHourlyJobs.com Review or Scam Report? Feel Free To Report Them Below!















Final Thoughts.

They never pay out! Stop wasting your time messing around on scam sites thinking $300 or $500 a day is real for easy to do work! No-no, they never pay out. So they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good. I hope you report them below or just let them get away with it. Up to you.


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That is all on What Is PayHourlyJobs.com. I hope it has saved you from the. If not then you know to stay clear of them. Don’t forget about my #1 Recommendation and you can see that directly above. They are newbie friendly and walk you through everything you need to know about how to earn online for the long run. Not for lazy people 🙂 as in the real world we all must work. But the good news is, those that strive and succeed, are making a real fortune from working from home doing the kind of work I do. Actually, you can make a website (x2 free here) on any interest you like so long as it is not offensive they will host. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you below in the comments area 🙂 .



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      Hi Christine,

      Unfortunately the site you are asking for legit apps is a fake site. I do have another way for you to earn online and it is free to start. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and we have listed then in this article. Thanks for your comment Christine and I wish you well on whatever you decide.


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