What Is PayEachDay.com – Is ‘PayEachDay’ Scam or Legit Online Job?

By | March 8, 2019

Find Out What Is PayEachDay.com – The ‘PayEachDay’ Review.

All answers in this short review on What Is PayEachDay.com at www.payeachday.com. Is PayEachDay com a scam, a deceptive site, fraudulent, bogus and just fake or Is ‘PayEachDay’ legit, safe, real, genuine, honest and paying out? This ‘Pay Each Day’ Review is a scam alert! Stop sharing you referral link for unreal earnings. You are welcome to report that site below in the comments to help warn others.

So they are not real and the following is our reasoning on why this is so. If you read all of this short review then you will not be able to disagree with us. Those that are happy with this answer and just want to leave are advised to read a few more lines about our #1 Recommendation. They are called *Wealthy Affiliate and are skilled in showing beginners to online earnings how to earn for the long term. You may SIGN UP HERE for your free account without a cc to start.



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What Is PayEachDay.com about – Here Is Why They Are Fake!

So you already have the answer to What Is PayEachDay.com and so we are going to go into some details as to why. We will look up the ownership of the site, check out their business address, contact information and then we will see that things are not what they appear to be on the surface. 




www.payeachday.com scam alert!



  • Registration for their site was in 2018/09/23 and only 1 year is all they have registered for. So businesses that offer work from home jobs tend to register long. Granted, the owner can renew their sites registration when the time comes.
  • However, we have exposed so many of their sites by now that we know on ‘sight’ what they are really about.
  • Owner Name and Business address, plus phone number etc, are hidden. They are running multiple sites and so any site that looks like the one we are exposing is also a fake. 

Not to worry, we will give you 2 legit offers that we have signed up to ourselves. They don’t even ask for a credit card to start and Run their own Free to Join Affiliate Program.



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PayEachDay.com Scam Signs – Description of Fake Work On Offer.

There is absolutely zero information about the owners of these fake sites. They have been running or years. They will make new copies when the older sites reputation is too damaged by online reports. This is why it is paramount you leave yours below in the comments to get them shut down sooner.


Free to join. All could of joined without the use of their real email address. We have signed up to them and we did so using a fake email address. This way they can  not phish you for this information. They maybe prone to selling on your personal data so do not give them anything of this nature.

The work is easy to do and all you do is share your referral link. That is it. You are awarded cash for link clicks and sign  ups. That is all fake. They say they can pay you $$$’s for only 1 days work doing this fake easy to do link sharing work. Well, they are liars and not once have they, or any of their sites, paid out a single penny.

You may hunt all over Google and you will never find a single payment proof to verify their own claims. Any reviews and or payment proofs you find on their site is completely made up.

Those trying to cash out may find that they simply can not do this. You may find also they may ask you to complete some offers, surveys etc, and so they may ask you to pay to complete this ‘TASK’. Do not do any ‘Tasks’ on their site.

The owners will get commissions for all ‘Tasks’ completed but you will never see a penny for your work efforts.

The point of sharing your link is to increase their overall traffic to their site. That is free traffic by the way and it is achieved by a free labor force, because, they are not paying out to anyone or ever will.



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You read our #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate since we have been working with them for 2 years now and they have always kept their word. Much free training in your starter account that requires no credit card to begin.

They offer training, plus 2 free websites, to kick start your own online career in what ever area of interest you are most passionate about. 

So for those that ever wondered how people like me are earning from their own website then this is for you!



#2 Recommendation.

Those interested in copying and pasting for earnings will then be most suited to this offer. They are called BookVIP and they offer a free to join referral program. So all you got to do is get people to buy holiday packages from you online and then you earn 30% on each sale. It really is that simple.

They pay out Every Friday so there is no waiting around for your cash that you have worked for. 

You must share your link on your website, if you have one, on social media, make You-Tube videos etc, and so that is how you get free traffic to your offers.

You must NOT spam all over the Internet as that is not good and really you will come off as a scammer and no one will buy from you. Those interested are welcome to sign up below to start with them.

Also, when you refer others to them then you get 50% commissions as well and so there are two ways to earn.







Final Thoughts.

I hope now you know What Is PayEachDay.com by now and if not then you are welcome to ask below. I will be happy to further lend a hand to everyone regarding anything said here today. Those that have reports are asked to leave them below to help alert others. Thank you. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






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