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By | January 19, 2019

What Is ?- Quick PayDepth Review!

Pat yourself right on the side of your back for finding this Review! Is PayDepth com ( scam, fake, crooked, fraudulent or Is PayDepth legit, real, safe, genuine, honest? NO! It is none of those positive things. They are not paying $300 or $500 a day for sharing links. This Pay Depth Review is going to lay out their sordid online history, and when I say ‘they’, I mean all of their sites. Please make the effort to leave your scam reports here at the bottom of this PayDepth Review – thank you.

The Sites to watch out for, that are part of this ‘Happy, Smiley Man’ Scam (by same owners as PayDepth), are,,,,, etc. There are 100’s more floating around online somewhere. Those that know of more are welcome to report them here, so we can bash them good for you 🙂 , and expose them on page 1 of Google for all to know 🙂 . Basically, they are a link-sharing-scam. No matter their promises of big money for their easy to do work, no one has ever been paid by them, in the history of their entire scam network. You can try researching the above sites and you won’t find NOT 1 legit payment proof – I guarantee it!




Malicious and Fraudulent Exposed! Review

Don’t work for!


But lets not lose our minds over a simple minded scam site like There are legit ways to earn online and so that is the good news. Before we get to that, be sure you know not to approach their other sites called PayHourlyWork, MyWeeklyWork, MyJobPaid, MyMonthlyJob and MyHourlyPay and then you wont’go too far wrong.

So, please tell mewhat exactly is ‘your‘ problem finding legit, safe and paying out online work?

Is it:-

You can’t find good online work?

Don’t have the training for any offers for the good online work?

Don’t have the initial investment fee? 

Don’t have a website?

Or perhaps you are as lazy as they come? Nope? Well, I know I was once. I got scammed by near-on every scam going online. It was ridiculous. I got phished one day by a scammer site promising me $500 for getting 500 clicks to my affiliate link (referral link). Unfortunately for me I worked all day to help make some one else’s financial dreams come true…




So – is it time for you to start finding good and honest work online that will pay you? 

Most Importantly – are ‘YOU’ ready to work for YOUR OWN financial freedom?

If not, I am glad this article straightened out for you why you can’t cash out on PayDepth (they never pay out!). Personally, I am only interested in those that want to make a better income online for their themselves and their families futures. So, its up to you. I will leave you a few links below to some ways you can learn to earn online for life without a starter investment or experience.

Any minor problems can all be solved right now! Get motivated and promise yourself you can learn to earn in 2019 for realios! YES – I did say ‘realios’.

Here are your Two Free Websites to as a gesture of good faith in ‘you‘, whomever you maybe and where ever you may come from. No Catch! No Credit Card! No Initial Investment To Start! Phase 1 of Free Training Provided! 7 Day Premium Trial Run with your Forever Free Lifetime Account!

Any other problems preventing you from building something like what you see here at this website at I was a newbie not so long ago, and with guts and determination (which you and everyone else truly does have as well) am sooooo close to having a full time income online for life! 



Perhaps you just want your free training to see what the whole thing is about? OK, no worries.

Click the image to have a look-see:-

Free training videos from Wealthy Affiliate

Click To Start!


Still need more info before deciding? No sweat!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? Member Review (me). In-depth review to let you know who the owners are, all the lovely free stuff they give you for signing up – for free. The training. The Free Affiliate Program for all members – Premium and also for Free! Big Bonus that is, most places demand you pay for such programs.

Still Stuck in ‘Free Mode’?

I have just the article for that! How To Earn Online For Free! <- It just takes longer. Consider to make minor investments in yourself if you wish to earn online sooner. Even an atom needs some form of exchange to do its job.

Any Questions?

Please just ask me and I will be all too happy to help. Whatever your problem with getting started online, I know I can really help you earn online for the long term.

Right, let us now get back to bashing for being a scammer site and for trying to take advantage of your willingness to earn online.



Sign up. Share your link. When someone clicks on your link then you get $1. Too high. Clicking on a link produces zero cents most of the time.

Once you hit the earning cash out threshold of $300 then you can apply for your cash.

They will basically ask you to PAY THEM for YOUR EARNINGS! Yikes, that is the catch guys.

It could come in the form of a Survey, that you may do on a different site, that when you complete it they will ask you for a fee to finish up. PayDepth gets referral commissions (earnings) for that if you do pay.

Perhaps they have asked you to upgrade?

Still part of the scam to get cash out of you. They are a very long time running scam. All the other reviews has extensive information you may want to check out.

Beware that you have not been infected with malware from using their site. Upgrade your antivirus and browsers. Secure all of your social media accounts by changing your passwords – please trust me on this. As said, the previous reviews will explain why or you can just ask me in the comments below.




Do You Wish To Report Here? You Are Most Welcome To Leave Your PayDepth Scam Reports In The Comments Box Below – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

Never a single payment proof, that is true and legit, ever produced by the owners of this scam network. I have seen a page on Facebook, many moons again, that seems to put the scammers in the Nigeria, South Africa? I really can’t be sure but they are not where they say they are from on any of their sites or per the information at their sites registration. Yet another one of their sites going into my List of Internet Scammers for good! Once again, please report them below to help warn others.

That is all for now on What Is I am passing the floor over to those that are not too lazy to leave a comment to say ‘hi’, ask your questions, supply scam reports on the sites in question or on other sites and generally have a good ole chit-chat about this PayDepth nightmare. Take it easy guys and hope to hear from you all very soon 🙂 .


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