What Is Pay44.Site – Is Pay44.Site Scam or Legit Website? Full REPORT!

By | October 16, 2018

What Is Pay44. Site And Can We Trust Pay44? How It ALL Works.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

You are most welcome to this articles content on What Is Pay44. Site (www.pay44.site). Is Pay44 Site fake, fraudulent, scam, crooked or is Pay 44 Site genuine, real, safe, legit, good, honest and paying out? This Pay44 Review is going to guide you through their crooked traps they have waiting for you inside their site. They don’t pay out and have no intention of being legit ever. The founder has many copies of this site and so there is no way he is going to start being good now. Below is my research to help you understand why I am calling their site fake and a scam site.

For some, that is just going to be the worst kind of news because perhaps you have been working on their site already. I know the feeling as I got scammed a few times myself online and I know its not nice. However, I did not give up and felt strongly there had to be ‘something’ online that is free to join, teaches me something valuable to test drive, and only THEN would I consider investing in my self. WELL! About 2 years of searching online, until I found it. Those interested, you can check out my #1 Recommendation that has helped me earn online. The earnings are going up by the month and are for the long term. Let us continue with this Pay44 Review.




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What Is Pay44. Site, Owner Details, How It Works and How They Scam People.

It might strike you as ‘odd’ that this website is so confident in calling Pay44 a Scam Site! I can personally assure you that they are and is only a copy of their other sites online. They will have them up for 1 year and the re-direct them to a new site, erase old site or sell on old sites. They always replace older sites with newer ones. This happens when the old site has got a bad online reputation, and having a new URL even though with same content, in Googles eye is legit until proven otherwise. That is the short answer to What Is Pay44. Site. Let us find out who the owner is.

Pay44 was created 12/09/2018 and has not a founder name attached to their sites online registration. The address is not supplied either and they have no support email either. The only word for their ‘address’ is ‘PANAMA’. I have personally witnessed ‘PANAMA‘ being supplied by 100’s of scam sites, and it is another sign, we are dealing with a fake scam site. They have info on their site about who the owner is either or where they are from.


Pay44.Site Website



Why is that important? Well, when there are online companies saying they have a paid job for you then its expected for that site to supply legit ownership details. It makes no sense not to give out that info if you are going, in essence, become someones boss – especially to potentially 100’s or even 1000’s of people. Where we see a cover up of such information then we can be confident in calling them a scam site. But, there is a lot more than just covering up info like this. Below is something you really need to read if you have spent any time their site working.





How It Works and How They Rip People Off.

All are welcome to sign up and there is no fee for doing so. The sign up form is asking for an email address, and so quite naturally, most people will give their personal email address. Problem here is that sign up form is a form that is only harvesting personal data. All personal data you give to Pay44 is collected and compiled, put on to a list, and sold on the deep web for excellent money. It is one quick and easy way to earn big money online for them. Their ‘SUPPORT’ page is also only a fake page that collects personal data for the profit of the owner. SO! That is our first unseen threat. 

Most people will use the same password for all accounts online. So when you give your own personal email, the chances are, that has the same password as all your other accounts? IF SO! You got some work to do to secure your online life. Change all of your passwords and write them down on a real note pad. Not saved on your device. Malware loves to search devices hunting down passwords, DOB’s, home/work addresses, car registrations etc and anything, that identifies you in the real world, they will take and create Passports, Birth Certs, get a car in your name etc! Its pretty serious stuff. So, do secure your accounts guys. That is that threat fully explored.

The only tasks you are asked to do is to share your referral link to all of the people on your social networks. This is actually just spamming and not recommended. Those that are still sharing their links should stop right now as you won’t get paid a penny anyways. The sharing of your link is the main bulk of your ‘jobs’ on their site. This is only to make their members grow so they have more people to scam. Also, it saves them money on advertising fee’s when they have a free labor force. When activity picks up on their site then Google thinks that its good and popular and give them good rankings. Report them below if they scammed you! That is the only way to alert Google they are not a good site!!

Cashing Out And The Threats To Avoid!

Here is the most crucial part of their scam operation. Here is where their sites purpose really comes into play. The Minimum Payout is a WHOPPING $300! That is far too high. Sites that are good will only set that about $100 and even sometimes at 1c. $300 is set in the hopes you will make maximum referrals to their site. That is why its set so high and no other reason. 

When you apply for the cash then you will or maybe asked to do a few more additional tasks, such as:-

  1. Complete a Survey.
  2. Complete an Offer.
  3. Upgrade Your Account.

Every one of those steps, which ever one they ask you to do, will most likely require you to pay money to complete. Certainly the surveys will earn that site some money from a real survey. But also, the offers is the one you really want to watch out for. You will be re-directed to another site where the offers exist. You complete the offer for some trial period product. This has the unfortunate aspect of making you hand over your credit card details. There is no way of knowing if they are a scam site or not. 

SO do keep an eye on your bank account for unusual withdrawals going to an unknown source. Sometimes these amounts are very small and easy to miss. Contact your bank and request your card is cancelled and they will order you a new one. Also, make them do a charge back for your monies as well.

Should you complete all of these steps then you are locked out of your account. Despite you paying for your cash, which you should never do as that is only a scam site that would ask that of you, they still will never pay you. Using their contact form will yield you no help either. YOUR ACCOUNT is kept active and alive and only deleted when the site is gone forever. That is the scam exposed completely. 









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Final Thoughts.

They have any number of these sites operating online at anyone time. Should you have stumbled across one then I’d be grateful if you informed everyone below. I will do my best to expose them all. These sites offer $200 a day! $5500 a month – for what? – just sharing your referral link? The action of someone clicking on your link does not generate $10, and then some money for the site to earn good money as well, and now I hope you see they are not real and indeed a very fraudulent site to fall victim to. They are a SCAM SITE, there is no doubt about that.

People with questions on What Is Pay44.Site can ask away in the comments below where myself, or another, will be happy to assist 🙂 . Do remember to check out my #1 Recommendation if you are serious about earning online. It is open to all online entrepreneurs that want to be financially free working from home. This offer does not even require you submit credit card details to begin. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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