What Is PataCloth.com – Is PataCloth.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 7, 2019

SCAM ALERT – What Is PataCloth.com about What Is Patagonia Online Shop – Our ‘PataCloth’ Review.

You are welcome here to our review on What Is PataCloth.com at www.patacloth.com. They also go by ‘Patagonia Online Shop’, and so we will answer, What Is ‘Patagonia Online Shop’ as well. Is PataCloth com a fake, bogus, scam, fraudulent or Is ‘PataCloth’ real, trustworthy, genuine, legit? This ‘Pata Cloth’ Review is a warning I hope you will share. They are not a legit site!

Those with customer reviews about that site are welcome to comment below this article. They are new and little has been reported on them. We thank ScamAdvisor.com for their scam-check on this site and they have given them 0% Trust Score! That is obviously the poorest you can get.




PataCloth.com Review – Why They Are Not Legit!

They put their site online in 2019/01/28 and did this for 1 year. 1 year is typically considered suspicious as that runs to the same scam pattern of hit-and-run sites. But and conversely there are founders that may register their sites for that amount of time to see how things go. They have the choice to renew when the time comes. So we have a low-key scam sign for PataCloth.com in our ‘PataCloth’ Cloth.







No founder name in side WHOIS and also no founder name. The address is incomplete and all we can see is they claim to be from China. That in itself is a bad sign. Of course, not all sites from this region are bad, but most e-stores that are scams, are from this region.

If they have an email, business address, phone number for customers, we were not able to locate it on their site. It appears they only have a contact form for their customers. That is not a good sign and is just another reason why we do not recommend you shop on this site.



So, when we first land on their site we can them advertising up to 80% Discount on some of their goods. That is far too high to give a way as discounts and usually a very reliable scam sign to watch out for. They are a new site and already, they are so successful financially that they are able to be so generous?

Too-good-to-be-true-prices is a good sign of a fake site. I see a men’s pants for $499 reduced to $55 – you tell me, how can that be real? In this sale they would be down too much cash to stay in business.

We see also that they are referring to themselves as ‘Patagonia’ AND NOT ‘PATACLOTH’. Where site logo name and URL do not match is another sign of a scam sign.

Their own social sharing icons, bottom right of their site, only link back to their own home page. Another reliable scam sign.



Final Thoughts.

They are a scam site and we do not recommend you shop on their site. You may pay your cash and receive nothing. If you receive your order then it may be poor of quality and not close in value to what you spent on it.

Those with reports are welcome to report them below in the comments.

That is all that needs to be said on What Is PataCloth.com and I hope to hear from you and others about their fake site. They are going into our Sites List of Internet Scammers.

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