What Is PartTimeJob.Online – Is PartTimeJob a Link Referral Scam, or Legit?

By | October 19, 2018

What Is PartTimeJob.Online – #1 PartTimeJob.Online Review Exposing PartTimeJob.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Here is another copy from a well established link sharing referral program network. What Is PartTimeJob.Online (www.parttimejob.online) ? Is PartTimeJob Online fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest or is PartTimeJob genuine, real, legit, safe, good, honest and paying out? This Part Time Job Online Review is going to be exposing this network for what it is – a SCAM! The work is too easy for the pay they are offering their members. There are copies floating around the net tricking people into working for them for free. There are also hidden threats you may need to know and to take action now to correct. Also, do watch out for WeeklyDouble.com, another copy of the one being exposed.

This website is 100% confident to say that PartTimeJob is bogus and only designed to offer you a scam-experience without any pay. Furthermore, they are seeking all info about you to do further harm to you. This company is not even a real registered company and they come with no credentials to prove their legitimacy. For some this is going to be shocking and horrible news. There are good companies out there and, while I was almost about to get scammed by a bad site once, I decided to find a review and stumbled across such a good company. My #1 Recommendation goes into depth on what they offer and how you can sign up for $0 today! Claim 2 Free Websites and 20 Free Training Videos to kick start your own online business. There Premium Options, which is only common sense as the world does not run on fresh air alone, and so that should not come as a shock to you. However, those paid options are not forced onto you and you can still keep all the free resources always at your disposal. Let us continue with this review.





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What Is PartTimeJob.Online, How It Works and How They May Try To Defraud You.

The answer to What is PartTimeJob.Online is that it is a viral scam that is successfully tricking many people out of their time and work efforts. But more than this, there maybe risk of being defrauded out of your hard earned cash. Let us begin to see who is the owner. 

Their website was made on the 21/07/2018 and is only put up online for just 1 year. Real work from home job offers, that are honest and do payout, will leave significant details on who the founder, real world business address including contact support means. Unfortunately the address here is PANAMA, no creator name and no contact either for their users.


PartTimeJob.Online Website

Go to www.parttimejob.online – not recommended.



Now, when enough people have been scammed and this illegal online company has earned enough, they will close their site without any warning and be able to run off with all of the earnings generated by this sites members. There is no way of making contact with the scammer as there is no legit identity info to do so. They re-direct their scam URL to a new site of theirs, or just copy and paste the code from the old site, and make a new one without – which is what they are doing mostly. The only difference between them all is URL and site name. Some of their sites shut down in weeks to only a few months, depending on how quick the online community is to expose them. This is just one article doing its part to try to keep the net safe for all.


The Work Involved and the Huge Pay.

So, $200 or $300 a day for sharing your link must seem likes it is already Xmas! That is not a real offer. What company can seriously afford to pay that out to thousands, millions of people and expect not to go bankrupt and worse still go to prison for not keeping their contractual promise?! None! Their referral program is only to grow their site and make Google think they are legit for better rankings. Better rankings means more traffic and that means more people to scam.

Minimum Pay Out – Why Is It Set So High?

The threshold where you can apply for your cash is set at $300! That is a huge minimum pay out and really should only be set to $1 or less, even $20 to $100 is considered reasonable. The reason why they set it to $300 is to ensure you make  maximum referrals to their site. And since the work is so easy, everyone can do it, and that only ensures maximum global free work force referring people to their site under false pretenses.

Your Personal Information – Is It At Risk?

More than likely! Scam sites love to harvest all members personal data. When they are harvested many 100’s to 1000”s of personal details for members, they are put onto a list, and sold on the deep webs to other scammers. This is a very lucrative way for scam site owners to earn big, easy and quick cash as those lists can be sold for many $$$s to $$$$s depending on the size of the list.

The consequences of your info being harvested is that you are now, potentially, a target for future online scams. They will or may target your box as phishing sites, scam SMS text offers from seemingly your local stores, scam letters from Inland Revenue etc if they got your address. Worst of all, they maybe able to charge your bank card to make charges to. Be sure to contact you bank ASAP if you handed over card details and get all charges stopped and try to get those monies charged back to your account.

Scam Threats At Cash Out!

Here, most of all, is where your attention is needed the most! When you apply for your fake earnings you could be asked to complete a few tasks, or just one, which only ensures their site earns money and not you.

These tasks could be to:-

Complete an offer.

This may involve you going to another site, that maybe a scam site as well, handing over bank details etc to sign up to a trial offer. This is incredibly bad news as now you have just allowed yourself to let some strangers online to potentially charge your card over and over. Once again, ring your bank and get your card cancelled. Cancel that subscription as well. Even if that is a good site, in their Terms and Conditions, it is typical there are many hidden and nasty little extra charges not made clear to you when you first sign up to them.

Complete a Survey.

Surveys! My pet hate – I don’t consider completing surveys anywhere as a real way to earn money online. They too many times just disqualify you after you have completed half of the survey. For me, it is a legal way to harvest data from the population for miserable pennies that is somehow legal to allowed happen online. No one, in their right mind, would work in the real world for such low pay.

Anyways, they may ask you to complete a survey. Maybe they will want you to complete two surveys. Their scam site, PartTimeJob, owner will earn some money for your efforts in this regard. Now, once that is complete, you may notice they want you to pay to complete the survey!! Come on, no legit company behaves like this. You will notice that this condition, or the one above, is not mentioned anywhere on their site. They are hoping that you have become so attached to those fake earnings that you will do anything t get yoru hands on it. May are believing that if they complete all tasks then its an easy pay day for them. Not true.

I fell for scam like this once, years ago and long time before I became expert in exposing online, scams. I was desperate to earn some money online and so willing to try anything. These scam sites will bury themselves among legit offers. I bumped into one that said I get $1 per click on my link. I didn’t know any better and did the job. Got up to 500 clicks and then – SURPRISE – had to fill out a form.

This form wanted my name, address, mobile number, DOB – EVERYTHING!! I gave all that info and then the form just refreshed. Didn’t know it at the time, but I just got Phished! This is where information is extracted out of you under false pretenses by a company pretending to be something they are not i.e. legit. This is shared only to alleviate you of the frustration you could be feeling, and also, to show you that it has happened to probably to most people in their lives. So, don’t sweat it and put it down to experience – OK? 🙂 .


This third one is a common and lousy way to trick people who may still be convinced by a particular con online. Once you apply for your earnings they ask you to pay some money. They may say that collecting your money is a Premium Option Only. No doubt, this is only a way to steal from you. OR – They may call it a PROCESSING FEE! Again, no honest and trusted site asks for processing fee’s, or for you to upgrade, to get your own earnings that you have already worked for. Those are classic and 100% PROOF you are dealing with a dishonest, fraudulent, fake, scam site.








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Final Thoughts.

I estimate tens of thousands of people have already fallen for their scam despite being relatively new online. These sites come in many different names and there is no telling which one is going to do the most damage. It seems the site name has a lot to do with how much traffic they will get to help them grow faster. In this case, PartTimeJob has struck a huge chord with a great number of people. 

So I am sorry for all of that bad news and really there is no easy way to sugar coat it for you. In my own personal experience it was the same for me in my path in finding something legit and honest. Luckily and as mentioned I did. I was fortunate enough to find something that suited me and my skill set. Those interested in working for themselves, which has the fortunate aspect of not being able to scam yourself ( 🙂 ) are welcome to have a look at my #1 Recommendation. Per your own time and efforts you are free to set your own level of pay. You can’t see fairer than that! Looking forward to all of your comments to come, and of course, if you have questions on What Is PartTimeJob.Online – Do Feel Free To Ask 🙂 .



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