What Is PacificSwinwear.us – Is ‘Pacific SimWear’ Scam or Legit?

By | March 26, 2019

Find Out What Is PacificSwimwear.us – Our ‘PacificSwimwear’ Review.

You are welcome here to this review on What Is PacificSwimwear.us at www.pacificswimwear.us. Is PacificSwimwear us a scam, deceptive, a fraud and bogus or is ‘PacificSwimWear’ legit, safe, real, genuine? This ‘Pacific Simwear’ Review is to help you decide if they are safe or not. We will do a back ground check, find out their business info, and ultimately consider if they are trustworthy or even recommendable.

Those with their own customer reviews are welcome to place those in the comments below to help others. To be clear, this is NOT a PacificSwimwear.com Review and not the site we are writing about. We will also look out for scam signs and also online reports. 




What Is PacificSwimwear.us Really About?

Most businesses have no problem in supplying customers a real business address, phone number, and can be clearly viewed on honest sites. So where we are unable to locate founder name, that address, contact info in general, that can be seen as a problem. Others would jump straight in and call them a scam. Those running honest sites, without this information clearly visible, are only leaving yourself open to some suspicion.




pacificswimwear.us review – good or bad?



We head to WHOIS and we can see their site was registered 2017/07/24 and registered to same date in 2019. We can see that is not a very long time for a business to register their company online for and so that is a little suspicious.

It is common for businesses to register for many more years. However, we have to consider that in some cases founders of selling sites may register for small periods of time to see how things go. There is not a founder name registered with the company. They have only left ‘pacific swimwear’ for the founder name.

Their business address, per WHOIS, is 7571`College Dr, Stanton, CA, 90680, US. When we Google that exact address then we see a Town House. That appears to be a  residential property and so how can that be their business address? 

Support email is support@pacificswimwear.us. That is all. No phone  number or business address that is clear and or easy to find. All other clickable options lead to their sales pages. 




Final Thoughts.

They have a business address that is linking to a Town House residential property. There appears to be nothing on their site regarding contact and or where they are based. Only an email address.

Those that have reviews about that site are welcome to leave them below in the comments.

For us, we are not currently recommending this site. We have found a BBB.ore report where there are about 14 complaints about the site in question.

You may view those reports HERE.

That is all on What Is PacificSwimwear.us and looking forward to hearing from you and others below in the comments. Where we find many negative reviews then we will place them into our List of Internet Scammers.



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