What Is OvertureBuy.com – Is OvertureBuy.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 25, 2019

What Is OvertureBuy.com at www.overturebuy.com about?

It really is great to see you because I am hoping you found this article on What Is OvertureBuy.come before handing over your payment details to them. Is OvertureBuy.com a scam, fake, fraudulent, crooked or Is OvetureBuy legit, good, real, safe, honest? This Overture Buy Review is the exact warning you are looking for to stay clear of www. overturebuy com! They have other sites. Please contact your payment provider for a refund and to cancel your card. Also, please do leave your scam reports below in the comments to help warn others if you have the time – thank you.

The Following Sites are run by the Same Cyber-Crooks that own ‘OvertureBuy’:-

  1. Allkks.com.
  2. YouthForSome.com.
  3. BalmllJucy.com.
  4. Neoiu.com.
  5. MjKiu.com.
  6. SurpriseShopping.com.
  7. Ofun.Store.
  8. Inescany.com.
  9. Conglide.com.
  10. OnlineGoodBooks.icu.
  11. InovGoods.com.
  12. MoreRate.com.
  13. Skying.icu.
  14. Easious.com.
  15. MyLoveGoods.com.
  16. Surprise.Shopping.
  17. LucuryBuy.com.
  18. VsTroll.com.
  19. Morderneo.com.
  20. MySuperGoodss.com.
  21. SuperGoMall.com.
  22. InnovStylish.com.
  23. 1SuperShop.com.
  24. OnsuathyMealle.com.
  25. Coolerones.com.
  26. SetComing.com.
  27. ShoppingLily.com.
  28. ShopMyBest.com.
  29. Elepantate.com.
  30. NuxtFitr.com.
  31. Escany.com.

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So there is a host of research on thse fake tool shop scam network. Many such fake sites are coming out of China where unwary customers are receiving goods that are lower in quality than advertised, shoddy, damaged, possible counterfeit and maybe even stolen goods. They may send you out something that is only worth a couple of dollars and so you may have overpaid by many dollars. So you still have obviously been scammed in this situation and warrants applying for a refund. Those that take a moment to report them below will help to get that site shut down sooner rather than later and I thank you in advance also for helping out.


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OvertureBuy.com Review Manual – What Has Your ‘OvertureBuy’ Experience Been Like? – Scam Signs.

So you know already that they are not legit and so stay clear of that OvertureBuy.com site also the others mentioned above. They are an expanding scam network and some of their sites do some pretty serious damage to the online world. Many reports online of people losing money for no products being delivered, to shoddy, damaged etc. We begin with the registration date of that site and work right on through to show you the gaps in their operations. Applying the ideas in this article will save you from most if not all future scam sites you may encounter.


OvertureBuy.com Review

www.overturebuy.com is a fake site!


  1. Registration date for their site above was in 2018/12/18 and typically fake sites that sell online will only register for 1 year. They have registered for just 1 year and so already, with our first piece of research on that one site, we can see they have begun to already fall into the well known scam pattern of fraudsters. Legit businesses will want to stay online for far longer because they know it could take a few years before real profits are made.
  2. The address they are claiming is not theirs. There are just too many sites online claiming the same address of 1928 E. Highland! So they have clearly lied about this they are using this address for the new batch of these sites. You may go to WHOIS to see the full address as I don’t want to keep on repeating myself to this sites regular readers.
  3. Phone number is also in use by other sites and this is only the kind of information they use to hide their real location. None of it is theirs. That is +1.34478717726. So where you see both the address and the phone number as stated here on any site – maybe just give them a miss, or at the very least, look up for reviews before you make any purchases. Always Google address, emails and phone numbers of sites you are suspicious of. Many times, there are scam reports, negative reviews and even many other scam sites using the same information, and as common sense would dictate, no two companies can have exact same information.
  4. Heading to their site to see what other information they have for us to completely debunk! They normally leave a fake address, and certainly a fake number of 1-626-456-668 that keeps showing up for all of their sites, or at least most of them anyways.
  5. So yes that number is on their site. Go ahead and Google that number to see if you can find other companies using it as well. And also, you may go to their ‘ABOUT US’ section and see that it is identical to too many of their other sites, and also of sites, that look completely different to the ones in the image above. So where you see identical verbiage for many sites – we must conclude – they are being run by the same people and that is very suspicious indeed.
  6. So first they are from the USA with the address above. Now they are offering up a UK on their site in their CONTACT US section. Multiple addresses may signify that your goods could be coming from outside your own country. That address is 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE! That address is being used by other sites, perhaps 100’s or even 1000’s, and so they can not claim to own this address only using it make themselves look legit to further their sales. Sadly, it does tend to work especially when you see it is a UK or a USA address.
  7. Looking for Scam Signs Now I can see the usual. So they have lied about their site date. You may see 2010 to 2019 on the bottom of their site. That is untrue and we know we can go to WHOIS, where all sites are registered with some information and dates, and you can see the lie being exposed for yourself. The point of making your site appear older is to garner trust from people. The older the site the more inclined most people will believe them to be legit, because most of us can not understand how a site could be a scam, if it has been online for so long. It is a common trick that adds to the overall picture they are falsely presenting of themselves.
  8. Images are not theirs and they have no permission to use them. Typically fake sites will steal images for content and sales on their own dishonest sites. This will invariably lead to sales but the products being sent out to unwary customers for their hard earned, maybe nothing like advertised and even they may send out something different. Or nothing at all or an empty envelope to produce a tracking code during payment disputes.
  9. Their site is a little shoddy and typically legit selling sites may spend $20K+ on a site. So that is just another scam sign and it is not said out of disrespect.
  10. OK, that is enough and I believe by now you can see the logic in why I am saying they are not a good site.







Please Leave Your OvertureBuy.com Scam Reports and Reviews Below In The Comments To Help Warn others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

SO! I hope that has illuminated you to the truth about their site and their entire scam network. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers right now for good. Please leave your scam reports below to help alert others, and also, it does provide proof of the reality of their sites intentions. Thank you.


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Thank is all and looking forward to all of your comments to come on What Is OvertureBuy.com.

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6 thoughts on “What Is OvertureBuy.com – Is OvertureBuy.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Lou Ann Homa

    Never received my item. They couldn’t or wouldn’t give me a tracking number. Only offered 50% of purchase price which I refused. Then 60% finally 70% all of which I refused since the site said my order was still in processing and never left the warehouse. I finally reported them to my credit card company whimhen returned my payment. They always began their response with “we are an honest company” they are not honest

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Lou Ann Homa for your OvertureBuy.com customer review. Sorry to hear about this and thanks again for taking the time to report them to us. It is appreciated and will go along way as proof to others of what ‘OvertureBuy’ is doing to their customers.

  2. Adrian Galvan

    My wife sent me the link on Facebook messanger for the Youth Kid-o-Bunk with Organizers. I made the the purchase and got charged $69.90 with shipping. I received an email confirmation with order details. Two weeks later I went back to the email and on the bottom it said “Please reply to this email if you have any questions,” so I did. Today I went to the website to look at the contact information, fake California phone number with a London England address. I did further research and found this site. Just like Anne I got scammed but I did not receive anything at all.

    1. Scam Witness

      Disappointing to hear this Adrian and certainly contact your payment provider for a refund. Hopefully, after they investigate, they will refund you. Take images of all communications of any kind from this company and present it to your payment provider as proof, where applicable.

      Delivery date – overdue item.
      Any additional charges to your card – what is the name of the company, is it different from OvertureBuy?
      Is there a tracking code? – fake sites hardly ever give legit tracking codes and so that is good evidence if you can provide any fake codes like this from Overture Buy.

      Hope this helps Adrian and let us know if they refund you or not if you have time ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Anne Kadis

    I wish I read this before ordering from Overturebuy.com. I was totally taken in by their scam company. I purchased a sewing machine for $69.00, retails for $270.00 on Amazon. They immediately took money from my bank account and sent me a comfirmation of order. Four weeks later a hand held, hand pump sewing machine arrived from China. I wouldn’t pay $5.00 for this thing, total junk. Total scam, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!

    1. Scam Witness

      Very sorry to hear about this Anne and thank you kindly for reporting OvertureBuy.com here to us. You can contact your payment provider to see if they will refund and hope to hear back from you that they do. Thanks again Anne 🙂 ~ Philp (Scam Witness).


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