What Is Ottega.com – Is ‘Ottega’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – REVIEW!

By | April 11, 2019

Find Out What Is Ottega.com Here. Our ‘Ottega’ Review Complete Guide on What Is ‘Ottega’.

You have done the right thing by looking for reviews on What Is Ottega.com a site at www.ottega.com. They sell rings, watches etc, and so you can never be too careful. Is Ottega com fake, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘Ottega’ trustworthy, real, legit and safe? This www Otega com Review is to set your mind at ease. While they do have complaints, they also have good reports. So,What Is ‘Ottega’ really all about? Let’s find out more…

They are delivering the products and so we are satisfied with them. These negative reports were perhaps expecting much higher quality for these goods at the set prices? I am afraid that is how some of these complaints are coming across. So we are happy to see that ‘Ottega’ is indeed delivering to their customers and they are trustworthy, for now. Your customer reviews are welcome in the comments below this article.



scam or legit






What Is ‘Ottega’ and How Can We Trust Them For Sure?

So, to be 100% clear, we deem ‘Ottega’ to be Legit currently. We have no way of predicting if they are going to turn into a scam in the future. This can happen sometimes but we are not saying that will happen with ‘Ottega’. We have spotted scam signs and so this is making it more difficult to answer What Is Ottega.com.

We will do our usual background check and detail what we believe are their scam-signs. We do this as a standard check for all sites we review. Ultimately, since there are so many customer reviews on them that we are going to be heavily relying on them to glean the truth.

Registration for their site was in 2016/11/2019 and for 3 years they registered their site. Not that long considering they are a business. However, though it is not that long it can be that the founder set up their business in 2016 to see how it would go. It seems like they are popular and so I expect they will renew their own domain when the time comes.

WHOIS is a great free resource to go to which will detail the attached site information about most sites. We see, despite the fact we believe they are legit right now, they have failed to leave a founder name. Their business address is a PO BO from Denver, US. So a ‘PO BOX’ for a business can’t be a good sign, usually.

On their site we see an address of:-

Novus International FZE
Business Centre, Al Shmookh Building,
UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm Al Quwain
United Arab Emirates.

Per one report online, we have discovered that they are shipping from Hong Kong.

We do not seem to be able to locate a founder name. Customer service number is not obvious to see and even we are finding it hard to locate an email address. These are pretty bad signs usually and so still we must question where this information is.



‘Ottega’ Scam Signs.

The following are either scam signs or human error. You decide…

  • We begin by noticing the prices of their watches on their own home page. We see some watches priced at $0.00. So that is a terrible mistake, and already if not for the good reviews online, I would personally just leave that site. We suggest the ‘Ottega’ owners fix those errors because clearly they are delivering goods people are happy with. It just brings potentially unnecessary suspicion.
  • On their site we see the word ‘London’. Is this implying they are situated in London? If so, we now have 3 countries involved in this sites location. US, United Emerates and now London. Where multiple addresses exist attached to a site then that could indicate your order is coming from out side your region.
  • As mentioned, we have also found out their shipping location. This report says that they are actually from Hong Kong. We will leave a link to that report end of this article for those interested. We consider this a scam sign because that is now possibly 4 locations.
  • Founder Name does not appear to be situated online. Phone number and even an email address does not appear to be on hand for customers. These are typically considered bad signs. And so now I hope you see why are conflicted a little on whether they are scam or legit. But, the customer reviews do not lie and so we are going by them, and regarding them as legit at this moment.
  • When we go to check out a watch we see that they do not have any Trust Seals. No doubt we have all seen McAffee, Verisign symbols, when clicked, takes us to their site and lets us know so-and-so site has been checked is free of spamming, phishing, malware etc. 
  • We have found something else that has set off some ‘alarm bells’. TrustPilot has 459 Reviews where ‘Ottega’ is rated 47% Exellent, 20% Great, 4% Average, 2% Poor, 27% Bad. As said, a mixed-bag. But we are happy to see that 47% are Excellent Reviews and a further 20% are Great. So that is the bulk of reviews happy with their service.
  • Within TrustPiliot we see that the ‘Ottega’ company has not been claimed. We also see that all those reviews are about ‘ottega.co.uk’. We thought it maybe a different company. We ‘clicked’ and so we see another website that appears to be exactly alike the one we are reviewing now. Except, they are calling that one ‘Ottega.London‘. What Is Ottega.London? It appears to be a duplicate of Ottega.com.
  • The address of that site appears to be exactly the same. The pricing on that site is not $0.00 for some products. We have located an email address of contact@ottega.com. We still have no founder name and no customer service phone number.






Final Thoughts.


Despite our research above, we simply can not call them a scam due to the fact they are delivering products, and most customer reviews, are happy and satisfied with their goods.

We have created this forum to be dedicated to the customers of ‘Ottega’ and so we open this discussion with a question;-

What Has Your Experience Been?

We are happy to receive your own customer reviews on this site. Given past reviews, we are expecting positive and maybe also negative reviews. This forum is also open and keen to hear from anyone who works for the company just researched.

Where many reviews exist on a site then that is an excellent way to find out about bad, and also to highlight, good sites. Where many positive reviews come through then we will be happy to stick with our own verdict of legit and safe. In this event, happy shopping 🙂 .

So we are saying right now they are legit. If we get too many negative reports to our site then we will have to change that. In this even, should it transpire, they will go into our List of Internet Scammers. 

That is all on What Is Ottega.com and we hope our answer on What Is ‘Ottega’ has given you some useful information and links. SEE COMMENTS FOR MORE INFO, IF ANY.

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