What Is Ortrend.com – Is ‘Ortrend’ Scam or Legit? – REVIEW!

By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is Ortrend.com Here – Our ‘Ortrend’ Review.

You are welcome to this review on What Is Ortrend.com. www.ortrend.com is a new site that sells ladies fashion goods. Is Ortrend com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘Ortrend’ safe, real, genuine and legit? This review has already spotted some scam signs like models heads in the images are chopped off, prices are 50% and more on so many items.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to place them in the comments. As said, ‘Or Trend’ is new and so there is not a whole lot about them online. We find so many fake sites and most of them are from China. This region has a bad rep for fake e-stores. So, we will find out about the founder, contact info and where they are from. Let’s find out more below…




Is www.ortrend.com a scam?



Ortrend.com Review.

Registration date for Ortrend.com was in 2019/02/21. 12 months is the time they have registered their site for. That is a short time for a new online business and some may see it as a hit-and-run site. Others may say that the founder may just want to see how their first year goes with the option to renew.

We consider it a low-key scam sign given that the second reason is what could be happening with some e-stores. There is no founder name and we see in WHOIS that they have a PO BOX from Panama. That is a proxy address, though incomplete, that hides the sites owner real location. 

service@ortrend.com is their email address. There is no customer service number and no business address. That is not looking good in our view.

When we are expected to hand over payment information then it is paramount we know whom we are dealing with. Always look for reviews when you encounter sites you do not know of this kind.





Final Thoughts.

Too many discounts and some are too high. No transparency whatsoever. RatingPlease.com have 9 reviews and they are positive. This is a very good sign if those reviews are legit and real.

We welcome your reports below if you have purchased from the site in question.

That is it on What is Ortrend.com and looking forward to hearing from you.


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