OrMoney.Host – Is OrMoney.Host Scam or Legit Paid to Click Job?

By | November 27, 2018

OrMoney. Host – The Truth Of Their Paid Advertising Viewing System Russian Network.

OrMoney. Host offers too much money for the simple to do work they offer. Is OrMoney Host (www.ormoney. host) fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is OrMoney good, safe, real, genuine, legit, honest and paying out? This Or Money Review Paid Advertising Viewing System article is giving you a very real warning not to work at their site. Any site that looks like OrMoney is part of a Russian Scam Network that have been online from 2014. You can see a list of their sites at this Review of LapMoney. Club.  The following sites, are not listed in that review, and they are OmMoney. XYZ, AbMoney. Site, UpMoney. Bid, PoMoney. Club, EpMoney. Fun, UcMoney. Fun, ApMoney. ICU, PenMoney. Club, EpMoney. Host, ArMoney. ICU, ErMoney. PW, EtMoney. ICU are just a few to watch out for as well as part of a batch of their sites.

There is no doubt in my mind that all the sites mentioned above are designed to solely scam people out of time and money. There are a few threats to your own online security to beware of as well. However, those that are determined to find real and paying work online, have clicked on the right article. There are many good platforms online that offer excellent opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate is just one and one I recommend because it has worked for me. And so it is free to sign up for people from most countries. No cc to begin where you can find out how to make a website and earn from it on a full time basis. Lets continue with this OrMoney Review.


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What Is OrMoney. Host – Paid Advertising Viewing System Rampages On.

OrMoney. Host is a false Paid to Click site. That is the bottom line. They don’t pay out to anyone. None of their 1751 English copies have even paid out to any of their members since they began in 2014. There are German and Russian copies online as well which, usually speaking, last for 1 year online. Even so many will just last a few months before closing down. They can vanish at any time just to be replaced by newer versions.

The founders name is never ever attached to any of these fake sites. The address is nearly always saying PANAMA and that is about it. The contact info is not listed except perhaps helenagillmore100@gmail.com – that email address is well known for being connected with many other online scams.

OrMoney.Host Site

don’t work at www.ormoney. host!


Where we find a complete absence of real world address, contact info and even founder name all missing, then we should be very worried if we still decide to work on such a site. The identity is so expertly hidden there is not a trace of who it could even be. The reason is so they scammers can simply make off with all the earnings from all their sites without any legal consequences.

Also, you may find that there are sites online like that will rate these new sites as potentially trustworthy. Those are false readings but I don’t blame those sites. They are working on an algorithm probably based on how many negative online reports. Where sites are young, then not enough time has passed for such reports to have occurred, and so we see now how fake sites can go for sometime before being exposed. 

Incidentally, OrMoney Host was registered online 2018/11/23 and so boo-hoo for them that I caught them early before they could do some real damage. Actually, they have released many more yet to be exposed. Since they are such a huge scam network I give them a lot of my time to lessen their damage online. 


Do Report Them Below If They Wasted Your Time And Especially If They Stole Money From You.




Avoiding Their Scam – Full Info, Please Share This Article To Help Warn Others.

They offer 10c for every click you make and then doing a code completes that task. Also, making referrals nets you half of those peoples pay. Let us now break down that logic.

First, they tell everyone that you can earn 10c per click. GREAT! Then, in nearly the same breath, you are told that you can earn 50% of your Referrals Earnings. HOLD UP! I thought EVERYONE earns 10c per click and captcha filled? How can that be so if you are earning so much money from those who sign up through you? Their lack of logic with the figures simply fails to add up correctly.

On Signing Up you will find out the hard way you just gave your email to a phishing form. That email is now on a much sought after list of others people personal information. When the list is big enough they will sell it on for max profit. This is but one way scammers make good money for next to know work.

Click ads, make referrals – that is the work covered.

Minimum Payout – The Scam Reeves Up A Notch.

The minimum pay out is far too high and set to $300. Normally sites will set that far lower than even $100 and is a classic sign of a scam site. The point is to make you work for longer to generate them more money. All ads and codes completed does give them some earnings, but they don’t share that revenue.

Also, it gives you time to make them many referrals so they have more people to try take money out of. At the very least, to make them work for free. In essence, with all of their sites combined, they have a huge free work force earning them cash day and night all the time.

Scam Attempt To Avoid:-

They want you to make them 40 new members. That is not stated anywhere on their site. You can buy them for about $9. Then you are asked for $19 to complete the transaction for your earnings. No honest and ethical site asks for money for you to get paid and indicative of a deceptive site. So, never pay anyone for a job or to get your earnings.

Should you make those referrals, buy them etc, then you are locked out of your account for life. There is not a way to get back in and remains as if it is active until their site is closed down. This is not to alert your sign ups of anything unusual. This is going on all the time with these fake sites and is why I never-ending write about them when they release new ones.

Those that have been scammed are welcome to report OrMoney in the comments below. Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

To Recap – you sign up using a phishing form, work for free, be asked for money when you try to cash out and then be blocked from your account. A real email address is not required either. Stop sharing your referral link and don’t believe any You-Tube Video that tries to show you ‘proof’ of cashing out – those are the scammers. I KNOW most will not comment below – that is how they continue to hurt others. If you were scammed please try and show some care for your fellow man by doing so. The more reports online about these sites the quicker they will shut down, its as simple as that. The choice – I leave up to you.

Those needing more information not covered in this article on OrMoney. Host are welcome to ask below. I will do my best to further assist. Those in need of real online work are welcome to click HERE to my #1 Review to find out how it is possible. Thank you for you time and looking forward to all of your comments to come below.

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