What Is Oridelo.com about – Is Oridelo.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | January 17, 2019

Watch Out For Oridelo.com – Scam Alert!

Very nice work for finding this review on What Is Oridelo.com found at www.oridelo.com. Is Oridelo com scam, fake, dishonest, crooked, fraudulent or Is Oridelo legit, safe, real, genuine, honest and good? In this Oridelo Review we are going to be alerting you to a few things that are just not right with that site. Those that have made purchases on that site may find that their payment details at risk. Please contact your payment provider to cancel your card and also to get a refund. There are many fake shopping sites online and they are just one of them. Please leave your scam reports to help warn others, thank you.

Too many times I notice that fake shopping sites are coming from China, mostly. It is a region that is unfortunately known for this type of online scam. So that is a point we will be looking out for. But also, they may only send you out a shoddy, inferior, low quality goods instead of the high-end gear you see on their site. Those that have received goods are welcome to let everyone know what condition you received them in, as often times, they are damaged and the quality so bad that it is worthless next to what you paid for the order.




What Is Oridelo.com and Why You Need To Stay Clear of Them.

Let us now take a quick but closer look at their site. Registration of their site was in 2018/07/13 and that is paid up to 2019 same date. That is very suspicious to see an online store that has decided it is wise to register their online business for just 1 year. It costs somewhere from $13.99 to $16.99 for a yearly registration of your own dot com. So why are they skimming on that minor expense when they could have paid up for longer for long term success?


Oridelo.com Review

Do not buy from www.oridelo.com!


Great Question! That is because they are only intending to stay around online for 1 year, if that as sometimes online scams will defraud for 1 or 2 years and then vanish without trace or warning, and so that is typical to see such a low amount of registration time online.

Their registered address for their online business is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Ariozona, 85260, US. There is nothing wrong with that address except it is in use already by many other online companies and most of them are scams! SO that is an address that cyber-crooks have been known to hide behind.

Now I see they registered their site without leaving the expected founder name and contact information. They have left a phone number but nothing came up for that. Usually with fake sites their phone numbers tend to link in Google searches to older or current scam sites. Always research any info that a site leaves you to see what turns up.




Things That Are Wrong With Their Oridelo Site.

Here are a few scam signs that will help you realize that they are no good and only out to deceive people out of their hard earned cash.

  • There is no date at the bottom of their site and so no one knows, if they do not know how to look up a sites details in WHOIS, how long they have been around online for.
  • Their Contact Us page only leaves an email of support@oridelo.com. There is no actual address of where they are based.
  • Their prices are a little too generous and that is something that you should watch out for when deciding if a site is good or not to buy from.
  • In their Privacy Policy they have failed to make aware who their Privacy Compliance Officer is. That is just something that no legit site would leave out as its kinda mandatory regarding visitors online personal information.
  • When you are using a site like theirs it is important to understand that your banking information is not secured. That is because cyber-crooks may sell on your personal information for a profit. They can even store such details for years, until they have amassed many peoples data, and then sell it on for big and quick cash. Do make sure you contact your bank to secure your card.
  • Items that you may receive maybe of low quality and nowhere near what you paid for the order. Even you may find out that their delivery is taking around 2 months when it should of been sooner. 
  • Support may become a little weird with you by asking you to remain patient, understanding and also to sympathize with their difficulties with shipping out your order. That clearly is not how support from any company is trained to talk to customers.
  • They have trust seals on their site that link off to nowhere except back to their own sites home page. That is not good and only a sign that they are intentionally trying to trick their unwary customers into making purchases.





Do You Have A Oridelo.com Scam Report? Please Leave Your Reports Below In The Comments To Alert Others – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

SO there you have it. I hope that was of use to you. You may want to contact your bank, PayPal etc, and try to get a refund. Products that you may receive could be of such terrible quality that you may not have a use for them. Certainly, considering the price you would have paid for it, then you were still ripped off and I advise you to report them below and elsewhere online.

Thank you all for coming to this website to view our research on What Is Oridelo.com. I would love to hea from you with your own scam reports, complaints etc. Even if you wish to say ‘hi’ that would be cool as well. So thanks again and looking forward to all of your comments to come below.


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