What Is Oplissa.com – Is Oplissa.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 14, 2019

Find Out More What Is Oplissa.com – The ‘Oplissa’ Review, ‘ItsFashion‘ and ‘IvGasMe‘ Scam Network Continues.

Nice work indeed on finding this review on What Is Oplissa.com found at www.oplissa.com. Is Oplissa com a scam, deceptive, bogus and fraudulent or Is Oplissa legit, real, safe and genuine? This www Oplissa com Review is a warning to not shop on their site. There are copies of them floating around such as Qaninsa.com! Identical in eveyway possible except URL name and site logo. Your own Oplissa Complaints and Reviews are welcome here below this article in the comments to help warn others.

Most shopping sites that turn out to be fraudulent are from China. The above mentioned sites are no different and they are a fake power tool e-store. Typically you may find that you can’t receive your order after payment, goods delivered are cheap and  not what was advertised. Perhaps even you could receive stolen goods or counterfeit/replica items for your hard earned cash. However, you may need to contact your payment provider to get your card cancelled. DEFINITELY PUT IN FOR A REFUND NOW!



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Oplissa.com Review – What Is ‘Oplissa’ Really About?

Where we find copies of one a site online then that is usually a very big sign of a scam network. We know right now that Oplissa.com is a fake site. We also know that Qaninsa.com is no good either. Actually, any site that looks like those two are fake and you are welcome to report them here in the comments. Below is a summary of what we know about their on why they are fake and  not to be trusted.



Warning for www.oplissa.com!


  1. Their sites only set up for 1 year and that is already a bad sign. Legit businesses know that it can take years for a site to be generating excellent revenue. So, 1 or ever 2 years is considered deceptive. 
  2. There are no founder names for any of their sites. And also the addresses they state anywhere online are either incomplete or they have stolen other peoples addresses. This is intentional cover up as they have complaints against their sites, even the new ones like Qaninsa, already. Be warned.
  3. We are very doubtful they even own the images and it is most likely they have stolen them from across the web. This is common with fake sites to a point that I did not even have to check any more. 
  4. There are zero trust seals on their site that tells us they are OK and good to deal with. Now you could be handing over – I MEAN – you are handing over information to cyber-crooks that may randomly charge your card to supplement their own lifestyle(s).
  5. Their sites are so identical they even copy and paste the old sites errors with them. When an old site is shut down from lack of earnings, or from being exposed too much online, then they will start many more to keep their earnings up. This is the point of having many sites to defraud people with.
  6. The contact numbers I doubt they work and an email address is all most scammers will leave you, if they respond to you at all. I doubt this new number of +44 911 420 1266. +44 seems to be a UK number.





‘Oplissa’ (‘IvGasMe’) Scam Signs.

  • Their errors are copied all the time and so we can list them here quickly for you so you can see how fraudulent they are.
  • The date on their site for their sites age is bogus. 2010 TO 2019 is false. This is also intentional in order to convince you they are safe. How is it a site is online for so long if they are a scam? And so that is a decider for many more sales.
  • They call themselves ‘IvGasMe‘ which is an important scam sign to beware of. Where we find that the website addresses name, and the sites logo name differs, then that is a great clue something  maybe wrong.
  • There are some errors in their pricing and also they are too cheap. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is pretty much always a scam sign and a huge one at that. The prices are so reduced you have to wonder how they are making any profits from some of their items. 
  • When we go to check out, we can see the McAffee Trust Seal, bottom of their site to the left. Please note, that is a bogus endorsement. McAffee has not inspected their site and passed them per their own criteria. When we click on that image then it just links to that site, no more. No positive verification occurs. I see that scam sign several times a day on various sites
  • There are 16/17 other images on the bottom and none are working.
  • You can go to their Privacy Policy Page where they accidentally called themselves ‘Qaninsa‘. Ops. That is how I found them because I wrong on that site and Oplissa was on page 1 – they ranked for the keyword ‘Qaninsa’ – sometimes life really is fair hehe 🙂 . So that happens when scammers are all scammed-out-tired and do not see where these giveaway mistakes are. That is good for us to determine the overall trust level of a site.
  • That really is all we need to say about their scam signs of which there enough to call them a scam.






Final Thoughts.

Hidden all information about themselves online. Copies of their sites online to keep up their illegal earnings as old ones close down. They may shut down at any time so be sure to apply for your refund ASAP. Keep a record of all conversations, if any, as you will need that as proof for a refund. Please report them below to help alert others. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


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Thank you for coming by to know What Is Oplissa.com. Those that lost money to that site are welcome to let them have it in the comments below  – SOUND-OFF! Except for swearing, you are welcome to have a rant and a good rave as it is really very therapeutic for you 🙂 . You may REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE where we will expose them page 1 of Google for all to know. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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4 thoughts on “What Is Oplissa.com – Is Oplissa.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Janet Warren

    I also ordered the foldable work table. When I inquired about the status in February I was told it got held up in customs and that it would be reshipped. In March I was asked to wait one more week, and if it didn’t arrive they would issue a refund. What a joke. Since March I am not able to contact them. And of course that one more week put it past the time limit to get a refund. DON’T TRUST THEM !

  2. Paige Kier

    Oplissa.com is a SCAM I ordered a foldable work table for $40 and never received it after being told it had been shipped. DONT ORDER FROM THEM. I waited too long to get a refund from my credit card company. Don’t wait. My credit card company has a 60 day time limit.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you paige for your report on Oplissa and thank you also for being the first to comment as well. Hopefully this will encourage others to do the same. Much appreciated.


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