What Is ootdy.com – Is ootdy.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 1, 2019

Find Out What Is ootdy.com – The ootdy.com Review.

This review on What Is ootdy.com situated at www.ootdy.com. Is ootdy com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or is ‘ootdy’ legit, real, safe, genuine and good? This www ootdy com review is to help those that have these kinds of questions. Those with information on that site are welcome to leave your own reviews below this article. Those that feel they were scammed (if any) by that site are advised to contact your payment provider. Put in for a refund and cancel your card. This is only to be done where nothing or wrong goods were delivered to you for your hard earned cash.

The internet is being blasted with fake shopping sites all the time. Most of them are from China. We are not saying that they site is fake. We have yet to do the research and so we must find some key areas and see what we find.

When unwary customers lose money to scam sites then it is possible you could receive nothing for your cash, something shoddy, inferior, perhaps counterfeit and even stolen products. If you fear scammers have your payment information then it possibly a good idea to cancel  your card since they will have that data. That is to prevent random charges to your funds.




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What Is ootdy.com About?

Right now we have to find out who the founder of that site is, where there are based, contact information and also registration date. It is normal for honest and legit sites to be very transparent in this area. Scam sites will tend to cover up all of that data. It is understood that site owners may not want to be spammed and so we may excuse not having an email etc. However, how are ‘we’ the public meant to randomly trust any site, especially ones that are new, with our payment information and therefore our cash.




www.ootdy.com reviewed.


When things go wrong, as sometimes they do, where are people to turn to inside this company to find out where their order is and, where necessary, to apply for their refunds? So, this is information that we are seeking is absolutely crucial.

Registration date for their site was in 2018/12/10 and 1 year is the length of their sites registration. SO 1 year is not a long time at all, not for a business. Scam sites will tend to set up their sites for this little amount of time, possibly defraud as many people as they can, and then shut down without notice to their customers.

Of course, they can renew after the 1 year and really it is just an interesting point to raise.

Their address is not theirs and I have personally seen many other sites online using it. It is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Toronto. That is a proxy address and it is designed to hide their real location. That is a bad sign.

However, there is an address on their site of of South Tower World Finance Centre 17 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon HONG KONG. That is an address I have seen before as well. You may look at this Review on ZarChic.com and you will see that they to are using the exact same address. How can two different companies be using the exact same address? That is a bad sign and also a sign of a potential scam network.




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Scam Signs of ootdy.com.

Covering up all information on owner, location and contact information is very worrying. It is not acceptable to be an online business but then you have no location to help your customers who may need to get refunds etc. I understand there are entrepreneurs in every niche but customers need this data as a basic right. 

They are sharing their own address with another website. That is very scam site behavior. That implies that the unknown founder has other websites that their customers do not know about. Its odd that they have not listed those sites within any of their sites. So, that is something else that is making me feel worried about them.

Their FAQ’s button is not linking to any ‘FAQ’s’ page. That is not right as normally, where sites do present a QnA section then it is normally to see the most common questions being answered. Instead, they have linked it to move to the bottom of their site where there are options to see.

I just noticed they have indeed renewed their site and so it has been online since 2017. The copyright date at the bottom of their site has not been updated and that implies that they are not maintaining their site. That is a bad sign for a selling site.

Top of their site says Free Shipping, and then in the same breath, you are given 10% and 20% off when you order over a certain limit. It is a little unclear when it is put like that.


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Final Thoughts.

They have a Facebook Page listed in Google, but when we go to click on that link, nothing shows up. So they have deleted that aspect of their online business. The information here is freely sourced online and anyone can find it. For me, I would not buy from that site as I am NOT giving my payment information to an unknown site.

No founder name, address shared by another online company, I don’t see a phone. They are still relatively new and so we must approach with caution. I do not recommend them.

Scam or Legit?

What is your opinion? What has been your experience? You are welcome to let us know below to help alert others, or to recommend the site in question, for all to know. I personally respond to comments and so do not fear that you will be ignored, you won’t. That is all for now on What Is ootdy.com and thank you for coming by our site. Don’t forget, never take any sites ‘verdict’ as the ‘final word’. Seek other resources as mistakes can be made. And so, based on my research, this is my opinion.




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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks for your report on Ootdy.com. Sorry to hear this and put in for a refund if they have scammed you with your payment provider.


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