What Is ‘Onreek about? Is Onreek.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | May 23, 2019

WARNING!! Onreek.com Scam Alert – Our Short ‘Onreek’ Review.

We expertly locate and expose online scams, regarding Onreek.com, it was easy to ‘spot’ them as a fraudulent site. What Is ‘Onreek’ really about? Is www.onreek.com a scam or are they honest and legit? This short review will detail why they are not to be trusted and what and the scam signs. 

Those with customer reviews are welcome to air your reviews in the comments to help others better understand why they are not trustworthy. Where we have many real customer reviews located in one the one place then we can build a forum that looks out for others online. 







Onreek.com Review – Our Guide To Spotting a Scam.

  • We are going to be hunting down owner name, their business address, if we can contact them and also when they set up their site. We see that there exists already some other sites exposing this site as a fake site. So we wish to warn out own site visitors on why they are a scam, NOT JUST TO SAYSCAM‘.
  • Here is how we do it and it is easy to do research. Head to WHOIS and we see the date of this site. This can tell us ‘something’ about the site in question, potentially. So we see that the registration date for their site was in 2019/03/27 and they renewed that site for only a year.
  • We know there people work online, earning with their own e-store, that are honest. They are not required to leave an address to their home location. That is obviously a little dangerous. But when you come across as a business and you do not possess a founder name, business address etc, then something is wrong.
  • If we find an address then we simply Google this address. For now, we see that they have  not left the owners name and so we have to ask why this is so. Legit businesses do not have a problem saying who the founder is and normally they are very proud to show their sites creator.
  • They are using an address that states they are from the USA. You may view that address at the aforementioned resource we have already mentioned. We have viewed countless sites using that same address and so it is a proxy address. They are used to hide the owner of a sites real location, and for a business, that simply will not do!
  • However, if you are not a business but a blogger for instance, then that is just fine. Again, work from home individuals do not have to leave their home addresses as a ‘business address.
  • They are selling backpacks, reusable bags etc. We have another business address on their own website and an apparent founder name. 
  • Address:
    Cristian Santoyo
    313 Elgin ave
    East dundee, IL 60118
    United States
  • Where we see multiple addresses may indicate your goods could be coming to you from outside your region. There are reports online that at least ‘some’ people have not got the goods they have paid for.
  • Their email is cristiansanhho@gmail.com but we are not able to locate a customer service phone number. Why is there no number, and for those that have emailed this e-store, did you get a response? Or, did your email bounce back to you as undelivered?



How To Spot A Fake E-Store.

Here are our best tips to spot an dishonest online store for those that have already made a purchase.

E-Receipt and Taxes.

Did they send you a purchase confirmation receipt to your email? I is common that fake sites do not do this. It is common sense though that companies, that are legit, will make this confirmation proof of your purchase available to you. 

Try to get one out of any e-store that does this to you for you could need it should you need to put in for a refund. Without having one then this course of action, if necessary, may not be in your favor as the scammers have not supplied proof they sold you anything. – N.B.!!!!!

And even fake sites will not charge taxes, and other related charges at times, and is another clue you could be dealing with an dishonest site.

Fake or No Tracking Info?

This is a very good scam sign something is wrong. If the site has simply not bothered to give you tracking information, which incredibly at times it is possible some brazen scam sites will not, then definitely insist that they do.

Should they comply then check that it is a legit information tracking data. Check the courier site they have said they are using. Ask that site, with your purchase order number, if they have your package and so where is it right now. 

Assuming the courier package has no clue what you are talking about – then you are dealing with scammers! Legit Courier Companies have no reason to lie to you.

Weight Of Package Scam Sign Within Tracking Data.

This is a fairly sneaky trick that cyber-crooks will often pull on their unwary customers. Recently we have been getting reports of people receiving wallets instead of their actual order. That is awful when you consider that some people have spent $$$’s just to receive an item that is utterly worthless that is probably not even nearing $5.

Point being, if you ordered a lawn mower for instance, and you see the weight on your tracking page as far-far-far-too-light -> YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM.

You need now to compile your e-receipt showing exactly what you ordered. Image or copy of your tracking information showing the ‘error’ of the weight and provide and confront the company you suspect of being a scam.

They could of made a mistake and so that is fine. But if they fail to resolve this situation then you have a good case for a refund. Be sure you can prove to your payment provider that  you have made reasonable attempts to resolve this with the suspect scam company. 




Watch out for rude and or broken English. This is a sign that you may not be dealing with a professionally trained company.

Perhaps you have emailed such companies many times and been ignored? It is not common for legit companies to ignore their companies and this is yet another sign that you probably should start compiling all of the evidence, as described above.

Were Your Goods Delivered?

Even scam sites will at times deliver goods. But, that hardly makes them legit when they have not sent out exactly as advertised. Many times I have seen scammers say that the items may appear different because of the lighting from the camera.

Then we see evidence online of the most misshapen articles of cloths that look no where near alike the goods advertised. It is quite sneaky to say the least.

Another thing to look out for on scam sites social media is when they say:-


Legit companies do not use that as a slogan, and actually, it is the slogan of bad sites. Most fake e-stores are from China and so do pay particular attention to them. If uncertain, look for reviews before purchasing. If prices are too-good-to-be-true then you should probably run from that site.

Maybe you receive a package, and BEFORE YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE, take a picture of the address and other info on the packaging. If it states something OTHER than WHAT YOU HAVE ORDERED and you have your e-receipt – IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THE COMPANY.

Try to sort things out. If no joy in this action then I believe you should have enough evidence to prove you were duped out of your hard earned cash.

Perhaps you received goods that are shoddy, defective, damaged, wrong goods, wrong sizes and colors with poor stitching etc, then report them to your payment provider if all other corrective actions fail.

Waiting a Long Time for Your Goods?

This is a hall-mark of a scam site. Of course, we are not saying proven good companies are scams because your order was late. I am just saying it is very-very common with fake sites. The time it takes may indicate that they are working to take orders, then order those items elsewhere online, and hence the time delay – maybe.

For whatever reason, it is not uncommon to wait far longer than what their site may say they can deliver within. I have read many reports of people waiting 2 months, 3 months, and yes, even 4 months and longer for their goods to show up. When they do, we have received very few reports indeed where people were happy with their goods after waiting so long.

Possible Excuses Employed For Late Deliveries – OR – No Deliveries.

They will say pretty much anything regarding why your order is late. The worst excuse we have read is a customers order was lost in a hurricane. This lady checked the news and could plainly see there was no hurricane in the region the scammers say there was one.

They may also say you order was destroyed when it was being delivered to you. Check their content very well on their site. They may have slipped into that content, such things like in a round-about-way, if anything happens to  your order e.g. gets damaged or destroyed then they are not responsible for that. They are not liable to refund you or to give you an exchange or any goods of any kind.

The Returns Scam – The Last Step In The E-Store Scam.

For whatever reason, you may want to return your items. Problem is, when dishonest sites, you must pay for those returns. So normally these returns will cost more than the actual order. You may be advised to give the goods to a friend or donate to charity.

They may even offer you a small percentage of the price as a refund. Worse still, they may try to trick you by saying they will refund you, or exchange your goods for the correct ones, if you stop your refund claim. Please do not fall for this. No honest company would ask this of you.


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Final Thoughts.

There are simply too many sources online that are claiming this site to be a scam. We see that they have no legit transparency on their business information. This is a very bad sign. So where we can not find out who the owner is, location, contact information is sparse, then consider looking for reviews.

If you can not locate reviews then ask sites like us and we will research them for you. That is what we do almost daily, and so if there is a site you are not sure about, then you can go ahead and leave the full URL’s in the comments. We will try to always expose all the potential online scams you report to us.

Once again we are asking you to leave your own customer reviews below in the comments to help alert others. If you feel we have got this wrong then please do let us know. We are more than willing to take corrective action if errors have occurred here. 

Where in doubt, never take any one site as the ‘final word’. Look elsewhere and see if other resources are saying the same thing as us and other bloggers. We found out about that site via the You-Tube Channel Scam Adviser and so we give them full credit for exposing them first.

In our time, it is often, we are the first to expose and we appreciate those that claim that content as their own, to have some manners, and do the same thing 🙂 – hehe. Blogger joke hehe, don’t worry I really am kidding LOL.

We are not happy to say OnReek.com as legit and we advise you stay clear of them. They are going into our LIST OF INTERNET SCAMMERS WEBSITES HALL OF SHAME. You can always report scam sites to that list as well. That is all right now and hope to hear from you below about your experience, opinion, stories etc, concerning anything said here today about the site in question.



10 thoughts on “What Is ‘Onreek about? Is Onreek.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Stacy

    I order from onreek. Com and I order through my PayPal I didn’t get a confirmation I emailed them they sent me a tracking number I tracked it it said it got delivered somewhere in another state and I went back to my Paypal account and my PayPal account says there’s no recent transactions but my money is out of my account. Can somebody tell me what I need to do??? Please and thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stacy,

      Contact your payment provider and tell them what you have said here. They will investigate for a refund. If you paid by PayPal then of that is whom you should contact Stacy. Thank you for your report. Any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Kaitlyn hulen

    This site is definitely a scam. I ordered something from them and it got delivered to somewhere in Texas. The postal service said the package had the wrong address on it. Unfortunately too by the time I found out it got delivered and they tried go back for it the package was gone. I messaged the onreek company twice with no reply and I got locked out of my account after the first message so I couldn’t see my orders. I took screen caps of them when I ordered because I felt like something was up. I’m glad I paid through PayPal and they were able to get all my money back after an investigation. DO NOT ORDER FROM ONREEK.COM

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for the earning here Kaitlyn and I am sure it will help alert others as well. Much appreciate it.

  3. Joe Dombroski

    ordered a lawnmower from them and followed tracking through USPS from different stop in China and finally to a destination in California (not my address)…I live in Florida. Tried to contact them and got no reply.
    Filed a report with Paypal and the latest from Paypal is that the company written in Chinese is fighting the claim. I feel I have buyers protection with Paypal and hopefully will win the case. Also checked further wither ONREEK.COM address is shows a picture of rundown house in Illinois

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Joe for your report and please feel welcome to let us know any up dates about this situation. Thanks again Joe for taking the time to leave us a comment.

  4. Gloria W Williams

    I’m so grateful that you wrote this article on Onreek. I purchased a pressure washer and never did receive conformation of my purchase through them. Fortunately I purchased through Paypal and I can do a dispute through them. I went back to the website to see my purchase again and noticed there’s not a home page, login, or anything to see what you’ve ordered or it’s status. I even did a search again to see the pressure washer I purchased from them and it said item not found the only thing that showed was the backpacks, bags, etc, . They did give a tracking number (through PayPal), but after reading your article I went back to check and hit the tracking number which took me to USPS. Ok I thought, maybe this is ok, but then it said what was coming from the sender from China , ‘ First class small package” I knew I had been duped.. Yes indeed! Add this site to the hall of shame.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Gloria,

      I am very sorry to read this indeed. Checking the weight of what you have ordered is a good way to know if ‘something’ is ‘up’ or not. Per your report, it does not sound good at all. I am very grateful you have taken the time to report this to us about Onreek.com.

      I hope there is a genuine mistake and you do get what you have paid for.

      So now Gloria, please take an image of the weight of the item you have ordered. Don’t suppose they sent you a receipt to your email of some kind? If so, that should contain what exactly you paid for, compared to what is coming, then your payment provider I imagine would have no choice but to give you a refund.

      You are welcome Gloria and I sincerely appreciate your kind words. You are welcome back to up date us any time as there is considerable interest in Onreek per my sites stats on this article. Thanks again and hope to hear a positive out come on this situation soon Gloria ~ Philip.


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