What Is OnlineLeggingStore.com – Is ‘Online Legging Store’ Scam or Legit?

By | May 26, 2019

Find Real Customer Reviews about OnlineLeggingStore.com – Our ‘Online Legging Store’ Review.

OnlineLeggingStore.com safe and legit or just another online scam? Our Short Review regarding ‘Online Legging Store’ will help to inform you if they are trustworthy or not. We encountered 1 scam report about them so we thought look into them further. If you were scammed by them then contact your payment provider. 

Those with customer reviews are asked to share your experience in the comments. If there are many reports about a site, good or bad, then we can at least know the honest ones from the dishonest ones. Those that have encountered other sites you may not be sure of then feel free to report them anywhere on our site.







OnlineLeggingStore.com  Review.

Their site is not so new. They registered it in 2014/05/05 and did so up to 2022. That is a long time if they are a scam site. Fake sites tend to register their e-stores for 1 or 2 years then they are gone. Some even set up, defraud people for a while, shut it down without notice and begin again. So their long registration is a very good sign.

14455 N Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA is an address that is being used by other websites. All these sites using that address are doing so to hide their real location, 99% of the time. We need to find redeeming business address info on their site, verify it is theirs and not belonging to someone else, to be sure.

No founder name registered when they registered their site and that is not a good sign. Once or twice I have seen this happen with legit sites, but when we go to their site, they have verifiable founder name and department head names. Let us see if they have this on their site.

Their business address per their site is 121 Broadway Ste 343 San Diego, CA 92101 and phone number is 888-494-7955. Email is support@onlineleggingstore.com.

So this is good news. I could not see scam reports attached to this information.

Below is the complaint found at the BBB.ORG SCAM TRACKER.







Final Thoughts.

Personally, I can’t see anything wrong here. One complaint does not make a site a scam. So if you know better then you are welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments. Scam sites are riddled with scam signs but I personally do not see it.

The only thing I do not see is a founders name and so perhaps we are dealing with an online entrepreneur working from home. What do you think?

Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your customer reviews below.




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