Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020 – SCAM ALERT!

By | November 13, 2019

Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020 – The Worst Work From Home Scam Network Online Ever!

Hello guys, and welcome to our Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020. There is a Scam Network that I have been exposing for some years now. They have been running since 2014 and they produce many sites a month. Frustratingly, it is impossible to keep up with them and expose them all.

Below please see all the sites they have ever produced since 2014. They are known as the ‘WebDengi‘ Scam Network, ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Network also. The founder apparently hails from Russia but really I do not know for sure. No one does.


'Paid Advertising Viewing System' Template.




‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Complete Scam Sites List for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027…etc!

So! I anticipate, unless the scam hustlers behind this ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System‘ Racket is ever caught, they have no reason to stop. It could be millions of people they have scammed by now since 2014. They offer very tempting means to earn relatively big cash for little to no real skilled work. Never work for any site under the heading of ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’, you will never get paid.

How It Works.

The owners creates about 50 sites a month, thereabouts. I have not been keeping track of them all. So, when I see new scam sites from this network, it annoys me to no end that I do not have the time nor energy to expose them all.


Better, I thought, expose them all in one article and hopefully that will end up warning all the people trapped in with one or several of their sites snares.


1). Free to Sign Up.

You sign up with your real email address and you gain entry. Problem is, you just got phished. That sign up form is bogus anyways as you could of just been able to enter a fake email address and they would let you sign in.

2). Earn 10c per ad viewed. Once it is complete you can click-away from the ad. However, we discovered if you click out of the ad early then you seem to still get paid.

3-). Attract Referrals and you earn 50% of what your new sign up makes. This is nonsense as that would take away too much from your referrals therefore making them not want to do any work.

4). Three or Five Hours daily they promise you can make between $50 and $300 for their easy work. However, you can spend every hour of every day and still you will not get paid one cent for your time and work efforts. Never has anyone online ever seen one dime for working for their sites.

5). The cash out varies from some of their sites, but typically, it is set at $150. SO here is another scam sign. Anything over $100 to cash out is considered to be a scam. They set the threshold relatively high so you work hard for ages, make money for their site, and only after you done that will they not need you anymore.

6). Once $150 has been reached you will see most horribly they want you to refer to them 40 new sign ups, as a condition of your earnings release. Nowhere on their scam sites do they set this condition BEFORE anyone begins work. Its more nonsense, as you will soon see.

7). They will ‘kindly’ offer you to buy those referals for about $9 or $10. Once paid then you will see they still do not pay you. They may also ask for a ‘processing fee’ to pay you. Do not pay that either as that is just part of their way to make money out of you before you realize something is ‘up’.

8). Beware of ‘Martin Wood’ – he is a liar and a devious one. He likes to pull the trick of ‘system failure’ at the very moment you may have paid. So that is nonsense and so they will keep on saying that until you grow some sense and not give them a cent.

9). All the monies they say you can earn is fake. You do not get a penny if someone clicks on your link. If they were a legit offer then 50% is to high, as stated, but also this kind of work they offer does not generate the way they are making out.

The advertisers on their site are real, I think, and so those ads are real. So when you and so many other people are doing those captchas and watching ads it is only generating an income for the owner. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this point.

10). All of their sites, though I have not been on them all, are the same. The one’s we have exposed here is nothing to what they have produced in terms of scam sites. Ultimately, they simply do not pay out and all works and time on their site was in vain, I am sorry to say. That is basically this scam networks operations in a nut-shell and a big list below.





SCAM SITES LIST 2019 /2020.






hnemoney. club

yakmoney. icu.
edimoney. xyz.
aohmoney. club.
bdumoney. xyz.
pnymoney. icu.
uismoney. xyz.
yetmoney. icu.
lkamoney. club.

oexmoney. club
onymoney. icu
uogmoney. icu
barmoney. icu
oazmoney. club
ekymoney. xyz
agomoney. icu
gsamoney. icu
cvemoney. club
cremoney. club
autmoney. icu
kcumoney. icu
kgemoney. icu
rehmoney. club
gemmoney. club
itamoney. icu
eesmoney. xyz
aenmoney. xyz
knemoney. icu
tfumoney. icu
nbomoney. xyz
amimoney. club
hwamoney. xyz
iozmoney. xyz
yuwmoney. club
xsumoney. xyz
ukymoney. xyz
aizmoney. icu
pdymoney. club
tromoney. club
omumoney. xyz
yxomoney. xyz
rtomoney. xyz
aammoney. xyz
esimoney. xyz

eumdengi. xyz
yddengi. icu
uammoney. xyz
yizmoney. xyz
eazmoney. club
ypmoney. xyz
wnimoney. icu
iwomoney. xyz
oondengi. icu
uhidengi. club
zdudengi. icu
atdengi. icu
nwymoney. icu
vbemoney. club
tepmoney. icu
oemmoney. icu
akimoney. club
aecmoney. club
fremoney. icu
eonmoney. club
idomoney. icu
utamoney. xyz
dlymoney. club
ooxmoney. icu
aubmoney. icu
ynimoney. xyz
ezimoney. xyz
aabmoney. club
yhamoney. club
udimoney. icu
talmoney. icu
unumoney. icu
bmamoney. icu
nkomoney. club
uexmoney. club
oosmoney. xyz
vnumoney. xyz
wbimoney. club
vpomoney. club
gipmoney. icu
obymoney. icu
yobmoney. icu
apimoney. icu
rnomoney. icu
aummoney. icu
ahemoney. icu
dsomoney. club
ovomoney. icu
pnamoney. icu
enamoney. icu

aogmoney. xyz
eahmoney. icu
yzimoney. icu
aepmoney. icu
alamoney. icu
ugmoney. icu
lekmoney. club
pecmoney. icu
ifamoney. club
semmoney. icu
polmoney. icu
agmoney. xyz
idmoney. xyz
ommoney. icu
ilmoney. club
obamoney. icu
ynamoney. icu
vhymoney. icu
ahamoney. xyz
yosdengi. icu
evudengi. icu
otodengi. xyz
yaxdengi. club
odidengi. xyz
umumoney. xyz
oebmoney. icu
uadmoney. xyz
inmoney. club
inmoney. xyz
agamoney. icu
kwymoney. icu
wnomoney. xyz
avemoney. xyz
aximoney. icu
ybamoney. xyz
xnomoney. icu
exymoney. club
oitmoney. club
ebomoney. icu
bnemoney. icu
iuzmoney. xyz
bgamoney. club
ubemoney. xyz
aetmoney. icu
cfomoney. xyz
udymoney. icu
jatmoney. icu
efomoney. club
svomoney. icu
enimoney. xyz

ovdengi. xyz
acdengi. xyz
erdengi. site
did-news. com
allvesti. com
goinquiz. com
anketil. com
enjoyopros. com
yrdengi. pw
vestifact. com
tomoney. club
epdengi. xyz
epdengi. icu
exdengi. icu
semmoney. xyz
rummoney. club
rummoney. icu
rummoney. xyz
polmoney. xyz
femoney. xyz
ewmoney. icu
kemoney. icu
famoney. icu
mamoney. xyz
ramoney. icu
okmoney. icu
camoney. xyz
ocmoney. icu
numoney. xyz
tamoney. xyz
xumoney. icu
hemoney. icu
xamoney. icu
uhmoney. club
zomoney. icu
fumoney. xyz
pekmoney. xyz
tikmoney. club
alpmoney. club
damoney. xyz
opmoney. icu
numoney. icu
gdemoney. xyz
gdemoney. icu
dremoney. club
junmoney. club
jarmoney. icu
abmoney. xyz
ikmoney. xyz
yrmoney. xyz

uwdengi. club
badengi. icu
ugdengi. site
gudengi. xyz
zedengi. club
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uzdengi. icu
ytdengi. club
amdengi. pw
efmoney. icu
ygmoney. fun
unmoney. pw
apmoney. host
oxdengi. xyz
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undengi. icu
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ymmoney. pw
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ysmoney. site
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needsoc24. com
uptrend8. com
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I am Wrecked! šŸ™ . Leave us a Comment = šŸ™‚ .





Final Thoughts.

The ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System‘ Network is a scam in its entirety. All sites that look like theirs are fake and you will only get used for your time and efforts. If you know of more, though I have found them all I believe, you are welcome to let us know about them in our comments section.

We will be up dating this list once a month as per when the cyber-crooks produce more. Those of you that know of more scam sites, does not have to be related to this scam network, then why not alert us all below in the comments to make the online world a safer place. Thank You.




List of Scam Websites - Your Reviews Are Wanted!

List of Scam Websites – Your Reviews Are Wanted!


20 thoughts on “Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019 / 2020 – SCAM ALERT!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks Bill that is very kind of you and appreciate the encouragement. Feel welcome back anytime and you are also welcome to comment on anything and share anything we write on. Thanks again Biil šŸ™‚ .

  1. Dingcerlynne

    hhimoney. xyz has also the same as you have described above. it tells me my account is not approved and suggest i can have a quick verification process to receive my wants me to pay on a bitcoin adress in Localbitcoins . here is the address:


    Do you think this is real?

    i also tried to see the person who testified.
    even emailed them, to good to be true.

    from helena
    _” Good luck to everybody!, especially the project managers!
    It looks like I am finally able to solve my financial problems! Hurray, Iā€˜m shocked!
    I collected 800 dollars for three days, but I could not recruit referrals.
    Decided to buy them on the exchange, transferred money, and after 3 minutes they were already in my account!!!
    In 5 minutes, a message about the receipt of money on the card came!!! Great efficiency!
    Happiness to all, good luck and health! If there are questions, write to the email“_

    i also checked JemmaRicker and Alex Schultz.

    i dont know if i will believe or not.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      All Fake Dingcerlynn. They have never paid anyone. No payment proofs anywhere. Chalk it up to experience. Helenagilmore is a scammer and so are all names involved. Simply Google that one email and you will see warnings about it. Sorry to give you the bad news. We have exposed loads of these copies and they keep on coming. Don’t give them a penny! They will only scam you.

  2. Awolf99

    dremoney. xyz aswell is a scam site, like the ones you described above. Thanks for the post, brother šŸ™‚

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Ohhh, there are many thousands of these, as you can see above, and no doubt many of those URL’s have been replaced with new ones. All crooked little scams. Thanks for reporting this one to us Awolf and you are most welcome brother also šŸ™‚ . The hope of putting such effort into this article was to trigger this article for all of these sites where people find them. I hope people continue to report on these sites that will ultimately help others avoid having the3ir time and money wasted by these cyber-crooks.

  3. Alex

    I reported days ago YourHomeShop as scam, after a purchased done and not any news from the dealer for a long time, today I received the package as I ordered.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I noticed the reviews at TrustPilot have given this store 4 stars. The first page of those reviews are nearly everyone saying they haven’t received their product yet but they are happy. Weird. Thanks Alex for getting back to us. What did you order anyways?

      I hope you understand our verdict as we have encountered other e-stores using the same site template, biz info, and turned out to be horrid scams, in cases where reviews have confirmed that.

  4. ali turel

    sorry im buy tracitly company lap top deski paid 19 98 my cart im not get my order whay this company not send my orders plase helpme im 70 yers old im short my paid the bill

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ali,

      How did you pay for your order? Ring that company for a refund.

      SO if you paid by bank card then call your bank Ali. If by PayPal or any other payment method, then call that company. Does that help Ali?

  5. Dave

    Osmoney. club am into it they told me to wait within 30-60days for payments what do you think is it a scam too?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Oh Yes! Big scam Gator. Same as all the rest of those copies. They will never ever pay you. If you paid them by card then call your bank now for a refund. If you paid by BitCoin then there is no way of a refund I know of. Sorry to say.

  6. brother hyung

    ysemoney. xyz – same scam as written on the above article… need to refer 40 people before you can withdraw your 150$… haha…what the hell and their selling referrals through bitcoin…total scambag ysemoney . xyz

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I will Bhoy but that site is now gone. Thanks though Bhoy and you have already added it to the list by adding in the comments. When we do a major update on this list then we will stick that in there by checking the comments for new sites. We intend to do this very soon and thanks once again Bhoy for taking the time to report that site to us as well.

  7. Scam Witness Post author

    Hey Guys,

    For some reason we are having some technical difficulties whereby I am unable to up date the article above.

    There are a fresh batch of these fake work from home scam sites for you all to beware of.

    They are as follows:-

    cremoney. club
    autmoney. icu

    yxomoney .xyz
    amimoney .club
    rtomoney .xyz. icu
    knemoney. icu
    tfumoney. icu
    nbomoney. xyz
    ukymoney. xyz
    aizmoney. icu
    hwamoney .xyz
    iozmoney. xyz
    yuwmoney. club
    juzmoney. xyz
    fdamoney. club
    xsumoney .xyz

    kgemoney .icu
    rehmoney. club
    aammoney .xyz
    esimoney .xyz
    gemmoney .club
    itamoney. icu
    eesmoney. xyz
    ecimoney. icu
    alumoney .xyz
    wxemoney .xyz

    aikmoney .icu
    zlamoney .club
    aenmoney .xyz
    ozimoney. icu
    wmamoney. icu
    kvamoney .icu
    omemoney. xyz

    elomoney. xyz
    jyzmoney . xyz
    pdymoney. club
    tromoney .club
    omumoney .xyz

    htemoney. club
    iowmoney. club
    rtamoney. club

    This is the up to date list of all of the “Welcome to Paid Advertising Viewing System” Scam Networks going back to when they first started in 2014.

    Personally I have not seen a list like this anywhere online, and if you know of more, feel very welcome to let us know about that in our comments section here.

    Thanks for coming by and if you got any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

    P.S. I show others how to earn online from home and so if that is what you really want to do then why not sign up to a free starter account

    Simply click on that link and look for the Sign Up Option – you don’t a credit card to begin and there is a premium trial of 7 days, no obligation to stay, whereby you have my personal help and assistance along with some fasntastic free training comprising of 20 video tutorials and 2 free websites.

    Regards, Philip ~ ‘Scam Witness’.

    1. Alain

      you can add midjobs now, the website has disappeared some day. the scam is done !

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Yes, our Review Here exposed them and really we found out about them far too late. Thanks Alain for declaring this and perhaps they may come back under a different URL name. That happens often with successful online scams.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Very well Shakeel, they are very fraudulent indeed and they are the single most active and largest work from home scam group I have ever encountered. Thank you for being the first to take the time to leave us all a comment. It is always appreciated when people do šŸ™‚ .

      All are welcome to report ANY SITE that you feel is a scam or you are not sure about or that has actually defrauded you.


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