What Is ‘One Kick Shop’ – Is OneKickShop.com Scam or Legit?

By | March 3, 2019

Find Out Here What Is ‘One Kick Shop’ – The OneKickShop.com Review.

You are welcome to this review on What Is ‘One Kick Shop (OneKickShop.com) found at www.onekickshop.com. Is ‘One Kick Shop’ a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, fake or Is ‘OneKickShop’ legit, real, safe, genuine? This www OneKickShop com Review is present research to help you decide if they are trustworthy. Currently, there are a few worrying signs, however, there are next to no reports of complaints. 

Those that have purchased from this website are welcome to chime-in in our comments section to tell us about your experience. Were there goods of good quality and worth the cash? Would you recommend them? Cursory research presents at least two products that can be found cheaper on Amzaon.com. We will check out that theory soon.




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OneKickShop.com Review – Is ‘One Kick Shop’ Scam or Even Worth It?

Presently I do not have deep concerns they are a scam. That could change depending on our coming research. We will now attempt to answer What Is ‘One Kick Shop’ at OneKickShop.com. We want to find out owner name, business address, contact information like a phone number etc and sites registration date. Where this info is missing, or blatantly false, we must use caution when using their site.



scam or legit

www.onekickshop.com safe?



Their registration date was in 2018/08/27 and 1 year is all they have registered for. This can be construed negatively as that follows the pattern of hit-and-run sites. However, it could be the owner wants to see how their business will fair and so may renew when the time comes.

Pardon me, I see they have up dated their site on the 2018/11/19 and so I see no reason why they will not continue to do so since they have done so already.

Founder name is not listed at registration nor do I see it on their site. That is a red flag but let us see about their address and phone number. Those two pieces of info is not listed either but I do see them on the site.

1317 Oliverio Drive, Bushton, KS 67427. That address checks out as correct per the BBB.org. They opened a file on their site. There were no complaints and that is an excellent sign of a legit company. I see this because there is nothing, I can easily see, regarding online complaints about ‘One Kick Shop’. This of course is a great sign of legitimacy.

Their phone number also checks out as real and so it is +1 567 485 1732. They say that it is not always possible for them to take your calls but they you will get a speedier reply via email if that is the case.

OneKickShop@gmail.com is their email address.

Price Comparison.

To answer if you could get savings on the products we have compared a few items. However, I am sure not all of their products are cheaper elsewhere. What has your experience been with the -were the prices fair?

There is a Hold and Read by North Coast Medical. They have it priced for $34.99. However, Amazon has 1 listed for $9.99 and it is new, at the time of this article.

Clip On Blue Blue Blocking Computer Gaming Reading Glasses is priced on their site for $35.89. Amazon has the same or similar product for $17.25, $14.99 and $25.99. All cheaper if we are comparing the right products.

OK, so for some products you can get cheaper elsewhere. There is no disputing that. However, I did find one video online that is convinced they are a safe and legit site who also made a price comparison. You may ‘click’ on the video below to view it and it is less than 1 minute long.










Final Thoughts.

The thing with scam sites is they are pretty fast to generate a ton of complaints online against them. This can happen in days at times where fake sites are particularly damaging.

However, this NOT the case with the site in question. The video above has some comments and most of them are positive. One said that the home image was internet archive and also that the address was fake. Sorry ‘pal’, I will take the BBB’s word over anyone’s any day of the week when it comes to online scams!

It is refreshing to say that we have found a good and legit site. There are a few concerns like no founder name but I am not going to nit-pick at a  legit site and the service they are honestly providing. Those that have bought from that site have been very happy with the products and the prices.

All are welcome to add to this article by letting us know your experience with that site. If you have come here to see if they are legit then you should not have any problems with receiving your order from that site. However, do not take 1 sites ‘word’ on any site and be sure to continue to research until you have made up your own mind. Looking forward to your comments below.

What are your thoughts on ‘What Is One Kick Shop’ at OneKickShop.com?







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8 thoughts on “What Is ‘One Kick Shop’ – Is OneKickShop.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Deya Ledesma

    I do have a complaint about One kick shop. I have started college courses and am paying for it out of pocket. My friend told me about the site to help me save some money on ebooks. I tried the website and it was very easy and helpful. Unfortunately, the professor gave the incorrect edition of which book we needed to purchase. I sent an email to them to inform them of this situation. I looked into the website to find out if they had the edition that I needed, and to ask if I could exchange it. Unfortunately, they did not have it. The reply email I received made me uneasy since the first thing it said within the first lines were “First you need to trust us, we are a legitimate, we never scam people like other companies.” Then I gave me a series of instructions on how to locate my download if it did not show up in my email, to look in my spam and if all else fails email them again. Since that was not the case, I emailed again detailing what my issue was. The next email I got set my blood to boil. “Emily” tells me that she checked my account that shows that I have already downloaded the book (Which I did not, it is still sitting in my email. I did not even open it cause I knew I needed to return it) and that she can “send proof to any third party they want to check”. She goes on to tell me that they cannot refund my money because it is not a hard copy and ends the correspondence with “If you have any problem with our policy, our lawyer will contact you and answer any question!” What the hell is that?!?!?! I made a mistake, ok but any other website, store etc would have worked with me, refunded my money or given me credit to use it towards any other purchase. Instead I am treated like I was the hostile one and am threatened with a lawyer. Seriously, what can I do. If I take it to court, it will cost me more than what I paid for the ebook.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Anything less than $100 probably will not be pursued by anybody as it is too little to justify the expense. Report them all over the Internet and share this article to help in that matter to provide much damage to their online reputation. Hope that helps.

  2. Katie

    What type of products/ services does One Kick Shop offer? I have never heard of that site before.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Katie,

      They sell books and associated products. It is a good store and worth checking out sometime if you are into reading much. Thanks for your question Katie 🙂 .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Kayden and thanks so much for your comment. I am glad you found the information about ‘One Kick Shop’ useful and informative. Much appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Todd P Matthews

    It’s definitely legit since the phone number and address prove to be correct, however, they should definitely consider adding their founder(s) and making the number and address more visible on maybe an About page or something similar. It just adds such legitimacy to the site, and it’s something I would do if it were my product.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Todd,

      Yes, I have no worries about that site and it really is refreshing to find a site that seems to be doing very well for themselves without resorting to scams. So that is a ‘thumbs up’ the owner for sure 🙂 .

      I hear your recommendation and is a point that may confuse others in terms of legitimacy. Thanks Todd for taking the time to comment here today. It is appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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