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By | June 29, 2017

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I Can Show You How To Make Money Online Scam Free.


I wish to show you how to make money online scam free from Scratch!!  It does not matter if you are full time unemployed or otherwise gainfully employed. What I will be detailing here for you is for everyone. So long, of course, you have a laptop and an internet connection, you are definitely all set to embark on a personal journey working from home to make money in the best way possible.


Introducing How to Make Money Online Scam Free with Training.

  • I will show you who exactly is providing this opportunity.
  • What you need to do to sign up.
  • How much to sign up.

    (spoiler alert!)

    – it’s free to sign up for a Free Lifetime Membership Account.

  • What you get for signing up.
  • Deeper look into all Free Features.
  • Brief look into Premium features and prices.
  • Conclusion of Wealthy Affiliate and the way forward.

Who is Providing this Opportunity to Make Money From Home?

Wealthy Affiliate are the people who are providing you with this opportunity. They have been around online since 2005 and have helped a great number of people achieve financial freedom through affiliate marketing online. The Founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson and they provide you with a number of tools to learn to earn from home. The end goal is for anyone to create a paying online business that makes you money for years to come.

Kyle and Carson. Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Inspirational Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you ever been to Vegas?  At the end of each year, once you sign up and make 300 Referrals to WA, You are flown out to Vegas for an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP!  This is for Premium and Free Members alike.

Could you make 300 referrals in 12 months?  Let me know in the comments section.

How Much To Sign Up and What do I get for it?

  1. This is a FREE Sign Up opportunity! (I guess I spoiled the surprise, huh?). No Credit Cards Details are required for a free account. All you need to get started is an email address to activate and you are all set to go!
  2. You will receive a Ten Free Video Website Set Up and Affiliate Marketing Tutorial to get you paving a path into Online Affiliate Marketing world. Don’t have a product? Wealthy Affiliate can help you with that. However, if you don’t want to sell but just would like to have two free websites, then, I recommend you do just that. Why not?  
  3. After signing up and activating you will automatically qualify for WA’s Affiliate Program, so even as a free member, you will get commissions for work when you make affiliate referral sales connected to WA online products.
  4. You will receive a Free 7 Day ‘Test Drive’ of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Features. After which you have an option of upgrading for $49 a month. However, I recommend you sign up for a Free Account to try it out before you even begin to consider going Premium.
  5. One set price comparable to $250 a month in Web Hosting and Thousands of Dollars worth of training for previously stated price!
  6. 7 Day Full Premium Features Access with 24/7 Support with Live Chat and the Full Support of over 80K industry professionals and newbies.  You can learn and make genuine life long friends!
  7. It DOES NOT MATTER if you are in receipt of Social Welfare Payments as you can still learn to earn!

Can you find me a better deal than this? I would love to hear from you if so.

N.B.  There will be a Special Discount Deal at the end of this post!

A Deeper Look Into Wealthy Affiliate Free Lifetime Membership Sign Up.

Below I will detail WA’s free features for life for all members. These will never be taken away from you and far exceed what you would get with other sign ups anywhere else on the internet, moreover, equates to what you would get after upgrading in many places proceeding to nasty up-selling to continue. I believe you are about to be very impressed, lets have a look.

When you first enter your new free account you want to be clicking on the Green Button that says ‘Get Started Here‘.  Below is what you will see.


Prepare to be inundated by a wave of happy people to see you!

Here is where you will begin to learn to sell your own products or services with any affiliate links you may already have.


What if I don’t have a product or service to sell?

THAT is quite alright!  Just click the Black Button called Affiliate Boot Camp!  Wealthy Affiliate will show you how you can learn to sell and make referral commissions from WA.  First Phase is completely Free!  

Affiliate Boot Camp.


If you want to start now, just click the above box to begin your free training and I will see you there!


Site Content is Wealthy Affiliate Ultimate Writing Platform.  Quite simply there is NOTHING like it on the Internet.  It checks your spelling, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and even make suggestions in all these areas of correction.


Did You Know, Google will NOT index a poorly written post, page or an entire website if it is poorly written (‘LOL’ – if your paying attention)!!!


Site Platform for writing.


This is why ‘Site Content’ is The Ultimate Writing Platform on the Net bar None!  Should you want to try it out for free then go right a head and click the box above.  This feature is free for life to ALL Members!  Incidentally, I wrote this article using this writing platform.  (Now I am waiting for all the eagle eyed guys to inundate me with my typo’s!).


 Did I mention you get two free beautiful websites yet?

Image of


Just Click the Image Above to Collect Your Two Free Websites.

A Free Gift for Reading My Article.

OK, this post could go on for quite some time!

Brief Look Into Premium Features and Prices.

Below you will see a table for Free Members and Premium. As you will see, Premium offers so much more for so little. However, it must be noted, you can still monetize two free websites and continue with your own financial success and still receive free training without upgrading!

Conclusion of Wealthy Affiliate and The Way Forward.

Wealthy Affiliate can provide all the necessary tools and training for you to acquire financial success from home by following free functions and features when you sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT.

  • Two Free Websites by
  • How to sign up and build two beautiful websites.
  • Post and page creation.
  • Site structure.
  • Site Plugins.
  • SEO.
  • Making a site content rich.
  • Helping you to monetize a website.
  • Making a site visually pleasing.
  • The subtle art of content creation writing.
  • Linking for referrals.
  • Setting up Home Page, About Page and Privacy Polic Page.


The above does not include ALL informational training available to you for free right now. I believe if you are fed up in a job or just sick and tired of not having enough capital, then, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely an opportunity worth looking into.

The Way Forward to Financial Freedom.

I want to speak, very briefly, how Our World has drastically and dramatically changed and negatively impacted the job market paradigm for so many of us.

Once, there were opportunities to help you be a captain of your soul and fulfill it’s God Given Destiny!
Now, it’d be nice not to be broke on Pay Day! WHAT A HORRIBLE CHANGE FOR SO MANY!

My job hunting technique was to walk out my front door and land CV;s into office’s or letter box’s. Or, my favorite, I would walk into a place that appealed to me and would, quite simply, talk myself into a job (two week trial of course).

Now, I have to learn the ‘psychology’-‘word-babble‘ that employers swoon over and ‘master’ to ‘art’ of CV writing to acquire jobs online = = despite the fact that (least in Ireland) of all jobs people were successful in acquiring:-


1% WAS ONLINE THROUGH CV’S!!!!! (Please let this fact sink in – how many times have you been arduously slaving over a CV and not know that it was going to be a waste of time, well, statistically, nearly for everyone. This is especially a waste of time if you are not versed in this quite hidden language to gain employment.

A further note regarding online CV’s:- If You Do Not Write Certain Keywords and Phrases within a CV to a Company you are applying to, Companies Software will just automate you a crappy no response mail. Basically, you are not being put forward for any kind of interview at all.!!

Is It Me? OR Is It Time To Say To HELL With All That And Be My Own Boss!

Each must come to his or own conclusion in their own full, but, I know it is time for me.  Consider this YOUR Word Of Mouth Invitation.

Relative to the population of any region on Earth, jobs have become remarkably scarce. This is due to a number of reasons. Let’s examine.

  • The cataclysmic housing bubble of 2008 all but decimated the middle class
  • Lower class does not have enough middle class people to get jobs from.
  • Start ups are too pricey as people are still charging ‘BOOM’ prices.
  • Financial Institutions have increased and tightened loaning procedures.
  • People aren’t spending to way they use to so that scares a lot of new potential business owners.
  • Incredibly, year in and out, more and more taxation are being placed on employers, thus, forcing them to squeeze more work out of existing employees ergo not hiring.

Goal. Plan. Success.

You Ready For A Brighter Financial Future Yet?  Click Image Above To Begin My Review of WA and Sign Up from there.

I can show you how to learn to earn and take control of your families financial security.

Here is what you will not need.

  • A car.
  • Sign up fee.
  • Pay extortionate affiliate marketing training fee’s.
  • Have a degree, bachelors, diploma or any educational papers be successful online.
  • No experience needed as training is available. Of course, further a training and be successful quicker online, it is only $49 a month with no nasty up-sells. That is ALL you pay.
  • A CV!!
  • Credit Card Details.
  • To Be Einstein. (LOL), I know I am not.

I truly hoped you enjoyed my article and had fun here. I hope I have given you food for thought regarding being a boss and taking control of your own financial destiny!

Please leave a comment and if you have any questions or difficulties signing up, please leave me a comment and, as always, I will get back to you speedily and helpfully!

Discount Deal for those that want to earn Faster!

As stated, it is totally FREE TO SIGN UP! For Life.  No questions and no pressure and no hard feelings if you never do as I will still help you as much as I can. You still have the benefit of the stated free features.

However, should you want to go for it,  and step on up to Premium right now, I can offer you a heavily reduced price for Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Plan.  Monthly is $49.  12 x 49 is $588 a year.

Upgrade Now and you can have the super charged benefits of WA for only $359 a Year!  That is $29 a month.

Due to a high influx of scammers, the citizens from the following countries, unfortunately, have been banned from availing of the FREE MEMBERSHIP OPTION!  This has been copy and pasted from the comments section for your convenience:-

“Hi Stephen,

Thank you kindly for your comment and your interest in Wealthy Affiliate.

As of 2017 the following list of countries have been banned from Free Starter Membership due to an unfortunate amount of fraud and spam from these countries.

In order to protect and preserve Wealthy Affiliate and all the members, this decision, I have no doubt, was made with a heavy heart.

1. Bangladesh.
2. Egypt.
3. India.
4. Kenya.
5. Nigeria.
6. Pakistan.
7. Philippines.
8. Vietnam.

People from the countries listed above are more than welcome to join Wealthy Affiliate but not through the Free Starter Membership or any Special Discount Offers.

I sincerely hope this answers your question Stephen and let me know should you need my assistance any further.  I am always here to help people who want to be successful online.




Tony Gaskins Inspirational Quotes.

 The Choice Is Yours!



Helping You And Your Family Stay Safe On The World Wide Web.

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online Scam Free

  1. RichPersonality

    This is definitely one of the best ways to make money from home. When there are so many scams out there, coming to wealthy affiliate can leave you a bit sceptical, because it’s really unbelievable how much value this platform offers. At first, I was afraid it’s just another program that wants to take money from your pocket, but I was completely wrong. There’s nothing like this out there! WA has all the tools and training that can help you succeed to build your own business without any experience whatsoever!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi RichPersonality,

      It is a proven fact there really is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate online! What they give you for free you would have to pay a small fortune for elsewhere. It is almost unfair on Wealthy Affiliate that they train you so cheaply where other places would, incrementally, charge you more and more as the training increases.

      I am delighted you are as passionate about WA as I am and I wish you a fortune of success online.



  2. Simon

    I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate last year to accomplish running my own business, earning an income through affiliate marketing.

    There’s quite a lot involved like you mention in your review, writing quality posts regularly pertaining to your niche is the key to your success. The purpose then is to attract visitors to read your written articles to accomplish conversions. There’s nothing technical involved, it’s all pretty basic stuff yet does require determination to keep building up your website to achieve high rankings with the search engines. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in attracting visitors and show you the exact route to achieve.

    What inspired me to get involved with Affiliate Marketing was the low cost route to run a business online these days. Web hosting to which Wealthy Affiliate provide is your only outlay, the rest is down to your own hard work.

    When you compare a traditional business running from premises with all their associated outlays this type of business is minuscule compared yet you have worldwide access without any stock purchases, postage or returns to deal with.

    There’s a lot going for it if you don’t mind a bit of hard work but hey, any legitimate business requires this,

    1. admin

      Hi Simon,

      I completely agree.  No stock with the bare minimum of investment that potentially, with – as you said – hard work and determination, could very possibly turn into an amazing to be your own boss and and make a handsome and steady return on investment.

      The potential to earn is all down to your drive and staying to true to your online goals.

      Even after doing the free training I actually understood and was able to apply Keywords to optimize my site.  I never really understood fully before, now, I love finding interesting low competition keywords for my posts!

      All the best Simon!



  3. Chris


    Great information on what is a fantastic training platform.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn affiliate marketing and receive great training and guidance to. Succeed.

    It does require patience, but everything you need is all part of the premium membership and all the tools you need are there.


    1. admin

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you very much for the time you took to comment, I always appreciate each comment.

      I do agree that Wealthy Affiliate has indeed thought of, it has to be, every way possible to help hard workers to achieve online success!

      Regarding the Premium Membership, which is packed to the hilt with tools and training and support that I could never afford otherwise, is out of this world and there truly is nothing like it out there!

      Thanks again Chris,



  4. Stephen

    Hi Philip,

    What a wonderful platform Wealthy Affiliate will be. I really like the idea of having my own website setup and running and the fact that Wealthy Affiliate will teach me how to do all these things makes me begin to love this community.

    I will really try their free stater membership to see for myself just how their platform works.

    But Philip, my question is; is the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership available in all countries?
    I will be happy to hear your reply. Thanks for this informative article.

    1. admin

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you kindly for your comment and your interest in Wealthy Affiliate.

      As of 2017 the following list of countries have been banned from Free Starter Membership due to an unfortunate amount of fraud and spam from these countries.

      In order to protect and preserve Wealthy Affiliate and all the members, this decision, I have no doubt, was made with a heavy heart.

      1. Bangladesh.
      2. Egypt.
      3. India.
      4. Kenya.
      5. Nigeria.
      6. Pakistan.
      7. Philippines.
      8. Vietnam.

      People from the countries listed above are more than welcome to join Wealthy Affiliate but not through the Free Starter Membership or any Special Discount Offers.

      I sincerely hope this answers your question Stephen and let me know should you need my assistance any further.  I am always here to help people who want to be successful online.




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